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What is my age: 46
Where am I from: Indian
Color of my eyes: I’ve got brilliant gray eyes but I use colored contact lenses
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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Jul 29, by anonymous views 44 comments. Raising my sons and daughter with my husband in a CFNM house hold. The guys have to be naked at home. My daughter and myself are free to wear clothing but all males must be naked. We have a CFNM policy when it comes to hot tubing.

Growing up, my mother used to make me wear a jock strap at home. It never hid my erection from mother.

They would both tease and humiliate me if I got hard. No help with it? Mom would have me help my brother or she would. No help. I had to do it when they told me to. Mother ordered me more than my sister.

She wasn't as into it as mom was. I was the only boy with three older sisters and the rule in my house was that boys me had to be naked but not my sisters. My sisters would do things to make me hard and then make me jerk off in front of them. When I ejaculated they made me lick up my own cum. As we got older they'd jerk me off and feed me the cum. A few times they tasted it themselves.

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Yeah, we typically do CFNM hot tubbing, too. My wife and her friends are usually too shy to go naked, but the guys usually do. The girls will occasionally go topless, and yeah, those times it gets harder to keep under control. I've never been fully hard in front of her friends, but I've definitely gotten a semi a few times and quickly gotten back into the water for politeness sake.

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I've seen her friends' husbands and boyfriends have similar issues. My gf sometimes strokes me in front of them just to keep it up and has told her gf's privately that they can give me a hand job or blowjob if they want. She thinks that if their bfs and husbands weren't around there would be some takers.

When i was about 15 my 2 older sisters liked watching me take a shower and I'd jerk off for them. They both admitted to me years later that they would masturbate right afterwards. So fucked up but I love them and we are still really close not that close and we still laugh about it. What happens when your husband and sons 'salute" you? Outside the front door? In their bedroom? Middle of the kitchen!!?? How does that work?

Nudist home here. Just me and mom both females. No clothing for us in the house at any time. They have very many hard-on's? And do you keep them shaved hairless? I was raised by a very dominate mother and nudity was used to keep me in line and submissive. I was ony allowed to masturbate when supervised. Clothing optional for me and mom. My two brothers and "dad" he has been put on female hormones and castrated serve us as slaves. They never have had sex with me mom only had sex with dad. When my brother do get hard they either masturbate of have sex with each other for us to watch.

Been threating to castrated my oldest brother when he turns He is not opposed to the idea. He likes wear dresses when we go out. CFNM isn't a rule so much, just a practice.

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My wife was aware before we had kids that I didn't wear clothes around the house much and when we had our daughters nothing changed but as they got older I began to think I should start putting clothes on around them. My wife didn't think that was necessary and urged me to continue. So I did.

I wish our house was like that. Being naked in front of my mom and aunt would be so exciting for me.

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I would probably be fully erect all the time. I was raised by a single mother and was often naked at home when I was little.

When she married I gained two step sisters and my nudity was allowed to continue. Being the only one naked was just so normal and casual, not at first though as the girls took some time to accept it as normal and not weird. My step dad wore clothes. Although they say it doesn't matter, In most situations the nude man with the longest penis is the one that women are attracted to. Maybe because it is more fun to watch, or more fun to fondleor more fun to see fully erect.

Anyhow the ladies really don't admit the truthmuch like men liking large nude breasts on women. What is the reason for the boys being nude? Do you ladies have secret voyeur issues?

Nudity for young males especially when erect or simi erect can be very humiliating and cause them to submit to any ladies' domination. Is that the future wish. Ah, femdom in bloom. I love this, when I need to "punish" my husband or son, I tie them naked to the bed, whipped cream on their d! I too was always kept nude and observed by my family ladies until my college days. If I became erector even semi aroused I would try to cover it up, so my hands were attached to a neck collar so that I was completely exposed for them to punish and abuse for becoming excited.

When I was asked to explain my state of hardness, I never would.

When they wanted "it". When they did not, my erection would be punished, until it subsided.

I grew to look forward to the abuse as well as the forced ejaculations. Going away to college "saved" me. But I must admit that I miss the attention that my penis used to receive. My very dominant mother did not ever want me "abusing"my selfso if there was masturbation for meshe would do it.

She bound my hands behind me and as I stood at attention before her ,while she sat in a chair and worked my cock and balls to a tremendous explosion of cum. She would never touch the head of my penis, which she once shared caused the explosion. She would smile happily at the conclusion, slap it once and declare it finished.

I always loved how she controled me. I was "forced" to "salute" my 6 year old sister every morning, on my moms orders. In my mom's house It was viagra Pills for She delighted in the erect thing on display. With her lewd comments she could get me aroused erectand as I matured my big cock would leak from her teasing remarks. She discovered her hand could cause real leakingand she learned to make it squirtto her delight and enjoyment.

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She always threatened that she could invite her girlfriends in ,to put on a show for them if I ever refused to do as I was directed. It was a discipline that I loved. LOL, what games a wife, daughter, sister could play?????????????

Stupid women. Moms can see their older daughters look hungrily and longingly at my cock. I am a very dominant woman and have the same rules in the household. That is all males must go naked except for a collar.