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Alien transformation story, I hunting for Alien transformation story who wants quotes

Wolfgang is traveling in outer space when a monster, which he sees as a beautiful woman, appears in his spaceship and makes love with him. Then the ship is forced to land on a planet which i

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My mind automatically went through a review of what I remembered, a habit I had to keep in order to force myself out of bed in the mornings. The year? Okay, got the basics. I had been hiking through the snowy woods to deliver a slab of bacon and some flour to a sick neighbor some one and a half miles off. Note to self: Buy a dogsled team. I remembered failing to see the snow-covered branches, and the instant panic as they snapped beneath my snowshoes.

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Transformation Fiction is a genre of fiction depicting a transformation or shapeshifting of one form or another.

Whether it's a willing transformation or not depends on the piece of fiction, as well as whenever it's reversible or not, and whether they can transform or shapeshift into more than one type of being. The transformation would most likely be depicted as a Bit-by-Bit Transformationbut this isn't required. This genre is Older Than Dirt.

Alien virus (gender transformation erotica)

Transformations can begin The Hero's Journey and can have the story end either in a Downer Ending or a Bittersweet Endingalthough examples of them ending with a Happy Ending also exist. Compare Henshin Hero which is more about switching back and forth from a superpowered form. Compare Xenofiction stories told from the viewpoint of a non-human-like character See Transformation Causes for a list of possible ways one would transform or shapeshift into a different form within the story.

A Transformation Comic is a type of transformation fiction dealing with transformations within comics. May overlap with any trope in the Shapeshifting index. As an important note, having a being who transforms or shapeshifts throughout the story doesn't mean the work's of this genre. In order to count, the transformation s have to be the focus of the story in some way. Community Showcase More.


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What makes Digimon Frontier different from the other Digimon series is the fact that instead of having Digimon partners, the chosen instead, transform into Digimon themselves so that they could save the digital world from threats. Fruits Basket is about the protagonist discovering a family who has a curse linked to the Chinese zodiac, which involves them unwillingly transforming into the creature they represent when they are weak or when they are hugged by a member of the opposite sex. Fan Fiction.

The Colonya fan-made series loosely connected to the Chakona Space universe, starts with the occupants of an airliner getting turned into Chakats and dumped on an uninhabited alien planet for no discernible reason. In When the Shadow is YouLegolas starts to transform into some kind of a vampire after he is wounded by a poisoned bolt.

Films - Animated.

The title of Help! I'm a Fish sums up the fact that it's about a group of people being transformed into fish. Of course, this is only part of the plot - the other part is to obtain the potion that'll reverse the transformation effect from a gangster fish who got partially transformed into a human by said potion and became sentient as the result.

Merlin transforms Arthur Alien transformation story himself into animals several times in Disney's The Sword in the Stoneincluding into squirrels, fish and a full on Shapeshifter Showdown with Madame Mim. The Princess and the Frog is about two people being transformed into frogs and are trying to find a way to transform back. The Little Mermaidlike the original, involves the titular mermaid transforming into a human so that she could be with her love.

It goes further than the original story, though, by showing how she tries to adapt to society. The back story of The Beast from Beauty and the Beast is that he was a human prince cursed into his current form as Laser-Guided Karma by a ly-disguised witch he refused to give hospitality of. The plot of the form involves him trying to win the heart of Belle the titular "Beauty"since the only way to break the curse is if he falls in love and whomever he fell in-love with loved him back.

Transformation fiction

The movie is mostly about him trying to get back to his palace and finding a cure. Films - Live Action. The Incredible Mr. Limpet : Mr. Limpet gets transformed into a fish after wishing for it really really hard.

The remake version The Fly is a horrific form of this, as the protagonist is accidentally fused with a housefly in a transportation machine, and gradually throughout the story morphs, physically and emotionally, as the fly's DNA takes over. The Animorphs book series are about a group of teenagers being granted with the ability to shapeshift into any animal they touched by an alien. The teens are eventually ed by a relative of said alien as the books go on.

Several other stories wind up doing a little of this for similar reasons. Everything written by Jack Chalker.

Which is not to say he doesn't also delve into other interesting scifi concepts besides that, but it's there. Metamor Keep is a shared writing universe based on a kingdom under a Curse that transforms anyone who spends too much time there into either an anthropomorphic animalthe opposite genderor .

Many of the original authors are also associated with the Transformation Story Archive. Ovid's Metamorphoses is a collection of poems about Roman mythology revolving around a central theme of people transforming or metamorphosing in various ways. The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka is a surrealist novella that begins with the main character waking up to find himself transformed into a giant bug.

The Web Serial Novel Spitfire deals fairly heavily with transformation as a way to explore gender norms and themes of legacy and stability.

The Switchers trilogy are about a group of protagonists with the ability to shapeshift. The trilogy explores into the possibilities of such power as well as the downsides in using them. The nominal plot something about preparing earth for a benign invasion serves primarily as an excuse for a detailed description of the process.

Live Action TV. While they do have human forms, if a single drop of water is on them for 10 seconds, their tail returns to replace their legs. This complicates their personal lives as they aim to keep their transformation a secret, even from their families. Newspaper Comics. An arc within the South African newspaper comic Madam and Eve had Mother Anderson note The ly British mother of the titular Madam taking experimental drugs that briefly turned Alien transformation story into how the comic portrays the African cast, complete with the ability to speak Zulu, laughing at jokes mocking madams despite being a madam herself and even buying Mielies note The South African word for corn from the Mielie Lady instead of pelting her with her sling shot.

It lasts for a couple of strips before she turned back due to the strip's Status Quo. Video Games. The main gameplay element of Dr. Muto is the Mad Scientist in question's ability to transform into various animals. You start off with a mouse form and collect more by gathering DNA samples. When he transforms back, he is given a mask that'll allow him to transform between his Hylian form and his Deku Scrub form at will.

He can then find a few new masks to transform into members of various other races, namely Goron, Zora and a deity.

Alien abduction - the tf story!

Initially, this transformation only happens whenever he visits the Twilight realm. However, after he has been cursed to assume the wolf form even outside said realm and then having said curse removed by the Master Sword, he gains the ability to switch between forms at will. As the game progresses, he transforms into more animal-man forms with different abilities. One of the main gameplay gimmicks of Thre of Fate involves transforming into various monsters you've slayed throughout the game.

In String Tyrant transformation is a major part of the game, the enemies wandering the halls will transform the player and the player will then hunt down and transform their former friends. Searching for the term "TF" on art sites like DeviantArt tends to bring up pictures or pieces of literature of someone transforming into a creature or pre-existing character, alongside some stuff related to Transformers.

The Transformation Stories Archive is an old currently defunct site dedicated to amateur writing about transformations. ShiftiSpiritual Successor to the Transformation Stories Archive, is another web story archive dedicated to transformation stories. Western Animation. The titular character of Ben 10 has a watch that allows him to temporary transform into a limited variety of aliens.

American Dragon: Jake Long focuses on a teenage dragon in New York with the ability to shift to and from human form. Dragons serve as the protectors of the secret magical realm, using their human forms to blend in the mundane world while their powerful dragon forms to fight off magical threats and the Huntsclan.

Where can i find some great alien transformation stories. : scifi

The titular character of Martin Morning inexplicably transforms into a new character every morning, with his environment and past often changing as a side-effect as well. For example, in the episode "No Pictures, Please! Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope?