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Archaeologist, anthropologist, ceramicist, scholar and antiquarian, Mercer built Fonthill Castle both as his home and as a showplace for his collection of tiles and prints.

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Mr Dum Dum by Hipopotam Studio Kremlin Duma. Hyper 3. Reticulum 3. Garamond 3 by Adobe Some of the most popular typefaces in history are those based on the types of the sixteenth-century printer, publisher, and type deer Claude Garamond, whose sixteenth-century types were modeled on those of Venetian printers from the end of the century.

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Garamond 3 by Linotype Opinion varies regarding the role of Claude Garamond ca. What is accepted is the influence this font had on other typeface developments from 3 dumb font time of its creation to the present. Garamond, or Garamont, is related to the alphabet of Claude Garamond as well as to the work of Jean Jannon — ormuch of which was attributed to Garamond. In comparison to the earlier Italian font forms, Garamond has finer serifs and a generally more elegant image. Caslon 3 by Adobe Both des have the warm, solid, straightforward style that has made Caslon popular for over years; these Caslons, however, have shorter descenders, and higher contrast, features that enable them to hold up better with the faster presses and the new varieties of paper introduced at the turn-of-the-century.

Caslon 3 by Linotype The Englishman William Caslon — first cut his typeface Caslon in The Caslon font was long known as the script of kings, although on the other side of the political spectrum, the Americans used it as well for their Declaration of Independence. The characteristics of the earlier Renaissance typefaces are only barely detectable.

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The serifs are finer and the axis of the curvature is almost or completely vertical. The overall impression which Caslon makes is serious, elegant and linear.

Next to Baskerville, Caslon is known as the embodiment of the English Baroque-Antiqua and has gone through numerous new interpretations, meaning that every Caslon is slightly different. Unit 3 by T Unit 3 was deed by Jim Marcus and published by T Unit 3 contains 4 styles and family package options. It contains over characters, of them ligatures. Typing your text with this font feels like old-school writing with a pen, especially since every word will be constructed of different letter combinations.

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Varsity Regular. Ingleby Regular. CalliPsoGrafia Regular. Aracne Regular.

Belta Regular. Lacuna Regular.

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Capital regular. Savia Regular. Conman Regular. Older Regular. Salmiak Regular. Regular Joe by GroupType Regular Joe was published by GroupType.

Regular Joe contains 3 styles and family package options. Zygon Regular by Great Dane Des Zygon Regular is a shape changing, unicase display font inspired by British cultures and transcultural theory. Zygon Regular was inspired by the Royal Diamond Jubilee and the notion that the Jubilee, as a multicultural event, would feature celebrations inclusive of all cultures.

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The typeface is based on the Panjabi syllabary alphabet Gurmukhi script combined with the Latin alphabet. Vinchenso Regular by BA Graphics A strong powerful face that really works well for any application requiring a distinguished, clean look.

Headlines, subhe, and text; anything goes. Vinchenso also has a matching Bold weight. Context Regular by Wilton Foundry Context Regular is a condensed inline font with a stencil inline glyph - this makes for a smoother visual of the stems. Context is also mono-case with the most interesting case selected for a pleasing end result.

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Grendel Regular by Robert Petrick Inspired by old gothic forms, my intention was to create a playful letter form that could be used in an antique as well as a modern context such as food product packaging or fun video projects, etc.

Bondan Regular by Great Studio 8. Bondan is a family of Sans Serif fonts deed with a modern and vintage feel.

Strong and dynamic. We set individual letters of medium with medium spacing for perfect typography. Bondan is very versatile.

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Perfect for brands, magazines, posters, logos, logotype stickers, website titles, packaging, branding, quotes, business cards and more. Bondan is equipped with a full set of uppercase letters, s, punctuation and multilingual support. Each font family version is available in the OTF formats for a total of 5 font files.

Regular Fashion by PizzaDude. I have wanted to do a font like this for a long time. The other day when I stumbled upon some old drawings from my daughter, I noticed her name written with letters slightly like the ones found in Regular Fashion. That convinced me that this was the time to do this kind of font!

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Enjoy the 3 different versions: Regular, Single and Shadow and play around for nice effects! Regular Brush by Din Studio The handwritten combined with brush font will make your de project more attractive. Made for any professional project branding. It is the best for logos, branding and quotes.