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Everyone knows about Superman's ability to blow ice breath. Anyone who's seen Superman IV remembers the scene where a single strand of Superman's hair holds up a half-ton weight. And more than comic nerds have heard about the legendary "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex" conundrum, which posits if Superman has sex with Lois Lane, his super-semen would shoot right through her uterus.

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That same-sex relationship is just one of the ways that Jonathan Kent, who goes by Jon, is proving to be a different Superman than his famous father. Since his new series, Superman: Son of Kal-El, began in July, Jon has combated wildfires caused by climate change, thwarted a high school shooting and protested the deportation of refugees in Metropolis. The coming out of Superman, perhaps the most archetypal American superhero, is a notable moment even in an age when many comics have embraced diversity and are exploring pressing social issues.

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How does Superman have Intercourse with Lois Lane without killing her? October 09, Superman, The fictional alien superhero character by DC comic falls in love with a reporter for the Metropolis newspaper, Lois Lane, a normal human character with no superpower.

Superman is bisexual: the coming out of a social justice superhero

If you have seen Batman Vs Superman movie or the new trailer of Justice League then you know that Superman and Lois have intercourse and he doesn't kill her, can you imagine how powerful he is, I mean normal men sometimes hurt their partners so what about superman, he could use his meat as a rock breaker machine for making living.

The first answer is, he is an alien, What if he is different down there?

Like a ken doll, Kryptonians reproduce by means of baby making machines and Superman's parents are a very rare case. They look human so my guess they have all the human body parts and if he doesn't have, I think Lois Lane would buy him that toy to use as a D. The second answer is he chokes himself with kryptonite, the alien mineral with the property of depriving Superman of his powers. The problem here is, he will expose his weakness so I don't think he does that, maybe with Batman but not with Lois or anyone else.

I know Lois knows his weakness but what about the times before she knows. The third answer is, he goes The same way he doesn't turn criminals into chunky salsa when he punches them: soft, slow and very carefully. Everyday is softcore for him unless he's with Diana.

But That's a huge risk, He could kill a person if he got really into it and what about the sp rm and if she got pregnant, the super child could rip her stomach. Finally, the answer that satisfied me is, that girl, Lois Lane likes to live dangerously so the third answer is the closest until the comic book writers tell us.

If you have another answer please tell us in the comment section below? General Humor LifeStyle. Anonymous October 10, at AM. Anonymous October 10, at PM.