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If you have any CFNM ideas or experiences, please share below on comments and maybe I can write about it. Thanks, enjoy! I also used to be a state-level swimmer during school and college, so I keep myself in a pretty good shape. However, all the physical exertion has started affecting my muscles, and I have been feeling pain in my back and my knees for a while now.

Finally, I decided to get it checked. My physician referred me, an orthopedic and muscle practice run by Dr. Vaid gets free from a patient. In the meanwhile, I noticed another Doctor coming out of her office.

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I whipped out my phone and checked out her name online, she was Dr. Smita Salve, a reputed muscle therapist, and surgeon. I was called into Dr. I never bothered to check her out online, since I trusted my physician. She was a year-old woman who looked rather stern. I sat down in front of her and she started inquiring about my pain, since when it started, my daily exertion, working habits etc.

I had taken a set of X-Ray reports my physician had suggested I get and handed it over to her. She sticks them on a white lighted board and observed the reports closely. She thought it could be something a little more superficial and closer to the skin surface. She figured it was best to take a referral. She picked up her phone and asked somebody to come to her room.

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I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was the hot Dr. Salve accompanied by another younger looking girl. She was introduced as their trainee, Dr. She put out her hand to shake mine and introduced herself by her first name, Jia. Salve looked at the X-Ray scans and was also amazed to find no obvious injuries since, for the kind of pain I was suggesting, it was a close call to external injury.

Salve looked at me and asked if she could see my back and where the pain mainly is. I slipped out of my white tee and stood in front of her, she asked me to turn my back towards her. Her hands start pressing into my back, sometimes my shoulders, and at other times pressing and moving her hands down from my mid to the lower back.

Search cfnm stories

She asked Jia to start the protocol and Jia quickly comes in front of me, checks me out from top to bottom, and asks me to put my arms flanked out. I did that, and Salve continued rubbing around my sides and back. She next asked me to put my arms straight forward parallel to the ground, and Salve continued feeling around my muscles.

Apparently, the point was to check for obvious superficial wounds and skin-surface muscle ruptures. I was asked to keep my hands above my head, so I followed. This time, Jia also came forward and dug her fingers into my shaved armpits. She was checking for lymph node swelling which she reported to Salve. I put out my arms and flexed my arms, my biceps popping out and veins Cfnm nurse stories my abs and chest clearly being seen. Salve started digging her hands, pressing and poking around my back cuts and shoulders. The protocol was over now and I turned towards Salve to ask her about her diagnosis.

She said it was unnatural that such pain was happening constantly without there being a muscle issue. She asked me if I experienced pain anywhere else, and Vaid informed her that my knees were also hurting. Can you draw the pants out? I nodded and sat down to take off my shoes and socks. Salve asked Jia to help.

Jia helped me get the belt out and then continued to unbutton my jeans. I was wearing jeans with no zip in the crotch but a series of small buttons, which she took around 1-minute opening. She drew my pants down completely, leaving me in my tight navy blue v-cut briefs. Salve picked up the phone and called for the therapy chair and after a minute an elderly nurse walks in with a small chair. The chair had two cuts on either side to fit the legs and place to adjust your head, indicating that it was a chiropractic chair where we are supposed to sit face in-back out.

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I adjusted myself in that chair and placed my feet on two handles. Vaid informed me that now we were going to spread the legs in opposite directions to get the spinal cord straight Cfnm nurse stories examination, and she started turning a lever. It was extremely painful as my legs were being sp and more apart till it came to a angle and my back was automatically flexed and straightened. Salve went around softly massaging my back and shoulders. She finally reached my lower back and was massaging my tailbone with her two thumbs, when she tugged on the briefs and pulled them down a little exposing my butt-crack.

She continued pressing on my lower back and a little bit of exposed ass but finally pressed pretty hard and painfully around the middle of my back. I felt a little weird but thought it was completely medical. The exam was over so I got up from the chair and stood in front of the four ladies in my briefs.

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I started bulging a little but decided not to pay much heed to it. I was asked to lie down facing up on a small examination bed on one side of the room. Vaid and Salve were standing around me when Jia entered with a small white machine. She took out a bottle and blurted some blue slimy liquid on my abdomen and rubbed it around. She took two good minutes to rub it across my abs and lower abdomen.

My briefs were pulled down just slightly enough to expose a little crotch luckily my pubes were well trimmed. She rotated the probe around my abs while observing the screen for the images. She wiped some of the gooey blue liquid off my abs with a cloth and started to feel around my belly button and upper abs. I was lying on the small bed when Salve came closer and started poking around my knees with two fingers.

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Then she cupped my thighs and dug her thumbs into my inner thighs. I moaned in pain. I was shocked and clearly perplexed by this question. I got up and stood in front of the ladies, contemplated over a span of few seconds, and thought that even though it is awkward to be completely naked in front of them, it is reasonably necessary in this moment.

I was standing fully naked with a decent boner and my dick popping out straight pointing at the ladies. I was asked to lie down on the small bed again with my dick sprung vertically up like a pole. Salve held the erect cock from its top and tried to place it down towards the navel so that my balls are revealed for examination.

She tried twice but my cock sprung up to the original.

She held the scrotum in her hands and then individually tried to separate the balls and feel around them. At one point she pressed hard the two balls at once and I moaned. The pain was making my erect cock twitch, so Jia just grasped it at once and held it in her palms. I was stunned at this question, it was too personal. I sat up in the meanwhile and Salve made a call and made some disappointing noises.

I was directed to lie down again and they had reclined the bed up so I was almost sitting up on the bed. I was extremely uncomfortable and just froze with my dick springing up in anticipation of some shagging. I placed my right hand on my dick and slowly moved the foreskin up and down.

Slowly my dick grew bigger and was throbbing. Somehow, I had also zoned out the three women in the room and started enjoying just masturbating, but then suddenly Dr. Soon she took my hand off and placed it on my head, and started softly playing with my dick, balls, and groin and rubbing my dick.

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My cock was going crazy throbbing. When I was about to come, she brought a plastic cup closer to my dick and pointed the pink head into the cup. Soon I came like a river — filling the cup full and even then Salve had to use a bunch of tissues to control the discharge from flowing haywire.

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