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The following story is an obvious work of fiction. I do not in any way know or have met Daisy Ridley nor have I had any real life encounters with her I would like to say, though, that I've drawn inspiration from a fellow Chyoa writer, TheOptimisticDuck.

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Even though I had little to no chance of getting into the London Premiere of Star Wars Force Awakens, I decided to head out to the screening and try my luck anyway. After all the event was being staged just streets away from my office, and I figured I had nothing to lose. So after work, I made my way down to the red carpet and stood with the assembled crowd.

To my surprise I watched as one of the stars of the movie emerged from a side door, and appeared to be in some kind of distress. Judging from the way she was clutching her stomach I suspect she was sick or having some kind of panic attack.

At first I thought she was going to throw up against the wall but she somehow managed to keep it together, if only barely. Daisy Ridley looked around to make sure that we were alone before asking me if she could bum a cigarette. I could tell she was super anxious and just wanted a few minutes to catch her breath. The actress flashed me a mocking look before giggling at my faux-pas. Daisy took my cell and presumably called her family which appeared to have a calming effect as they talked some sense into her.

Judging from what I could hear it sounded like she was totally overwhelmed by the nights events, and the sudden pressure and overnight rise to GLOBAL stardom.

I listened to her sob for a minute before she finally wiped her eyes and hung up the phone. We then spent the next few minutes just chatting casually as we finished our cigarettes. You should give yourself some credit Daisy. Sadly the moment I had been dreading finally came and we finished our cigarettes and started to say our goodbyes. I could get into a lot of trouble. There was another long pause as we simply stood there checking each other out. The new star of the billion dollar Star Wars franchise.

Absolutely mad.

The entire encounter only boosted my ego, so much so that I found myself saying things I normally never would have had the guts to say. For me, the best things are often unplanned.

This very moment. The way we met. Ridley paused for a moment to consider my proposal. I could tell that despite only knowing me a few minutes, she was the type of girl that would still feel tremendously guilty about disappointing me.

Not good enough. The expression on her face was absolutely priceless. There was a long pause as she decided my fate. This finally seemed to persuade her and she turned to leave before stopping to look over her shoulder. A moment later Daisy knocked on the side door only to have a large security guy open the exit and let us in. Inside I was disappointed to see that the film had already begun with everyone already seated in the amphitheater downstairs. But instead of heading in that direction, Daisy turned towards the stairs.

A sudden jolt of adrenaline surged up my spine as I realized that not only had I managed to get into the world premiere of Force Awakens, but was about to be given the VIP treatment from the star herself. As we made our way to the second floor I found myself consumed with lust, and knew that I now had to think of a way to thank her for her generosity.

I mean it goes without saying that there was a mutual attraction between us, the only question now would be would I have the guts to make a move. By the time we arrived to the top floor my legs were almost wobbly with adrenaline. In my mind I was either going to score spectacularly, or crash and burn, and most likely get hauled out of the event by security.

As we walked along the dimly lit hallway, it was that final smile she flashed me that told me to go for it. I waited till we stepped into a small foyer just beyond the balcony doors before I suddenly grabbed her by the arm and spun her around, taking her breath away.

Daisy gasped with surprise, but before she could respond appropriately, I kissed her hard on the lips! The starlet hesitated initially, allowing me to have my way with her lips. But when I pushed forward and gently pinned her up against the carpeted wall, she finally caved and kissed me back.

With that said, Daisy took my hand and led us to our seats. The theater was completely dark as we sat in the private box, and I was delighted to find that the intimate setting allowed us to sit quite close to one another. This allowed us to share another kiss before we were interrupted by two theater staff, who poured us a glass of wine before giving us some privacy.

Amusingly enough, Daisy and I were so wrapped up in each other that we barely even looked at the screen. I was actually surprised to see just how sweet and receptive she seemed to my touch. The girl just seemed to yearn for affection.

