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Billie joe armstrong fanfiction, I'm hunting for Billie joe armstrong fanfiction that like turks

Source: loranipsum. Anonymous asked: Can you tell me one fic that actually is only about Billie joe and a girl?

lovely woman Carolina

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Author: j0liec. A story in which 40 year old Billie Joe Armstrong finds himself very attracted to a very extraordinary 19 year old girl, Sloane Holmes. Author: billiejoefinestrong.

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Oh Lovepart 1 by musicisforlifenotjustears. Billie Joe Armstrong woke up, with an instant pounding in his head. His eyes were blurry and could just make out a white room.

2. he has a special, long-standing connection to ‘blue’

He was laid down, in some sort of metal bed, and was wearing a pale, thin gown. His first instinct was to touch the side of his head, which was where the source of pain was coming from. But before he even had a chance, a voice called out from in front of him. It was not your fault, but the drivers, who was tested and seemed to have been over the drink-driving limit.

You got by with only a few cuts and bruises, but we found a shard of glass lodged into the side of your head. The damage required stitching, and should be healed up in a few days.

We can do it now if you want. It only involves some simple movements and stretches. But then a thought hit him.

He was not alone in the car. He looked confused for a few seconds, then returned to his emotionless face.

The tall one is fine, I think he was better than you actually, with only a small cut down his face. Another white room welcomed Billie. It was plain, with just a few chairs at one corner, and a bed and small table in the other.

Blood, sex, and dominated love slash

A man, with a small patch of blood on his head, was fully bandaged, and sleeping with some sort of un-peaceful expression. Billie sniffed. The door flung open.

Billie wiped off his tears onto his sleeve. He smiled. As in the Billie Joe, of Green Day? Would you mind telling me when you are done?

So I can see him for a bit longer. I also suspect that the other bandmate, Mike, would want to see him too. His fear and sadness had somehow been wiped away by the kind face of Annabelle. Mike should at least know what had happened.

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Annabelle stood at the door, a clipboard in hand. Billie smiled back, got up and walked in the room. She was about to leave when Billie called out. She walked back in the room, and gave him the clipboard.

Condition: Stable, but bad. Cut will leave a small scar on head, and right leg may be broken, cannot be sure until woken up. Overall, should recover fully, but needs time. As long at it it between 9am-6pm, and not 4pm since that is his check-up time.

Billie walked into his room, to find Annabelle scribbling something down on her board. She turned around, ad her face lit up.

Billie nodded. Fanfic 3 Oh Lovepart 1 by musicisforlifenotjustears Billie Joe Armstrong woke up, with an instant pounding in his head. He then realised where he was. This man was a doctor.

1. he’s probably one of the first blue collar punks

He was in hospital. However, what was on the bed is all Billie cared about.

Billie Joe turned around, his eyes red and puffy. Seeing that he had been crying, the nurse felt a spot of guilt.

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As soon as the text had been sent, the door opened again. She stuck her head around the door. He read it. Age: 39 Condition: Stable, but bad. There was a heavy silence in the room for a few seconds.