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Cheater (short story), I liked dating female who like Cheater (short story)

Cheaters never prosper, but they can certainly break your heart.

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From a very young age, Han Tzu's father would play with him every day. It was his wish that Han Tzu would become a great general and bring glory back to China. When he got a little older, tutors began to come to his house to play games with him. After a while, Han Tzu discovered that the games were actually to prepare him for a test. One day, his tutor began teaching Han Tzu games from a list that his father had provided. When the testers from the International Fleet showed up to give Han Tzu the test, he figured out that his father was cheating.

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Shut up, just stop it, shut up so we can go home. She wanted him to read a name, and by now it did not matter whose name it was. She just wanted it to finish. After a while she could even meet Geoff without feeling a quiver of pain. Geoff helped in that. Lynne opened her eyes and gripped her seat.

Anyway he stands on his desk with your story in his right hand and mine in his left, reaches up, tippy—toe, and drops them both. The one that hits the floor first is the winner. It must be her. Lynne laughed. Next time use heavier paper.

Not now. She glanced sideways and Geoff was grinning at her. Herstory was abandoned in a drawer as she concentrated on making the school basketball team. Until she read a book of short stories by the author William Bradburie. And one of Bradburie's stories was of an elephant which escaped in a park, causing hopeless confusion.

Perhaps a tie. Lynne felt slightly in. She could remember the hours, the weeks, she had put in over that miserable story. The plotting, the characterisation — how do you create a character from a one—eyed, dumb red kelpie, anyway? The writing, the rewriting, the tearing up of the tale, and starting it over again.

Oh, and the pain in pulling it all together. It had to be a tie. Comedy, we know, is harder to write than drama Congratulations Geoff, on winning the Holmes — Watkins Medal! And again. The tips of her ears prickled with anger. He just copied it down. He would deserve it! But who would tell Velos? Lynne blinked hard, and smiled, and shrugged to her friends and clapped like everyone else. She pictured Velos standing before her. All right, how? Ah well, second is not so bad, is it?

She made her way to Geoff as he came down from the dais with the medal and congratulated him. She went home and everything tasted of cardboard that night. Please sir, Geoff beat me in the short story competition and I hate to lose. So I am telling you how he cheated so you can give the medal to me.

No, that would be terrible. You cannot do that. What is wrong with money? Marge — she could do it. Think of the excitement you're missing. You could get on television like Roald Dahl and Paul Jennings?

But she would not really like you after that. You would be worse than he is. Geoff looked at her and frowned. But he does not deserve to win! There is nothing you can do about it. The next day the form master, Matheson, was asking the class what careers they had in mind. Marge said she would like to be a Grand Prix driver but she did not suppose Mum would allow that so she would settle for being a surgeon. When the laughter stopped Matheson looked at Geoff.

The bantering conversation went on but he seemed to be drifting away. Later Lynne saw that all the Bradburie books had been taken from the school library. It won't do him any good. Sooner or later, sooner or later Geoff looked up blankly. TV scriptwriting, screenwriting, playwriting, being an author?

None of that. I thought with your recent triumph you would have your eye on a different direction. She sat down heavily. When she become aware of who was talking she tried fo shuffle away; but there were too many kids looking of her and she could not appear to be jealous of Geoff. Marge was abusing Geoff for being so devoted to money. Shut up little girl or you will be in detention until you are a grey-haired old lady.

But Velos was sitting heavily behind his desk, fiddling with a pencil, and he looked embarrassed. The medal was resting on an open Bradburie book near his elbow. Geoff was standing, hunched, off to one side, and he was avoiding her eyes. Velos has caught him!

There was no need to get all tied up in knots. He seemed to be picking the words as they lay on his tongue.

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I am telling you this so you can understand. Geoff has told me that three years ago he read a book by the American humourist William Bradburie and he had forgotten about it until today. It is not much like Geoff's story, buf Geoff feels he took the idea from the book without realising if. He wants me to disqualify him for cheating. Everything was changing. Geoff hasn't cheated — his story is almost entirely his own — he has only shown that he has a bad memory.

So we won't disqualify him, but I think we must reverse the positions of you two. Your story, Lynne, being entirely original, must be considered a little better than Geoff's. I apologise to you both. Lynne leaned against a locker and tried Cheater (short story) swallow the bitter taste from her mouth.

She began to wonder where it was that she had read a story about a sheepdog in a flood. Home Cheat. Cheat Zagreb Inc. This is a 70 7 76KB. Cheat Sheet 8 KB .

Cheat sheet.