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Toggle Novel Online. My eyes are squeezed tightly shut against the world, but something feels horribly wrong. Something"s not right.

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Sequel to Through the trees of loneliness. Word Count: Status: Complete. Oliver Queen did not believe in soulmates… until he is shown otherwise. Word Count: 9, Status: Complete.

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In Season 5, which concluded earlier this month, the Waverider, their time ship, is co-captained by Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe, two cutie-pies who happen to be a couple. The series is probably equally known for its quotidian queerness as it is for its nods to a wide swath of genre content, characters, and storylines.

The crew has hopped dimensions, fought demons, gone to hell, visited the future, saved the universe with a queer kisstangoed with zombies, formed a giant blue teddy bear with the Totems of Zambezi, and faced down the Fates themselves. The series is a cornucopia of queer genre goodness, so it should come as no surprise that they would eventually tackle one of the pinnacles of genre itself: Star Trek.

In the penultimate episode of Season 5, our intrepid heroes are stuck inside parodies of classic TV like Friends and Downton Abbey as a way for Charlie to protect them from her sisters, the other Fates.

Sara and Ava play the roles of Kirk and Spock, respectively, and the series goes so far as to have them kiss on the bridge. Second, having queer characters assume the roles of characters who have long been queered by fandom affirms how viewers have read the original characters for decades. And perhaps the coolest part of all is that in so doing, Legends pretty clearly nods to one of the roots of queer fanfic: slash.

Queer women and feminists have long written slash about pairings of two men who are generally not paired together in canon. Historical records of fanfiction and queer culture in general, to be fair are spotty at best. While a lot of fandom at the time wrote off these stories as being fanciful, in the '80s and '90s feminist scholars began studying slash and lending it credence — particularly in its impact on popular culture.

Today, we see slash and fanfic through a very different lens than the one used 60 years ago, when these stories were first being written and circulated.

Of course, having the internet and major sites like Archive of Our Own AO3a verifiable hub for fanfiction writers and readers alike, doesn't hurt either. In contrast, Legends puts the queerness right in your face, centering queer heroes as protagonists, having them kiss, love, and grow together onscreen.

When Sara kisses Ava on the bridge of the Waverider, their queerness is front and center. Not only is the parody a sort of onscreen slashfic about Kirk and Spock, but it also affirms the relationship between Sara and Ava as queer co-captains.

Credit: The CW. DC's Legends of Tomorrow. The Flash is back, and he's brought a ton of Arrowverse heroes with him in first S8 trailer.