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Cheerleader wedgie story, Erotik Cheerleader wedgie story hunting for guy to relationship

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See I have two older brothers there not much older and they are still in their torment me till I suffer. So yesterday my wedgie master dared me to give myself a atomic wesgie with a thong. Im 14 years old and very short for my age. While my brother Jake is. Check out the Underwear Chronicles: My first wedgie story and write some great stories of your own. Welcome to all.

What is my age: 36
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I been given a wedgie

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Only logged in members can reply and interact with the post. Similar Worlds today ยป. I Been Given A Wedgie. This happened to me at the beggining of this year, my friend Paul a fellow nerd that also gets bullied a lot and I we going to math class, we entered the busy hall, and saw Jessica the most hot and popular girl at school,she is the head cheerleader and is the girlfriend of Brad Jones, the worst bully a nerd could have I watched in shock as Jessica proceeded to reach into Paul's pants and grab his tighty whities.

Paul yelped as his underwear went skyward and his feet bounced about an inch off the floor. The cheerleaders giggled as Jessica proceeded to bounce Paul around with his tighty whities. She finally got bored and let his waistband go with a very loud snap.

The dirty boy

Paul stayed in "The Position" while Jessica turned to me. Assume the position. I stood stock still, unsure of what to do.

I looked at Jessica, who was glaring at me with eyes filled with fire. There must be a way out of this. My knees started shaking with fear as I contemplated my options.

I tried to make eye contact with her, but I was so afraid that I couldn't manage to actually look her in the eyes. I-I'll do your homework or something. But please don't wedgie me I just stood there with my mouth open trying to think of what to say.

I looked at Paul, who was still in "The Position", and he looked terrified of what was to come. Jessica turned back to Paul, who flinched as she looked at him. The two cheerleaders grabbed me and Paul and dragged us down the hallway and out of the math building.

As we were being dragged away I heard the bell ring for class to start. I was going to miss my first period The girls took us to the football field, which was empty, where we were to receive our punishment. Once we got there, Jessica took a hold of me and the other two cheerleaders took ahold of Paul.

The other two cheerleaders grabbed the waistband of Paul's tighty whities and lifted him up and attached him to a coat hook on the wall.

Ghost wedgie girls stories

Paul was now hanging by his tighty whities with his feet about four inches off the floor. I'm going to tell you to assume the position. And if you don't, your Nerd friend in the hanging wedgie is going to get a nice kick in the balls. Jessica turned back to me. I had to stand my ground.

Jessica looked me dead in the eyes and said, "Assume the position Jessica snapped her fingers at the other cheerleaders, and one of them kicked Paul right in the balls as hard as she could. Paul screamed in pain and grabbed his crotch. I winced as I saw what terrible pain Paul must be in. Jessica turned to me once more, "I'll say it again.

Assume the position Nerd. I couldn't stop looking at Paul,I watched him as he hung there by his tighty whities, his feet dangling off the ground and kicking back and forth as he tried to get free I turned back to Jessica. Paul screamed again as the other cheerleader kicked him in the nuts.

He started crying as he grabbed his crotch in pain and swayed back and forth in his tighty whities. The two cheerleaders giggled and one of them said, "It's ok. It's not like any girl would ever have sex with a loser like him anyways.

Crucial skills

He won't need his penis. Now, assume the position.

I knew I couldn't let them keep doing this to Paul. It wasn't right for him to get hurt because of me. I had to do the right thing I looked Jessica in the eyes, I turned towards the wall, placed my palms against the wall, and presented my butt to Jessica. Her beautiful, manicured hands reached for my now exposed waistband that was just barely poking up above my jeans.

She grabbed the waistband of my tighty whities, and gave me a HUGE wedgie. I yelped as the pain from the wedgie hit me. I felt my underwear rise higher and higher and suddenly, my whole vision went white as my tighty whities were placed over my entire head and over my eyes.

Cheerleading squad from hell busted for forcing team into painful splits

I couldn't see anything, but I could hear the loud laughter from the cheerleaders as they left the room. They're gone," said Paul, I carefully removed my waistband from around my head, and it snapped back down to my waist with a loud snap. My tighty whities were so stretched out they were bunched up on the outside of my jeans.

I walked over to his feet and started pushing him upwards. Together, over the course of several long, agonizing minutes, we managed to undo his tighty whities from the chainlink fence and get him down. While we were struggling to get him back in the ground, a group of girls stood nearby and laughed at our pathetic display. Of course the rest of the year we bacame the target of even more bullying from guys and girls,tho girls were much less common for letting "cheerleaders dude they are preatty strong for girls!

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