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The Big Pay candy bar was a circular fudge coated, peanut rolled with a caramel center chocolate bar that cost a whopping nickel to buy!

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Today is a first for Candy Addict — we have a guest writer! Long-time Candy Addict reader and commenter, Rhea from The Boomer Chroniclesshares with us one of her favorite candies from her childhood: Butter Nut:. How does one describe a candy last tasted in, like, ?

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I also have food s for the 80s and 90s. Submit a picture. The following are links about Butternut Candy Bar you may find interesting. Submit a link to more information about Butternut Candy Bar. The following are comments left about Butternut Candy Bar from site visitors such as yourself. They are not spell checked or reviewed for accuracy.

Submit a story or info about Butternut Candy Bar. Food of the Seventies, Butternut Candy Bar. Chewy middle - nougat? Covered in chocolate. I don't know what made it different from other, similar bars, but it sure was good!

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No links have been submitted for this yet. Benny Harris - July 03, - Report this comment. This was my all time favorite candy growing up in the late 60's and 70's. I recently found my second favorite Long Boy Coconut Candy but sure wish the Butternut was still on the market.

Frances - January 15, - Report this comment. Top of my list of favorites in 's and early 's Texas, nickel a bar. They had a very dense center of nougat, not at all fluffy, and the caramel had a slight "burn" as it melted on ones' tongue and palate. Jeannie - March 21, - Report this comment. Bliss - July 05, - Report this comment.

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Bonnie - August 23, - Report this comment. I was in elementry school to and oh how I remember going to the neighbor store and savoring every bite of this candy bar. I love candy bars, but this was by far my all time favorite. I would give anything to be able to savor the taste of this great candy bar again and again and again.

There was something very special about this candy bar. Danny - October 18, - Report this comment.

Butternut candy bar was great. In the early 60's was only 5 cents and decent sized-great memories of having 15 cents-buying a coke and butternut at neighborhood store-lots and lots of fond memories-hope all of you have fond one's too. Gretchen - October 22, - Report this comment.

Why did you take Butternut candy off the market? Sure would be a welcome treat to tatse it once again. Relsa - December 06, - Report this comment. Graduated from high school inand bought a ButterNut bar at least 3 times a week in the school cafeteria. My all time favorite! Angel - December 22, - Report this comment. The Butternut candy bar was my all time favorite candy bar.

Jeff - December 31, - Report this comment. Deb - March 24, - Report this comment. Bring back the Butternut candy bar if only for a limited time. There seems to be a good amount of people who still love it. The best bar ever made. I mailed a box of them to my fiance when he went to Viet Nam.

He loved them too. Tony - April 12, - Report this comment.

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Nuttery,Buttery,Butter Nut. Mmm Mmm. I wish I had the recipe. I would have to try it. They were so good with a Mr. Thomas Vogelsang - April 13, - Report this comment.

I used to hound the guy that serviced the candy machine and accused him shorting us on the Butternut ,because we always seemed to run out of them within one day. I have been looking for Butternut Candy Bars for several years.

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I had heard the company went out of business years ago. If someone could bring it back, I would be so grateful. I'm not that old of a guy 40 but butternut was my Favorite and still is I found it once in at a convient store then it disappeared again I've been looking for it every since.

My six grade teacher use to sell candy she would give you candy to sell and of course i would get lots of butternut bars i ate them all so i didnt ell much my were they good it was my favorite. Sherry - June 11, - Report this comment. The Butternut Candy Bar was my most favorite candy.

Hollywood candy co - big pay - 5-cent foil candy bar wrapper - 's 's

Yolanda - July 06, - Report this comment. I have been looking for a butternut bar for the last 10yrs. I am trying to find out where I can buy one or if they are just of the market for good. This is the best candy that I have tried growing up in Mississippi!!!!!!

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Dee K - July 26, - Report this comment. Butternut was my favorite candy bar.

I really really miss it. You would think one of these candy companies would buy the recipe and remake some of these discontinued but much loved items. The three things I want back from the seventies besides my youth lol are the Butternut bar, Sour Bites and Wink Wink was a sourish soda made by Canada Dry. Jenny - July 30, - Report this comment.

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Wow, I'm so suprised that other people have been looking for the Butternut Candy Bar too!! I've been looking for it seems like 20 years lol. The butternut, hollywood candy bars where the bomb!! Don't forget the coconut long boys, somebody please get to making some candy for us old folks yea that's right I'm 52 years old I need that candy lol. Tommi J - August 16, - Report this comment.

I remember also my first bite of that great i mean great butternut candy bar. This is from my childhood memories. Please bring this candy back mm mm mm good. Jay - August 24, - Report this comment. Yep, I'm gonna throw in a "me too" on this one. My wife and I were discussing the Butternut yesterday on our way to Kennesaw Mt. It was my fav back in the '60s for sure.

Like a Snicker, but better. IIRC, you could still get them at a very few places even in the '90s. Sharon - August 24, - Report this comment. PayDay and Zero bars are still made by the Hershey candy co. I've ed them twice and they do respond.

Maybe if they get a lot of s they will consider bringing this amazing candy bar back. Oh yeah, I remember the Caravelle.

It was probably my second-favorite bar. Truth is, I don't think I ever grew up My mom didn't allow much of it when I was coming up. Yvonne - September 06, - Report this comment. I am pleasantly surprised to read all of your comments. Yesterday I was just talking about Butternut candy bars.

It was my favorite. I have gone in stores that sell "yesterday's" candy but I've never seen the Butternut candy bar.