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Doctor injection stories, I hunting for somebody that Doctor injection stories pantie

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It was a common practice among the villagers. They placed a doctor and God on the same pedestal, blamed them when things went wrong and worshipped them when something went right, and this gentleman, had come to me two days back with symptoms of constipation. I guessed my prescription had worked. I threw away my lota, tucked in my dhoti.

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This story here is an actual incident which happened with my colleague one week back. She told me the about it on phone Being a doctor is very exhausting. I Work as a senior attendant at a renowned hospital i would not like to reveal the name of the hospital. I also run a part time clinic with my colleagues also friends from medical college to help the people of my society.

I live in four storey building. The First two storeys are my speciality clinic and the above two storeys Is my home. I only work in clinic on saturday and sunday. It was a fine afternoon of about 2 pm. I had not been feeling well from the begining of the week! It has been very hectic schedule!

Painful injections to doctor

My daughter kathy came from the schoolshe is 8 years old. Kathy- Mommy? She seemed upsetshe went upstairs to grab the lunch. I thought may be i can get some sleep! As i tried to stood up from my seat I felt a terrible pain in my lower backI just faintedi could not handle the severe pain.

My NurseHer name Is Lisa heigl. She has been the most wonderful employee i had ever found! She came running in my office as she heard the noise of me falling over.

I was able to hear the noises and the things going on around me but i was not able to open my eyes. She checked my pulse. After one minute of following the voice I opened my eyes! A very bright light LIsa blew a torch to check my eyes. She stood me up with a great difficulty. I sat on my chair! Me- I. I just tried to stood up and i felt this terrible pain in my lower back, it was severe i just could not handle! She went out to get a wheelchair for mewe head to elevator to get to my room on the fourth storey! No one was there as the whole floor is for my husband and Doctor injection stories.

He was also out to diffrent city for a very big neuro-surgery. She took me to my roommade me lie downi was just feeling drowsy ,pukish. And left the room. I saw a big bag, this was an actual "house call bag" we have arranged to give house calls by nurse if people are too sick to come to clinic.

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Nurse- I had been noticing it that you are not sleeping well, and this pain in your back ain;t new you always ignore it. Nurse- No doctor! Nurse- and its our duty tooto take care of our Boss. Now You just remove the scrubs i am gonna do a regular! I was feeling very uncomfortable to be seen naked by my employee! But I was Not in a situation to argue! She helped me to remove my upper scrubs, I just lie there in my black butterfly Bra. I just noded! She asked me to lie on my tummy to see the inflammation down my lower back.

I did lie down on my tummy. Nurse- Its a bad sweeling down here doctor! Gotta give you voltaren, to reduce your pain. Do feel drowsy? This had been the most embbarasing thing going on, for god's sake she is my Doctor injection stories. But I knew whatever she was doing was right.

Mummy held my hand and told me we were going to see the doctor.

I just lowered my pants to till my kness and also the black panties. It had been Doctor injection stories most humiliating moment of my life! Thank God I was Shaved that time! After three minutes she took it out, wiped my asshole.

I gasped and lie down side ways facing hernaked with just my bra. I was lying side ways facing her and she was sitting on my bed just next to me. Nurse- I m gonna give you aeknil and if your fever does not go downwil give it again after four to 6 hours. I gripped the pillow so hard and the pain on butt was so much that my eyes were teary in that little 2 ml injection.

She disposed the needle and i lay there sobbing. Nurse- Haha! But you have to, I am Going To give you one shot of voltaren and one shot of iron.

Nurse- Don;t Worry I 'll Give you after one house, and will also check your temperature. I am giving you a suppository for you nausea. I knew this compazine suppository gonna make my nausea better but i feared he burning sensation it creates in the rectum for like 10 minutes! But Do I have A Choice?

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She took the packet from the bag asked me to spread my buttcheecks and with one go it was in deep in my rectum. It had melted. I was not feeling akward any more. She took out the thermometerit is dear she informed me. It has come down lets wait for a while. I had no other option though! I knew voltaren will just take my breath.

I was not readyy for the pain. I lay There Caressing my buttocks.

I Was Just sobbing. I went to sleep thinking about the what if i dont get better? But whatever it is, its painful and it hurts to the core. End of part one. It's actually a real storyall of it had happened one week earlier to my colleague who is also my bestesst friend.

So please comment and let me know if you all are intrested to go for a second part. You poor thing! You've been through hell with all those surgeries and then this!

Painful injections to doctor

I feel your emotional pain, but I'm glad you had a nurse who took care of you so well. Blessings upon you and upon your nurse.

You have my deepest sympathies for what you have had to endure. Finally some real stuff on site Various features here might not work at all. Medical Fetish. Views: Created: Show the Book. A True Story This story here is an actual incident which happened with my colleague one week back.

Part 1 Being a doctor is very exhausting. My daughter kathy came from the schoolshe is 8 years old Kathy- Afternoon Mommy, I am back from school!