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Clear Filters Set Filters. Into Mythtale by transformationhub. Rated PG. Published: Sep 23rd, Tags: myth 0 dragon 0 transformation 0 woman 0 female 0. A rare thing for a dragon transformation to appear on my gallery. This would be my second I believe my first appearing in my first tf story volume. A young finds herself becoming a dragon in a strange new place. Published: May 16th, Tags: wings 0 dragon 0 tail 0 flight 0 mind alteration 0 egg laying 0 eggs 0.

A short story with a girl named Sam that seeks adventure. This is my first story, Enjoy! Draconian Judgment by tocixcog. Rated R. Published: Feb 22nd, Last Updated: Mar 1st, Tags: sphinx 0 anthro 0 anthro snake 0 lizard 0 man to anthro dragon 0 dragon 0 gender change 0 willing 0 man to female naga 0 loss of limbs 0 naga 0 woman to sphinx 0. Some revolutionary guards decide to taste their own medicine.

A continuation of Moo World Order. Rated X. Published: Dec 27th, Tags: dragon 0 tentacle 0 male and female 0 latex 0 western dragon 0 anal sex 0 cock vore 0 hydra 0 male on male 0 cum 0 cum inflation 0 orgy 0 male on female 0 eastern dragon 0 oral sex 0 merger 0.

Sequel to "Finding your better half," Leung finds that his former dragon self was worshiped by beings who desired to get in on the merger process Published: Oct 30th, Tags: multiple orgasms 0 dragon 0 merger 0 cum 0 male and male 0 anal 0 willing change 0 anthro 0. A man dreaming of dragons comes upon the only place one could preside and learns why it has been calling out to him.

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Genetic 'Mon-ification 3: Psycho Shift by oneandonlytinkercat. Published: Sep 26th, Tags: mtf 1 tgtf 1 mental changes 0 pheromones 0 orgy 0 cumflation 0 pokemon 0 dragon 0 salazzle 0 genetic manipulation 0. A trainer gets an offer from a scientist, but ends up with the wrong .

Published: Aug 25th, Last Updated: Aug 25th, Tags: slight mental shift 0 half-elf 0 unwilling 0 kobold 0 dragon 0 forced transformation 0. A half-elf walks into a cave that he's unaware is owned by a dragon, and you're probably already aware of where this one is leading Published: Aug 4th, Tags: straight to gay 0 female on male 0 feral 0 cum 0 magic 0 size difference 0 heat 0 unwilling 0 embarrassment 0 mating 0 dragon 0 anal sex 0.

The urges to fuck and change become irresistible to the protagonist elf as his infected King, too, gives in to the desire to mate his bonded dragon.

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Published: Jun 29th, Tags: anal sex 0 male on male 0 cum 0 unwilling change 0 embarrassment 0 mating 0 animal transformation 0 ass expansion 0 dragon 0 excessive cum 0. An Elf questing to meet a dragon to ride performs an ill-fated rite that bonds the two in an unexpected way.

Published: Jun 22nd, Tags: western dragon 0 gender transformation 0 mental changes 0 gender change 0 magical transformation 0 dragon 0 mtf 0. A recent commission involving a more fantastical request for the shopkeeper.

One man's attempt to create a unique LARPing character gets a bit out of hand. At The Stake by lycandope.

Published: Apr 6th, Last Updated: Apr 17th, Tags: kobold 1 goblin 0 transformation 0 mass transformation 0 orgy 0 spreading changes 0 dragon 0. Villagers burn the wrong woman at the stake and she takes revenge. Options, Options by skiesofsilver. Published: Feb 5th, Tags: second person 1 rapid pregnancy 0 mtf 0 tgtf 0 positive 0 breeding 0 tftg 0 impregnation 0 egg 0 pregnancy 0 Anthro dragon mating 0 eggs 0 scaly 0 dragon 0 transformation 0 heat 0.

A second person anthro dragon TFTG with an unexpected change after some not so carefully considered options are selected. Mounted by XeroxTwo. Published: Dec 21st, Last Updated: Dec 22nd, Tags: gryphon 0 gender shifting 0 gay 0 scalie 0 chastity 0 transformation 0 plot 0 dragon 0 sex 0 denial 0 straight 0 forcedshifting 0 trickery 0 oral 0 petplay 0 western dragon 0 solo 0 pet 0 warg 0.

Art by dragoon86

Derek, a cavalryman in King Andrew's army, receives an intriguing offer to become the king's mount. Criticality Female Dragons TF by antifreeze.

Published: Dec 3rd, Tags: excessive cum 0 dickgrowth 0 radiation 0 eggs 0 fem 0 oviposition 0 female on female 0 dragon 0. I am a sucker for History. How Humans have played with stuff that were dangerous in hindsight, but at the time thought nothing.

One of them was the Demon's Core in which before safety measures were regulated, in separate instances two times at Los Alamos, released massive radiation. It was called "Tickling the Dragon's Tail", so on a play of that, I though of this. Dragon Desires by kayemarquet.

Art by weirdhyenas

Published: Oct 3rd, Tags: oviposition 2 dragon 2 mtf 0 feral 0 mating 0. A recent commission involving a package and some unintended consequences. Of Wives and Wyverns by XeroxTwo. Published: Jul 21st, Last Updated: Jul 22nd, Tags: anal 0 transformation 0 exhibitionism 0 dragon 0 vaginal 0 cum 0 fisting 0 gay 0 tgtf 0 bizarre 0 oral 0 straight to gay 0 sex 0 bipedal 0 ftm 0 long 0 handjob 0 heartfelt depravity 0 reptile 0 female 0 romance 0 wyvern 0 male 0 straight 0 fingering 0 forcedshifting 0 transgender 0.

Fiona Swan uses a potion that promises to temporarily transform her into the object of her husband Martin's sexual fantasies. Things do not go as planned. Published: May 12th, Tags: dragon 0 egg laying 0 intercourse 0 mating 0 lion 0.

The final confrontation between Jon and the Night King where all is revealed. Published: May 11th, Tags: dragon 0 zombie 0 monkey 0 mating 0 horse 0 fox 0 dolphin 0 gorilla 0.

The Night King is on the war path towards the Iron Islands forcing Yara Greyjoy to flee while Jon is frustrated that he is losing his advisers one-by-one to an unknown cause. With time running short, Jon and Daenerys attack King's Landing with the full force of a dragon. Published: May 9th, Last Updated: Aug 14th, Tags: dragon 0 wolf 0 intercourse 0 female 0 canine 0 mating 0.