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Centaur piss recipe, I'd like found Centaur piss recipe that loves bbbw

Banana walnut waffles with cinnamon bourbon maple syrup. Because sometimes you need straight carbs and a stiff drink for breakfast.

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Rokay, Raggy! Snack on this Mystery Machine-colored creamy cocktail with coconut rum, creme de banana, melon liqueur, pineapple juice, and whipped cream. Get energized with this supercharged version of a Long Island Iced Tea. With four different liquors and an energy drink, this strong cocktail recipe is enough to keep you going all night long. Yaaaaaaaaas, Ashley!

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A massive list of Tavern drinks by Aurican11 at their blog.

Banana walnut waffles with cinnamon bourbon syrup (gluten free)

The cheapest rot gut ale in the land. This is the stuff that can be brewed with all types of ingredients sometimes including goblin. Taste is terrible but gets the job done.

Any adventurer who drinks this will not regain HP on a Long Rest. They will be too busy vomiting and feeling awful all night. Effect wears off after 1 day. A potent orcish ale where the vintage is measured by how many lumps in it, the more the better. Normally only given as a rare gift by people who have done the orcish people a great service. For non-orcs they must make a DC15 con save or pass-out for 1D6 hours, half-orcs make the save at DC7. A nice tasting potion that became a widely served drink purely for the fun of it.

Invented by Dondaan Clockwhistle, this drink is said to cause strange effects, most of the time anyways. DC 15 CON save. Roll on Wild Magic table upon fail, rerolling for effects that directly harm someone. DM can also decide what happens. Effect can not be affected by features granted to Wild Magic Sorcerers. The drink can also double as a splash weapon in Centaur piss recipe bar fight! A gnomish concoction made from glowing mushrooms.

Most non gnomes refuse to drink this sweet liquor, most gnomes laugh at this. A strong fungus ale, brewed by Eblo Harglet after he developed a taste for fungus ales in the Underdark.

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In the next 24 hours, a patch of mushrooms will grow from a random location on the player's body. This patch will continue to grow mushrooms for 1d4 days or can be cured by magical healing. A strong hearty Ale with a strong burning finish. No one knows why it is blood red in color. Possibly because of a reaction of the water they use in the brewing process, or because they barrels they use are made with Blood Root trees.

Which grow special in the region where The Roaring Eagle is. Specialty at "The Roaring Eagle" Shipped around the world.

DC 12 Con Save 1d6 fire damage upon fail. If succeeded you gain fire resistance for 16 hours. At least a mug must be drank to trigger either effect. This drink is taken from the waste barrel.

All the leftover, half drunk, or not made correctly alcohol is thrown into the barrel to be reused very cheap. Made by soaking the inner organs of various sea creatures soaking in a fermented brine, the concoction is the run through a sieve to remove the bones and viscera. Taken from a keg with floating lumps of coal, initial strong charcoal taste followed by delicious warm honey golden taste.

Banana walnut waffles with cinnamon bourbon syrup (gluten free)

Upon your next Long Rest, your character makes a bowel movement. You must roll d if you roll under the of drinks consumed your feces contains a small gold nugget worth d10 gold, if not is a painful coal filled movement. Clear shot, strong apple and clove taste drink came from a distiller that had itchy back but nobody to scratch it. DC 13 Con sv. I mean you DID have fun.

And the Tiefling twins were seriously alluring and sexy. Adapted from a well aged potion of cure wounds, this bitter drink feels and tastes like poison before entering stomach. A brief moment later, warm feelings emanate from the drinker's gut as some small wounds seal up. A tavern favorite for after-brawl drinks.

DC 11 Con Save, 1d4 poison damage upon fail. One round later approx. A brew hailing from one of the most revered Dwarven breweries, Milligun's is their ature brew. Even uncommon in Dwarven communities, it is rare to find in human establishments.

A complex, deep, hearty flavor lingering of coffee and burnt grain with a bold body and a hint of plum. The best blend of magic and rum in the world. Dark rum mixed with a cherry cordial in a silver strainer imbued with magic, it tastes like a perfect wine and rum mix. To add the blue topper, simply stir with a golden spoon and the magic reacts to the gold, giving a random flavor each time it's poured. DC 14 Con Save, 1d10 poison on a fail and become drunk for 1d4 hours.

On a success, half damage and must succeed on a DC 16 Wisdom save to ask for another which caused the consumer to have disadvantage on the next Con save. It's as it sounds like. The drink is comprised of a green minty liquid filled with gelatinous cubes that can either be chewed or swallowed whole. The drink itself is a little sour but with the sweetness of the cubes in contrast, it makes it a rather unique and flavoursome experience.

Tavern drinks (d)

This salty bitter brew is made from the fermented blood of an orc chief's rivals. Brewed by orcish shaman. A drink made from potatoes, milk and some other kind of ingredients that you don't really want to think about. Raw and lacking in finesse and taste, it does the job it's supposed to - getting you blazing drunk Roll 1d6 for every cup you drink. On a 5 or 6 your throat starts to become itchy. Sensation wears off after a time. On a save you become drunk for 1d4 hours. On a fail, you vomit hairballs like a cat. Cinnamon Schnapps with a special proprietary ingredient the bartender lights on fire before serving.

This ruby rich delight is packed with mouth-watering sumptuousness with hints of bramble, blackberry, boysenberry, Don Cherry and Frankenberry flourishes.

A treat to eat with beef testicles or lamb spleen escabeche. Also an ideal companion for manic-depression. Shows promise to last longer than your belief in an afterlife. Topped in a thick layer of savory yogurt, it is both a drink and meal in one. The drink itself contains the flavours of blueberries mixed in with a helping of spirits.

You feel youthful, almost as if the drink has taken you a few years back into your past. Served in a tall earthenware mug, this dark tea still has some ground Treant leaves floating around in it to steep.

It is advised to drink slowly as not to swallow the leaves, as they leave a bitter aftertaste. The tea itself is quite sweet, but can be further sweetened to taste by putting a few twigs of sweetwood into the mug. It leaves a nutty aftertaste and an uncanny feeling of connectedness with everything made of wood in your general vicinity.

While slowly sipping the hot tea, you sprout small twigs and leaves from your orifices. As you continue drinking the twigs spread and your skin takes on a barklike appearance. For an hour after finishing the drink, your skin is solid wood, acting like the Barkskin spell, and you have disadvantage on saving throws against fire.

If any other creature other than a fiend, a Tiefling, and a devil drinks this they take 1d10 Necrotic Damage.

They also must make a DC 10 Con save or be poisoned taking 1d4 poison damage every hour. If poisoned roll a 1d6 to determine how many hours the creature is affected by the poison. The creature cannot heal while poisoned by the drink. If the creature falls unconscious the poison stops until the creature is awake. The creature can still be stabilized. A drink made with Poison that normally use to kill Dragons, however the amount used is very minimum that it won't be fatal to drinkers. Anyone who drinks this needs to make a DC15 con saving throw.