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Crossdresser pierced ears, Crossdresser pierced ears girl seek guy to family

Ear piercing is very common for both genders these days. The amount of comment and the reactions you get usually depend on the circles you move in. On average, though, it seems that any comments about pierced ears usually last about a day and people move on.

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Searching for Ear Piercing Crossdressing? Want to know more about Ear Piercing Crossdressing? You are in the right place.

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Although men can wear earrings today, most do not.

What they do wear is simple, usually studs or small hoops. Women have so many more beautiful choices. As a crossdresser, if you are new to the joys of earrings, please follow me through your introduction to the many choices you can consider! Whatever your style, you will be able to find crossdresser earrings that are alluring to you.

I understand it if you are reluctant to have your ears pierced! Just so you know, I was the same way a few years ago. Fortunately, you have alternatives with clip earrings.

Clips vs. pierced crossdresser earrings

These typically use a spring-loaded clip to press the back of the earring snuggly against your earlobe. Alternatively, some use a screw to tighten the earring. Having said that, you must understand that with clip earrings, your choices are much limited. You just need patience in your search.

Have you found ear piercing crossdressing information?

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Thank you for your support of The Crossdresser Report! There are costume jewelry lines that offer clip earrings. I am sure there are others, but that gives you a couple of ideas where to start.

However, there are several disadvantages:. I think clip earrings are a great way to become accustomed to wearing earrings at first. When I wore them, I was a frequent customer on eBay. Etsy also has a good variety of handmade and vintage clip earrings. When it comes to deciding whether to get your ears pierced, it boils down to whether you have the guts to do it.

I have had my ears pierced for over two years, and I have yet to have a negative remark. The fact is that unlike yesteryear, many men pierce their ears today. When I finally became brave enough to have my ears pierced, it opened many new possibilities for earring styles. There is almost no limit. If you are reluctant, though, I understand!

It is a big deal, and it exposes your crossdressing desires just a bit to the world.

You can certainly find choices for crossdresser earrings without piercing your ears. Stud earrings are where you get started when you get your ears pierced. The typical ear-piercing procedure is to push a stud earring through the earlobe. The defining feature of a stud earring is that the fastener is a straight piece of wire that goes straight through the earlobe. Because the wire is straight, it has the least amount of irritation. Stud earrings allow you to have only a small decoration Crossdresser pierced ears your earlobe.

An example is something as simple as a dot or a single gemstone. Below are a few pictures that are links to eBay, where you can buy the earring if it fancies you. They will either fasten by some other means, such as a magnet behind the earlobe, or they have a wire that runs under the earlobe to the back of the ear. As far as the wire running under the earlobe goes, it is a clear of a clip earring vs.

Shopping for clip earrings

This is why it is very difficult to find clip earrings with very small decorations. The decoration for most clip earrings is large enough to cover the entire earlobe, hiding the wire. Although many crossdressers, including myself, like stud earrings, dangling earrings are where most crossdressers get really Crossdresser pierced ears It has become socially acceptable for men to wear small earrings, which means that the bigger earrings definitely get into the feminine styles.

Hoop earrings are one of the easiest and less expensive choices for trying to get that feminine look. Hoops come in a variety of metals, sizes, and even shapes. Some hoops even have detailed engravings on them. The best thing about hoops, in my opinion, is that except for the huge ones, nobody looking at you is going to think they are out-of-place on you.

They are a safe option for feeling girly without drawing attention to you.


It is possible to find hoops that are clip earrings. They usually involve some sort of spring. I have tried a couple of clip hoops and found them very unsatisfactory. In my opinion, if you want the look of hoops, you are going to need pierced ears. This is one case where the pierced versions make vastly superior crossdresser earrings.

Here are a few choices for hoop earrings to consider, or click to see a full listing of hoop earrings from eBay. Lever Back fasteners are very commonly used for hoop earrings. The wire is straight, just like a stud, so it is easy to put through your piercing. Once through, all one needs to do is snap the lever into place.

The lever has a small spring, so it is nearly foolproof to secure. Taking it off is equally easy. Just reach behind the ear, pull the lever back, and slide the wire out. This type of fastener is highly recommended for some just starting with hoop earrings. Stud fasteners work exactly the same on hoop earrings as they do for the smaller stud earrings.

They are a little more difficult to use in that one needs to attach the fastener by feeling, not by seeing. Sometimes the fastener goes crooked, so you have to bring it back to where you can see it so that you can get it aligned correctly again. With practice, it becomes a lot easier.

There is one other problem with the stud fastener. Sometimes the little attachment starts to get loose. When that happens, it can just fall off.

It is a straight wire on a hinge. After pushing the wire through your earlobe, you swing it down and snap it into a small fork. What I like about it is that I feel it is more secure than the stud fasteners. In addition, I think it is daintier looking that the lever backs. The lever on those is quite visible from behind, where the French lock is barely noticeable. I think these are ideal crossdresser earrings. Although there are others, the last type of Crossdresser pierced ears I want to discuss is the spring closure.

I am sure that with a lot of practice, one could really come to love these. I am not patient enough. The spring closure is a tube into which you feed a wire. I find these really tricky and have had success only once. There are three things you have to do at the same time.

Thinking of getting my ears pierced.

First, you have to keep the wire in your earlobe. Second, you have to stretch the hoop so that the wire can go into it. Third, you have to feed the wire into the little hole at the end of the hoop. For me, getting the wire lined up with the hole while also stretching the hoop is next to impossible. Having said that, the one time I was able to do it, I was very pleased with the look. It is nice and clean and feels great. There are so many easier styles of crossdresser earrings from which to choose!