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Left out on our bed is a red halter dress with a flouncy skirt, perfect for twirling and other things that I will find out later. A ridiculously long string of pearls lay on top and 6 inch red stilettos at the foot of the bed, finishes the ensemble.

My age: 56
Ethnic: I'm belarusian
Iris color: I’ve got cold green eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My hair: Black
I speak: English
Favourite drink: Gin

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Post with 21 notes. It has one purpose, to tell Her all that is bothering my mind about my sexuality, to try to open up completely for Her, and to ask her to help me fulfill my secret fantasies.

I already did, and told her a lot of my kinky fantasies, a lot of my dreams, and even my worries. So we have a great responsibility towards each other, how to keep this relationship sane for a life? This is an important matter, because sexuality is about instincts, feelings and most of all, desire. I think to be intelligent enough to control all the logical aspects of my life, but can anyone control his desires?

I can not. But i want to feel the same for Her as now, so I want her to know my perverse thoughts, and I want to content those desires that I think I must to be able to live in harmony with myself and Her. The difficulty in this, Bi curious wife tumblr that I am a lot bi-curious in sex, and I think I can not control this any more.

It is a long story and a complex sensation in me, so I need to write a lot to explain. I will. In this blog you, J, will get to know all aspect of my sexual fantasies, and the things i want to do. My thoughts. This blog is about the secret desires of a bi-curious guy, who thinks that sexuality is an important part of a relationship, of his marriage, and thinks that the richness of this sexuality is beautiful, and can go beyond the two bodies that form a couple.


This guy thinks that sex can be enjoyable between a man and a woman, but also between same sexes, even if one is not homo, can not bi, as can feel something for someone of the opposite sex. You already know that I am like that, but now i want to write this out of me, and after to ask you what the next step should be? Post with 22 notes. As you now, I am a quite normal guy, bit shy, but excited about sex. I am a heterosexual person, we both now that. I love girls, an I ended up loving You.

It is natural, that I still look all pretty girls with that eye every man does with. But I am in love with You, and even if the hormones present in our first dates diminished a lot, even Bi curious wife tumblr the desire is not that high any more, our story is to be infinite now, we tied our lives together well, and there is much love in it.

I hope we will never stop feeling that, and giving that love. So I am hetero, and I am monogamous. Sex is fine between us, but the point of this blog is this: it is not enough for me. And not because i want more of something, but because I have desires my head can not control, and they are overtaking me. I think to be very liberal sexually, but - until now - only deep inside.

This was a process, I was completely different ten years ago.

But now, I think sexuality is a great way to enhance life quality, and I think everything can go in sex that is not harmful to anyone, that is enjoyable and human. And I also think a couple has lot more options that just to discover each others bodies. If they want it together, they can explore different new aspect of sex, and if they want it together, they can involve other persons as well.

I think we do have time to explore more of sexuality. I think we can do it in the future, if we will like to. This is not something i desire so much, it is just a fantasy among others. Right now, we can continue trying what we started, like strap-on sex…. Why did I buy you a strap-on dildo some years ago? For me, of course.

One of my fantasies I wanted to fulfill, and we started. And that comes from my desires that are related to sex with men. I am interested in the relation between a penis - mine - and other mens sex. A penis - someones - and my sexual organs. I am bi-curious, as I really interested in sexual involvment with a man. I was just curious, but still I had many years until my first real intercourse with a woman. I remember I masturbated, and sometimes I thought how would it be to touch someones penis. Maybe from the age of I remember I tried to suck my dick sometimes, and once or twice i achieved to touch it with my tongue.

Pussy has a flavor, different girls have different ones, but penis is different. I did cum on my face these times, but I gave up, as I am not that flexible. I also remember when I found a gay porn magazine in the woods. I masturbated to the images in it. In the meantime I had my first - unsuccessful loves.

And of course most of my fantasies were tied to these girls.

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Then I tried to insert something in my anus. I remember this was way later on, when I had a wonderful girlfriend who let me try anal sex on her, and she enjoyed it! Of course I loved it, and we made sex like that many times. She was the first person to put her finger around there for me. We have prostate, so it can be even more delightful. So I tried to insert different tubular objects there, and enjoyed it.


But these things were always a bit too hard, too thin or thick, and cold. Once I tried it with a half-cooked zucchini. That was warm and soft, right size, and was even a better feeling. Nowadays I masturbate with a toy only rarely. First of all, if I have to move the thing in me, it is not the same, so I prefer if J does it. So I tried the techniques to imitate all sorts of sex.

And had fantasies in between. I first wished a magic could occur, when my person gets doubled, and We can have sex - with myself. This teenage fantasy tells it all. I would love to explore all the sexual games with a boy, but would hate ANY boy to have sex with.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It is disgusting. But through the years I kind of got used to the thought. If he is someone thinking the same way, we could have only sex. In the meantime I got married, and calmed down in a way. So the only thing hat changed, is that I do not have any more fantasies with girls, as my fantasy in this case came true. I am happy with J. Yes, there are fantasies with her and another girl, maybe both doing some bisexual things too, and yes, I have fantasies about having another man with us in bed, for our common joy.

For my, or for her pleasure. I am not jealous, as I know I am a good man, and I am willing to give everything a man can. I could watch someone having sex with her, if it is a game. And it would be always a game for me. But if there were another man there, I would want to try out things. Or even to have him for my pleasure only, while J and I are caring each other. This is my No 1 fantasy right now. And Bi curious wife tumblr I am worried, is that these thoughts take a lot of my time. And these are fantasies right now, but they are so strong, I have only these kinds of fantasies when I masturbate.

I have fantasies about making sex with J if she is not available for some period of time - this happens unfortunately. But otherwise I just have that sex with her, and that part of my sexual interests are fulfilled. Not so easy with the bisexual fantasies. Post with 18 notes. Bi-curious is a term used to refer to people of a heterosexual or homosexual identity who, while showing some curiosity for a relationship or sexual activity with a person of the sex they do not favor, distinguish themselves from the bisexual label.

In general, the term refers to someone who is contemplating and has prepared oneself for, but not yet acted upon - relations with those of same and different sex.

So I am bi-curious. But by definition, only until I explore my curiosities. And what if someone does try everything, likes it, practices it, but still he can not have any romantic attraction to a male? Heteroflexibility is a form of a sexual orientation or situational sexual behavior characterized by limited homosexual activity despite a primarily heterosexual sexual orientation that is considered to distinguish it from bisexuality.

So this could be it scientifically. I am now bi-curious by definition, and if once I will fulfill my curiosity, I can either stop looking for the male sexuality or become a heteroflexible. I am bi-curious right now, I am sure, and I think heteroflexibility can be normal.

I suppose i would become one if my curiosity would be fulfilled in a way that is enjoyable to all, and J is important here as well. I think it is easier to call bisexual the sexual behavior I am interested in, a bisexual game or intercourse is when men and woman are equally involved in the sex act.