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It has come to my attention that many players out there have been struggling with unlocking the Starcraft 2 campaign mode achievements without cheating as well as beating all the missions on brutal mode.

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Massive Aggressive. Destroy 30 zerg units during the mission. This achievement requires some preparations as both the zerg base and all of their attack groups are large and very dangerous.

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You start with a small base and army but with large supply of resources that allow you to develop quickly. After thirty seconds Kerrigan [1] base will also appear on the map. It is much larger and heavily guarded, so you better not come close to it. First, focus on improving the base and army.

[campaign] tips for beating dark whispers on brutal?

You have five units, but you need at least ten, preferably five zealots and five stalkers. Zerg will attack in regular time intervals and they will move through the path visible on the minimap. Reactor [2] is their target and they will destroy everything on their way.

Don't try to stop them as their forces are much larger than yours. During their march you can either remain in the base or continue completing the main objective. The only thing that is important is to not fight them. Attacking the zerg base at this point is pointless, especially since it will not get you closer to completing the mission.

Dark whispers.

The only time when an attack on the zerg army is recommended is when you want to gain some time for completing the mission. By attacking zergs you will make it easier for terrans to defend themselves.

The longer terrans are defending themselves, the more time you will have to complete the mission. In that situation you should attack only the back units. Assaulting the whole zerg army, especially frontally, will expose you to high losses and in long term will prove to be unprofitable. When creating the army, wait for Kerrigan to start preparing for the second attack. Thanks to that, you will repel terran's attack from the north. The attack will be weak, but if ly you have sent all your armies outside the base, you won't be able to defend yourself.

Once you get rid of terrans, build two photon cannons in that place. Position them in such a way that they will support each other.

Attacks will repeat from time to time and become stronger, it is wise to add new turrets later. Gather the army and go north-west. You will face weak fortifications and small terran groups. With a large army you will get through them easily. On the way to the first group of imprisoned protoss you will find resource containers [3] guarded by a small group of terran infantry. The first group of the imprisoned protoss [4] is guarded by few terran units. Get rid of them and attack the building.

After a short conversation the freed zealots will your army.

Key features:

Near the first imprisoned group [4] you will find the first pylon containment unit [5] with which the enemy will gather small reinforcements. Kill all enemy units and destroy the building. A group of units will appear at the claimed pylon and will you immediately. You can use the building to summon other reinforcements with the warp gates. Gather also the nearby containers with resources.

Keep improving Dark whispers brutal base during all that time and train additional units. You can choose more advanced ones, such as dark templars or colossusesbut you can also focus on cheaper ones like zealots and stalkers. The mission is constructed in such way that you can complete it with no expensive or advanced units - the choice is only up to you.

Spend some resourced on weapons and armor upgrades, it will make completing the mission much easier. Keep attention to where the zerg forces are. If between you and point [6] there are terran buildings, wait for the zerg to destroy them.

While waiting, you can focus on improving the base and the army. If there are no more terrans, then get to point [6]. There you will find the bridge control. After destroying it, you will unlock a shortcut which will allow you to greatly limit the risk of meeting with zerg. Gather the army and move east. The second group of the imprisoned protoss [7] is guarded by terran base and some units. Focus on the defenders, then destroy the building and free the protoss. You will additionally gain a place to set second base if the resources in the first one are drained.

Go north. Gather another resource containers [8][9] that are protected by small terran groups. They will be stronger than the ones, mostly due to the new, stronger units, but still too weak to win against a large protoss army. A while further [10] you will find enemy fortifications. Go north from there and you will reach the second pylon containment unit [11] and a large group of opponents. You will barely get there and the terrans will call for reinforcements. Kill everyone and destroy the building to obtain backup. Check where the zerg are. If they have cleaned the passage north, gather the reinforcements from the base and move ahead.

If not, then wait until they do it. The last group of the imprisoned protoss [12] are guarded Dark whispers brutal bunkers and strong terran units supported by hybridsso be prepared for a rather hard battle. Focus your actions on hybrids and after destroying them take care of the remaining enemies. Once you're done, free the protoss. The mission will end. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides.

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Starcraft 2: dark whispers on brutal - mission 1! (whispers of oblivion)

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