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Those expecting to attend the roast of Brat-Packer Rob Lowe Saturday night were surprised -- not altogether unpleasantly, from the sounds of it -- when much of the evening's attention turned to its most irrelevant and out-of-place attendee: Ann Coulter. Coulter attempted to make light of the shift in targets, saying "welcome to the Ann Coulter Roast with Rob Lowe" and boasting that she was only attending the event to hawk her new book, " In Trump We Trust " -- a fact which was, not surprisingly, met with a chorus of disdain:. Comedian Nikki Glaser kicked things off by asking Coulter "what is like to be a real-life supervillain," before speculating that the "the only man you'll ever making happy is the Mexican digging your grave.

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However, the roast quickly became a vicious, hateful attack of one of the other roasters—conservative pundit, author of twelve 12 New York Times Best Selling non-fiction books, and unflappable Donald Trump-for-President proponent, Ann Coulter. The roast occurred approximately two months prior to the U. Presidential Election. During the course of the evening, Ms. However, Comedy Central has since expunged all but one of those vicious slurs as well as many others from the video of the roast it offers on its website. Interestingly, it appears that many of the major news articles about the roast have also expunged all but the first one in which comedian and Saturday Night Live cast member, Pete Davidson, calls Ms.

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According to Vanity Fair :. On Saturday night, Comedy Central taped another one of its annual roasts, this time skewering Rob Lowe.

As the roasts usually do, this one got pretty nasty. And again, it was supposed to be a roast of actor Rob Lowe, but it was conservative political commentator Ann Coulter who drew most of the heat.

I think that the majority of voters understand that. Perhaps — just perhaps — Coulter is smart enough to make herself enough of a martyr to actually swing sympathy and votes in the direction of her candidate of choice, Donald Trump. And maybe — just maybe — all the snickering professionals on stage are all too clever by half, doing more harm than good for their own righteous cause. Spend that time with your family instead. This post was lightly edited on September 7,to adjust for the fact that the Comedy Central show had aired, but otherwise making the same points.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. No because in their minds its not bullying and name calling because their target is Trump.

Comedy central's impromptu roast of ann coulter: "the only man you'll ever make happy is the mexican digging your grave"

This was not a roast, or comedy, it was a premeditated attack upon a women who stands for a conservative and execptional America. Where were all the leftist feminists?

Why were they silent? The liberals are two faced hypocrits who dont give a dam about anything other than keeping their crooked politicians in power so they can fund baby killing, illegal aliens, and an endless welfare state that has … ». I am a conservative. I believe in free speech.

Hate is hate is hate . . . . why this week’s vile attack on ann coulter on comedy central wasn’t funny

People should be able to say what they damn well please. The problem with Bob V is today they come after CC. Tomorrow, they will come after YOU. Who gets to decide all this PC shit? I want free speech, period. I blame feminism! Classic example of how, even during a roast, men are sent to the back of the buss. All that hate and excrement should have been fired at Lowe, not Coulter. See what I did there? The internet is fun, yes? Anything goes. We can see Trump as a racist worm, Hilly as a socialist pig, Coulter has a hate monger, Gandhi as a fascist; anything we want when we force it through our own self-indulgent filter.

It makes … ».

Well, she knows a lot about bullying and hate, so I guess she had a taste of her own medicine…. She knew what she was doing! So, going by your logic, its okay to bully and attack any person who puts themself in tbe spotlight, regardless of the reason.

If you actually believe your own statement, then it is perfectly acceptable for any person, man or woman, regardless of political or religious beliefs, to say hateful, cruel things to any person, regardless of political or religious beliefs? If a conservative person treated anyone with this kind of vile, nasty behavior, we on the right would … ». You are making a mountain out of a molehill as the saying goes!

I do not have any more time to waste on this ridiculous conversation.

Ann coulter is a fucking cunt

Start a debate with someone who has nothing to do. Have a good day.

Wow, If Ann Coulter is your ideal of pure hatred, then you are sadly a very disillusioned and naive person. Pure evil is Islamic terrorist murdering and throwing gay people from roofs to there deaths. Pure evil is the systematic rape and genocide of Yazidi women and children or the murderinf of over a quarter million Syrians in the current Syrian civil war. Pure evil is the murdering of tens of school children in the school massacres l.

Bob, I totally agree with you and I wish I had read your article before watching the show last night. To call them by another name just does not work or make any sense. Thanks for the insightful article.

It was something like I bet you wish it was you who died instead. We all do. I must have missed the part where he criticized them for roasting Rob Lowe. Maybe you can point it out. I wonder if the author would have written such an article if the target were Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh.

I think our politically correct culture tends to draw the line of acceptable comedic attack between straight white males and the rest of humanity. Where we draw the line of acceptability … ». People have been personally insulting Trump pretty much his entire election campaign.

From calling him an orange dumpster fire, to saying he looks like an Umpa Lumpa, to those frankly distasteful nude statues that would made to portray him. Moral of the story is the … ». This article. Wow Please stop writing, I was close to laughing while reading this. Who are you even defending? Apparently, Mr. Varettoni neither understands comedy, nor the first Amendment of the Constitution. I am a Trump supporter, but am not dumb enough to place myself in front of a political firing squad. Most of Hollywood is staunchly liberal. There was only so much material to roast Rob Lowe with.

This is embarrassing for you. What that says is that the government cannot punish you for any particular speech you make.

This article has nothing to do with the First Amendment. At all.

Way to use a poorly written opinion based article as an anti trump political platform. One of the worst fluff pieces ive read in a while. Anne Coulter ed on for what she got.

She cashed that paycheck and wants to play stupid…. She just is stupid. An anti-Trump political platform? The author here was supporting Coulter, who supports Trump….

The vile bullying of ann coulter at a comedy central roast

That same principle applies to all television shows. Expecting other people to not watch something because it offended you is ridiculous. She was aware of what she was doing when she ed up. It just so happened that this time a little justice was served. That was not a roast, it was vitriole. Comedy Central should issue an apology to Ann Coulter and the attendees and yank it off the air. At least she had enough class to sit there and take it. I am not sure I could have. Shame on anyone who sat and laughed at that garbage.