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Slave to My Sister by Tiny Tim Having discovered the Diana the Valkyrie website, my sister has instructed me to tell your readers how she gained total control over my body and my life. She delights at reading your stories, especially the many in which little sisters become stronger than their big brothers. In my case, however, I would feel odd calling Rebecca my little sister.

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Go to Here's an IndustrialFlesh classic from Armfan's archives. I can post a few more of them if there's interest. Thanks, Paul. She was a good. We got along. Besides, I'd learned all that stuff already. She was in 8th grade and I was in 12th. Sometimes we teased each other, but it was all pretty friendly. Mom and Dad were away for the week and we were taking care of each other. It was kind of fun. But as I patted her arm, I noticed that it felt kind of solid. She looked up at me. Where, at school? Is that okay?

It's fine.

You and Cory, huh? Um, why-why are you lifting weights? I guess, that's the way to get 'em.

I mean, if you don't want me using your weights It's great. She spoke excitedly now. Wanna see my muscles? I was shocked as I watched them harden into two little bulges. What muscles she had. They were only slightly smaller than mine and very round. I'd never seen a young girl with muscles like this. And I couldn't believe that my little sister had them. Those are strong looking muscles, Claudia.

You wanna feel it? It's hard. I gotta book.

I'm meeting Tom and some other guys. I have to go downstairs and lift weights anyway. But don't work out too much, Claudia. I'd hate to think what you would do if you ever got stronger than me," I laughed.

She looked at me and giggled, "Who knows, Mike, maybe I am already. Claudia was such a kidder.

Still, her muscles really were quite impressive. For an instant I imagined her suggestion being real. My little sister being stronger - now there was something I could never live down. The next day, Claudia and I cooked dinner together.

We were talking about stuff, about school, in particular and I kept looking at her. I kept looking at her body. She was wearing a T-shirt and loose sweatpants. She looked pretty normal to me, despite the fact that I knew she had those biceps hidden in her sleeves.

I'd stopped listening when Claudia said, "You know, we were arm-wrestling in school today. Cory and I beat all the boys.

It was the worst thing in the world. They didn't. They were embarrassed that we were so strong. Why don't we arm-wrestle and whoever loses has to do the dishes.

Drusilla (dc comics)

You're only I'm 18 and a guy and I'm a lot bigger than you. That doesn't seem like a very fair bet. I'll beat you easily. I can handle all the weight in your weight set and I feel pretty strong, strong enough to give you a good challenge, maybe even beat you. That's not really it. I just want to see if I'm strong enough to take you. She looked really cute. I was always proud of the fact that she was such a cute girl.

We placed our elbows on the the table and grabbed hands. Are you ready to lose?

I held my hand steady, straight up because I didn't want to make her feel bad by beating her right away. Then I began to slowly increase the pressure. To my surprise, my added force wasn't moving her hand back at all.

We were still holding firm and in the start position. Then I started to pour on a bit more force and her arm began to give a little, but not as much as I thought it would.

I looked at her face and she was straining with everything she had. Our hands began to tremble from the exertion, but I continued to press on and she continued to lose ground. I looked down at her bicep and it was really pumped from the strain. It looked almost as big as mine. Gradually and with much effort, I pushed her hand down further until it was only an inch from the table.

Still, she was hanging on, gritting her teeth and holding my arm up. I pushed down on it harder and harder, but she continued to hold me up. I couldn't believe she was this strong! I was straining with all my might, but her arm would not go down. Her arm held for about 30 seconds like this and then, finally, her hand touched the table.

I looked down at her very pumped arm and then into her eyes. She shook out her arm and looked up at me with a strange expression on her face. She was disappointed, obviously, but she also looked kind of proud, I guess because she recognized how tough it was for me to beat her. The same thing was registering in my mind. I had beaten her only with great difficulty and it was very disconcerting. Still, as disturbed as I was, all I could do was feign coolness and act like I was respectfully impressed. I could see it on her face, the realization that I'd barely beaten her and that it had taken everything I had and then some.

Then she smiled. I can see why you beat all the boys in your grade She really seemed to enjoy this attention from me and as I was massaging my arm which flopped with exhaustion, Claudia raised her right arm, the arm I'd just beaten and made a muscle for me. A peaked ball of steel rose from her arm and stood proudly before me. Now that I know we are so closely matched, I have a goal to work for.

I want to beat you at arm-wrestling. I'm still the older brother in this house. Now go clean the dishes, a bet's a bet. Her right bicep grew big as she saluted.