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Adult diaper girl stories, I would like pick Adult diaper girl stories that like phish

By Komodo Source: DailyDiapers.

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Log in. Install the app. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. The Story of Super Diaper Girl. Thread starter nerfbrony Start date Jul 25, Tags accidents diapers friendship messing wetting. Messages 46 Role Diaper Lover.

Replacing her panties: true stories of an abdl diaper girl (confessions of a daddydom book 1)

This is my first story on here. Experienced writers or readers might notice bad habits or "techniques" in use, so feel free to comment on that.

Chapter 1: Discovery In the Chicago suburb of Wheeling, IL, now 8 year old Rose was having a blast at her birthday party, playing with her friends. She was now opening gifts.

The story of (super) diaper girl

She was to the last, and smallest one. She tore open the package, and opened the small box. There was a small rock inside. It was shiney. She went to pick it up, and felt a shock.

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They all got up, and got into the dining room quickly, excited for some of that delicious cake! Later, after everyone went home, Rose was getting ready for bed. She was brushing her teeth, when she suddenly felt really sick, and very tired. She put down the toothbrush, spit the toothpaste out, and went straight to bed, falling asleep the moment she put her head on her pillow. She had very strange dreams. It felt like for hours she saw constant visualized nonsense, seeing a human face now and then in a flash.

She woke up, and she felt fine again. More than fine.

She had wet the bed. She jumped out of bed, and started pacing her room. She checked her clock, and it said it was AM. She tore the sheets off her bed, and took off her wet clothes, getting them ready to wash. She ran them to the laundry room, and started a load.

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She did her own laundry now and then She then got clean clothes and took a shower. Coming in the kitchen, she saw her parents up already. Mom was making breakfast, and dad was reading the newspaper. Well, what are you making?

Rose walked around to behind her father, and saw he was in fact reading the funnies, not the serious news most adults read. Tangled stinks compared to the Lion King! Rose was sitting there, when, without warning, she heard a very loud fart coming out of herself. Her bowels had let loose, and were pushing out a very large load.

I'm ani the author of abdl books

She didn't know what was going on. She didn't even feel any need to go. Yet there she was, messing her underwear in the middle of class. The entire class was staring at her. She finally finished going. At this point, the entire room could smell her. She stood up, and could feel a huge lump in her underwear sagging it.

She did so, and her teacher told her to go to the nurses office. She walked, leaving space between her legs for the big lump in her pants. She viewed them as underwear to hold accidents.

Diapergirl stories

Nothing more. The nurse called her mom as she was putting the diaper on. Her mom arrived not long later, and hugged her daughter. He flew back, into the lockers. He got up, and scrambled away frantically. Rose was surprised by her own strength. She had already wet her diaper the nurse put on her before she went to bed. It seemed all control was gone.

The story of (super) diaper girl

When she woke up, she noticed her diaper was wet again. But then she noticed something a little more odd.

She was floating. In the air, several feet above her bed. Suddenly the mysteries of the day seemed a little less odd. CodyBaby Preschooler Est. Sorry but this story is totally wrong, I hate to say it this way, but nothing in this is even remotely plausible, 8 yrs old won't even know how to start a washing machine usually, then parents would be really suspicious why they wanted their bedsheets washed, and sure enough, the pee will go on the mattress if not protected so parents especially moms, they always know what happened.

Second, the fact she didn't resist about the diapers at school, that's where I've stopped reading, impossible TheAbdlBoss Banned. CodyBaby said:. Click to expand Messages 97 Role Private. Though I agree there are some plausibility issues, an 8-year-old is perfectly capable of running a washing machine. Most these days do not, but it's completely possible. Trollbear Banned. Very good story so far, I'm addicted already. Also, I knew how to start a washing machine when I was 8.

So why can't she? LittleAcorn Est. Messages Role Private.

Cute story. My only complaint is that I find the sudden large gaps in time between paragraphs without any other indication a little confusing "That Evening I'd suggest fleshing out some some of that. Messages 2 Role Diaper Lover. I like the start. Messages 1, Role Little Incontinent.

I've restarted it twice already but still some stuff aren't right even if the whole thing was a fantasy of some kind, it doesn't work for me, will keep reading the next chapter just to make sure, perhaps I'm not hooked enough to it it happened before with a couple of stories I ended up reading while waiting for the ones I love to update.

Messages Role Diaper Lover Incontinent. Sorry man. I'll edit it tonight, try to make it a little better.