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Your sex life can affect the size and appearance of your breasts—but probably not in the way you might think. For a start, you may already have noticed short-term changes in your breast size and appearance during and after sex. Judith Holmes of Spire Parkway Hospital.

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The effect, however, can be pretty substantial. Ram Prasad, our consultant breast surgeon, says that he would expect breasts to increase in size during sex from anywhere between 15 and 25 percent.

In addition to getting bigger, your breasts might look different during sex. In particular, your nipples can change. Nipples become more prominent during sex, Prasad explains, due to the wonder of hormones. And is there any merit to the schoolyard taunt that women who have saggier breasts do so because of all the bouncing during sex?

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But both Dr. Holmes and Dr. The contraceptive pill can also affect your breast size and shape, and aging will change their shape. Select a location. Search by condition, treatment or department:.

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