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Fanfiction has current notoriety in the publishing world because of the almost outrageous success of the Fifty Shades series.

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She was trying to pay attention to what Lanie was telling her about their victim but she could see him fussing off to the side. Looks like a stray. Kate regarded him. We have a case to solve.

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This is one of the oldest, largest and most devoted collections of Zelda Fanfiction on, the 'net. Since I was in charge of TGL's fanfiction section, I can assure you that here at North Castle, I'm equally dedicated to collecting and archiving as many Zelda-related stories as possible. Many of the stories here are exclusive to the site and a quite a few date back before ; you would not find these elsewhere now.

There's over stories and poems archived here and it is constantly being added to on a monthly basis. They are all rated and classified for easy listing. You may also take time to comment on an author's story by clicking on the 'review' link next to it, or simply read what others have to say about it.

Most of the multiparted stories do have summaries on their mainwhich may help you decide if you want to read it or not. The archive is divided into nine different sections; Our Work: The infamous fanfiction series written by myself and my sister Kirsty.

General: These stories are your just your normal, run-of-the mill adventures. Humour: This section contains basically any funny or spoof-like tales.

Authors and websites

Romance: Ahh Poetry: Poetry, verses, prose and ryhmes based upon Zelda. Shorts: Check out the tales in this section if you just want a quick read. Special: These stories have been submitted as entries to NC writing competitions. If you're a little stuck on how to write, be sure to check out North Castle's own writing tutorialswritten by one of our favourite writers, Megan O'Shea.

Once you feel your story is ready, be sure to submit it to North Castle to enjoy a special pride of place within these archives, by following the instructions below. Please make sure the story is complete before it is sent thank you. Send all submissions to juliet northcastle. State which game it's based on, and the age rating like in film ratings.

If your story is multi-part, remember to send a short summary to go with it.

General fics

If possible, run it through a spell-checker and make sure the grammar is decent. I simply do not have the time to make these corrections myself and any that don't make the grade I will send back requesting you correct it.

If the story is short, you may paste it into the body. That's it! T his section contains the majority of stories written by myself and my sister Kirsty about the Legend of Zelda.

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They are loosely based on the original Zelda games and the cartoon and have influences from the other games. We wrote the series over several years and they are some of the most-loved and oldest Zelda fan-fictions ever written.

I often look back now and wish I could improve them but they're so long, it would simply take forever! We hope you still enjoy reading them as much as we enjoyed writing them.

I've had so many s over the years from people - me and Kirsty really appreciate all the support that we've had from you guys. We rarely write now because we work full-time and have partners but you can sometimes find the odd short story in the other sections on the site written by us. In order to help understand more out our series I've also written an Almanac - a guide to all the places and characters featured in the stories.

If you have any questions or would like permission to use any of our characters than you're more than welcome to drop either of us an and we'll do our best to answer. Singleton and Kirsty Singleton. Juliet A. Epilogue to the first two trilogies Book 7: Zelda: Requital.

Download All 13 Books word files - 2.