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Best batman fanfiction, I'm Best batman fanfiction male that wants exotic

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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Batman fanfics, all of which have to be ed to stay on the. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here. You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main though; that goes in the discussion. Reconfiguration in Progress : Fanfic Recommendations is being split into s for each individual series, so help is needed to classify each entry into the appropiate category, and to format it according to the template.

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I have consumed an absolutely ridiculous amount of Batman fanfiction, so people sometimes asked me to pull together lists for a specific relationship or trope, and then I get asked to reblog those so others can see them, so I figured I would go ahead and just make a that collects together all of those lists.

I tend to focus on gen fics revolving around the boys, but still feel free to ask.

Read batman fanfiction stories - webnovel

I currently have 23 fic rec requests, so please do not send me any new ones for now. LongFics focusing on Robins in particular. LongFics general batfam.

LongFics general batfam 2. Oneshots general batfam.

Read this fanfiction: great batman stories in honor of his 80th birthday

Tim fics with a preference for angst. Bruce vs CPS fics, outside world thinks Bruce is abusive when he is not. Little Tim fics where Tim interacts with the family at a younger age than canon. Second Generation by lowlyingfruit.

TW: Referenced Rape. Basically, due to the Blockbuster incident…. Dick is a father. With some added Jason. No Good Deed by Black Friar. Robin Dick gets badly injured while working with Young Justice.

Read batman fanfiction stories - webnovel

Not long after, some jerkface at school accidentally, if I remember, but while picking on him pushes him down a flight of stairs, causing him to hit his head and require a hospital stay. While there, they discover the injuries he had and just assume Bruce did it.

Lots of angst. Good Dad Bruce, too. Chapter 18 is my favorite.

Becoming Robin by wordsgohere TW: Child Abuse. Get it? Following what would actually happen to a 8 year old when he got stuck in a largely unsupervised detention center. It was well written and believable. It definitely deserves more than kudos. Retrograde Motion by Lysical. I never call a crazy thing to do by ohnomydear. But basically, due to magic and stuff, everyone in the world forgets who Jason is….

The whole fic is them working toward fixing that, while Jason struggles with his insecurities. I feel like I rec this every single time people ask for recs, but can you blame me???

Jason moves back to Gotham, intending on staying just a few months. But that rascal Tim has other plans, and slowly pulls Jason back into the family. During his training with the league, Jason gets homesick. And finds himself crawling in through the window of his childhood bedroom.

At Wayne Manor. Crumbling Walls by Westgate Harkpad. Jason has a tense relationship with the family. They work with him, but for the most part leave each other alone. It starts with Jason getting injured and being rushed to the cave. Then Jason accidentally invites Bruce out for pancakes.

Quarter past midnight by Aaren. Not really.

He remembers bits and pieces, voices I his head. After Dick is badly injured, and Jason ends up going to the hospital with him. He and Bruce have a lot of conversations, and eventually it le to Jason returning home.

Bruce and Jason even get therapy. Stargazer by LemonadeGarden. Jason breaks his leg pretty badly and gets trapped at the Manor for a while. It proves to be exactly what he needed, for he and Bruce to start growing back together.

Read this fanfiction: great batman stories in honor of his 80th birthday

Come Alive by CaptainOzone. Set in the Young Justice universe. When the team encounters Jason on Infinity Island, they actually leave with him. Verdant by Cerusee. Instead of training him, Talia brings Jason straight to Bruce.

Blood in the Water by Misha Berry. So Tim is at the League.

With Damian. And Jason. More specifically, listened to the podfic. I love this story. Tim is a talon AU. This is my favorite talon fic. Obedience by Sohotthateveryonedied.

Ella Enchanted style-fic. It shot right up to one of my favorite fics after I read it. Mind the tags. Basically, Jason finds Tim at a gala and a ton of red flags just shoot off in his head about Tim, so he invites him to go into the kitchen and hang out with Alfred until Bruce comes to deal with it. And just ate up the attention Dick gave him as a result. Super cute, but sad when you think about it because Tim : : : You deserve love and attention.

Batman and melodrama — fic recs

Un Wanted by Mike-chan. Tim gets kidnapped as Tim Drake and has some awful flashbacks to being kidnapped asway back when no one was around to notice. He starts to think Bruce is never coming for him, and has a breakdown over it. I love this one. Instinct by FinalArc.

Batman and melodrama — fic recs

Tim is having a bad morning. It just makes his morning worse. Tim angst. Love this fic, I spent an hour tracking it down a few months ago I wanted to reread it so bad.