A jedi's ass (a daisy ridley story)

At this point the movie was the last thing on my mind, as we now snogged with each other in the balcony. It really did start to feel like we were on an extraordinary blind date. I now kept half an eye on the movie while at the same time watched her fingers trace lines on my hand. In fact we stopped to kiss each other at least a dozen more times, until I finally found the nerve to reach down and place my hand on her dress. I continued to run my hand up and down her covered legs, and could feel her limbs trembling underneath the fabric. To her credit, the star then reached down to reveal a long slit in the side of her skirt, granting me full access to her bare legs, and invited me to touch her.

This was all the permission I needed, as I slowly traced my fingers up and down her ultra-smooth stems. Daisy responded by shoving her tongue down my throat, before pulling back and biting Daisy ridley sex stories lip aggressively. I took this as further confirmation, and now walked my digits further along her legs until I arrived to her panties. The actress trembled but showed no s of struggle, as I followed the edge of the lace garment with my fingertips, and rubbed the surface of her knickers. Her hand moved to my leg which she squeezed, as I wondered if she could tell how aroused I was.

I started to work my fingers under the edge of her panties, having completely forgotten about the movie now. For a moment I wondered if I had gone too far, until I realized that we apparently had company in the form of another waitress, who stopped to drop off a bowl of strawberries before leaving our booth. Daisy blushed as it was made abundantly clear that the two of us were messing around in our seats. I attempted to distract her by kissing her on the lips again and spread her legs with my hands. The smoldering look in her eyes literally floored me.

She just seemed so wide-eyed and innocent, like a deer in headlights.

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The actress simply stared back at me with pleading eyes as evil thoughts now filled my head. Even before I realize I was doing it, I took my hand out from between her legs and suddenly slipped two fingers into her mouth. Daisy almost seemed to turn from a sweet, innocent lady to a seductive sex kitten in a matter of moments. I felt her swirl her tongue around my digits and cover them in a thick coat of spit, before I withdrew my hand and quickly Daisy ridley sex stories them back down between her thighs.

We both stared at the screen, watching her perform opposite Han Solo as I dipped my fingers into the side of her panties and slowly swept them along the length of her slimy cunt. I teased her slit for some time before plunging a single finger into her. I then switched back and forth, outside, then inside, watching her squirm beside me as she tried to act straight while watched the film.

Her eyes closed and her breathing became erratic as I added another digit to the first and now fucked her with two fingers. The movie got to what must have been a climactic point, cause there appeared to be a lot of noise to cover her moans. Daisy grabbed my wrist and held me tight as I went ahead to fuck her with two finger, my hand slapping against her mound. She eventually placed her head on my shoulder to stifle her moans. The feel of her breath on my neck only spurred me on, as I was now determined to make her cum with my hand.

The actress finally built to a shivering crescendo, her entire body shaking violently as she came with fellow patrons totally oblivious to what we were doing.

It was actually quite surreal to see her face up on the big screen, while covertly finger-banging her in the audience. At this point Daisy was so exhausted by the excess fingering that she attempted to shut her legs, but I refused to let her, still intent on getting her off at least one more time. Amusingly enough, the moment I leaned back to help myself to a glass of Champagne, Daisy appeared to have a change of heart and suddenly leaned over to kiss me hard on the lips again.

I actually laughed when I felt her reach down for my belt. Her timing was impeccable, since I was popping some major wood from the moment we had sat down. The actress stared into my eyes as she now jacked me off. Judging from her tone I could tell that Daisy enjoyed being the dominate one in the relationship.

Her actions just seemed so skilled and practiced, like she had done it a hundred times before. The starlet settled into my side as we more or less watched the final few Daisy ridley sex stories of the film, her hand working my sword like an expert. I managed to work my arm around to cup her sweet ass, as she picked up the pace and jacked me harder.

A jedi's ass (a daisy ridley story)

Unfortunately for us, the credits suddenly began to scroll across the screen, as a cheer went up from the audience below. The assembled crowd had apparently enjoyed their experience, as was I. You have to come. Panic suddenly seemed to set in, and in a last ditch effort to get me off, Daisy looked around and suddenly muttered something under her breath. I barely had time to answer before the actress suddenly dropped her head into my lap and took me into her mouth.