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For those on the kinkier side, things can quickly become dull. If you are looking for your next thrill, an anal hook is the ultimate BDSM toy that you should check out.

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Fancy trying something a tad more exciting? Well, when it comes to deviant delights, we have just the thing and, trust us, it guarantees to have you hooked! This is one hook that is definitely not make believe get it?! Captain Hook You must at least know what an anal hook looks like

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Why should you need to prepare emotionally?

If you look up some anal hook images right now, they might immediately put you off. Anal hooks may not be a beginner-friendly toy, but beginners can research it. It requires a bit of prep beforehand.

Otherwise, maybe this hook should not be your first-time anal experience. We know the sole existence of anal hooks may intimidate you. This is not your regular butt toy. This one fits into the array of sex toys that you can use during BDSM play or simply bondage plays. Having prior anal sex experience is, in this case, a must.

Some BDSM experience can do you good as well. Or at least some knowledge of how it all works. In case you have never tried anything anal, you can change that quite easily. For absolute novices, start with your fingers. Anal play is fun and pain-free. You can also use butt plugs or dildos.

Prostate massagers, too! Simple anal sex will also do the trick. There also are anal training kits that are very helpful with your initiation into anal play. Most of the prep you can do alone. However, this toy is best to use with a partner.

An anal hook: what is it?

Find someone you absolutely trust and let them hook you up. As you can imagine, this toy is not for the faint of heart. You can say using this toy is a type of bondage. But maybe not the one you know or are familiar with. Talking about your boundaries is another must. That is why having a safeword matters.

What is an anal hook?

Sometimes, even in the middle of the play, some things may become too much. A safeword immediately puts a stop to whatever may be happening. That way, you keep yourself and your partner safe from any complications.

Being safe is the most important during these kinds of plays. Also, the hooks often have an anal ball on one end and a ring on another. As you can imagine, the ball end goes up your anus. They can be in the shapes of U or V letters. The rest is entirely up to the manufacturer. However, the tip is still rounded for safer insertion. Always make sure never to insert anything sharp anywhere! Not just your anus!

Take a look at the anal hooks at Loveplug website, and make sure to read its descriptions, for you to be familiar of the different types of anal hooks. There can even be several of them of different sizes, kind of similar to how anal be work. The balls can even be detachable, so you can practice with smaller ones and then size up as you get more comfortable. These are perfect for the dominance play.

Instead of a cage, there are cock rings too. Of course, choose according to your level of experience.

Also, think about what you want to achieve with these — you can always switch things up and level up. This is the type of toy you need to use with extreme caution. Most people are put off by exactly that. Everything is fine as long as you do it slowly and carefully. But your dominant can lead you by a rope they can attach to the hook. You can do many things with a bit of creativity!

Guide to anal hook bondage | how to use anal hook

The most important thing to keep in mind is not to tug on the hook too aggressively. Nobody wants to end up going to the emergency room. This is the type of toy you need to be more careful using. BDSM play, in general, needs different handling.

ThiThat s is why using safewords and setting boundaries is important. No matter how much you trust somebody, these are just safety measures. Get comfortable with it. October 18, No Comments. Prior Anal Sex Experience We know the sole existence of anal hooks may intimidate you. How Does It Work This is the type of toy you need to use with extreme caution. SKT Decor Lite.