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A website deed by teenaged mothers, as a place to gather and share information.

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Recently I visited my relatives and in Dominant mothers tumblr regular conversation, I started talking about the news of how a husband cut the belly of his wife to know the sex of the child in Uttar Pradesh. My relative was female, married and has. She and my brother have two children, one is about a 3.

While I was about to start a discussion on gender based violence in the society, I observed that kids were sitting near to us and were listening to both of us. Suddenly, my female relative started staring at me and tried to change the topic. Interestingly, a few days back, the father of the children was telling them Pakistan and China are our enemy and they are dirty countries. Children were repeating the same and remembering these ideas as questions to be asked and answer to be given.

The imposed practices, accepted roles and controlled dominant patriarchal actions control lives of women and fasten it to other younger human beings.

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In this way, patriarchy controls women and children together. In patriarchy, women are forced to become masters of children. The notion of motherhood and care of the child in childhood as well as in their life time has become the primary duty of women because of the cultural dominance of patriarchy and its function. These dominant, accepted actions do not question existing gender, caste, and religion based discrimination in the childhood.

Masculinitylost — “mother-in-law knows best!"

In contrast, families practice gender based discrimination and violence at home. Families teach children to practice gender, religion and caste based discrimination in their early childhood knowingly or unknowingly. They confirm that believes what they are doing is right and true.

Gradually, children start believing that what happens in families is right. Children observe what the mother does and what the father is doing. Only a few children who get an opportunity to understand the society in true sense further question their families and society. When they become adults, get the opportunity to unlearn what they have practiced at their home in their childhood. In addition to this, elders impose their ideas and values on children and their lives.

Most of the parents push their child to live life with specific ideas and ideals and give little or no opportunity to listen to their .

The child again observes how these ideas and ideals are working at home. The dominant structure of inequality and silence towards injustice shapes children and their childhood.

Children experience violence and marginalisation at home and do not share about these experiences because they are taught what is not shareable. However, children stand at powerless, voiceless and oppressed positions in their home, along with their mothers. Ritika Srivastava is presently pursuing Ph. Being a learner in education, she strongly believes that education can contribute towards social transformation.

She is passionate about working with children and teachers.

Dominant idea of ‘good mother’ destroys children and their childhood

She stands for social justice, equality and peace. You can find her on Facebook.

This time you have put what happens really into words this happens every day but no one realise that it is happening and is a matter to be amendate. Buy Now! Friday, October 22, in.

Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Feminism In India. The Govt. Image Source: The Wire. About the author s. Guest Writer. Guest Writers are writers who occasionally write on FII. Feminist media needs feminist allies! Get premium content, exclusive benefits and help us remain independent, free and accessible. The article is quite relatable to our patriarchial society.

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Well written!? The Second Wave of feminism is usually demarcated from the s to the late s. It was a reaction to women returning to their roles as housewives and mothers after the Second World War. Young women, especially unmarried ones, either do not want to associate with the term or are expected to steer clear of it.

What do you do when you realise that your relationship with your mother was only made to look 'normal' in a society that invisibilises the trauma inflicted by abusive elders? On this Republic Day, let us take a look at the fifteen powerful women who helped draft the Indian Constitution. To Kill a Mockingbird covers several themes that are often uncomfortable to encounter and explore, such as racism and loss of innocence.

Amol Palekar's movie Anaahata Marathi film Anaahat means Eternityposes several questions about Niyog Pratha and emphasises on a woman's choice to explore her sexual freedom. Stay connected with FII. Books March 4, Open toolbar.