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Dresden files white court, I'd like found female who wants Dresden files white court

White Court vampires walk the line between humanity and monstrousness.

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On January 20th,the 6,th article was added to the SuccuWiki! For an overall list of Succubus related articles, see Succubus disambiguation. For an overall list of Incubus related articles, see Incubus disambiguation. White Court Vampires are one kind of the various unrelated creatures called vampires which appear in the Dresdenverse series of novels by Jim Butcher. White Court vampires appear human and they prey on human emotion and energies.

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Due to the books relying heavily on mystery and surprise, the s would be virtually unreadable with excessive spoiler tags. Tread carefully.

White court vampire (dresden files)

Vampires take many forms, but they all have two things in common: they were human, once, and they must now feed on the life-force of other humans to sustain themselves. Of course, the Courts don't always get along even among themselves.

Predators don't like competition. There are four Vampire Courts that we know of: The Black Court, of Stoker-esque walking corpses with magical powers, the Red Court, who take the form of Indo-American demons and manipulate mortals with flesh-masks and narcotic saliva, the White Court, beautiful albinos who incite and feed on primal human emotions, such as lustand the Jade Court. The last of these has only been mentioned onceexists in Asia, and has yet to make an appearance in the series.

According to a question-and-answer session held by Jim Butcher in JuneJade Court vampires rarely act outside of the Yangtze River Valley, do not deal directly with outsiders instead moving through allies and agentsand are not atories of the Unseelie Accords, but will act against those who don't treat them with the respect due to atories. There are also three other types who act mainly in southeast Asia in the region of South Korea and Thailandbut aren't numerous enough to have organized Courts, instead acting as thugs who run drugs and human slaves through the local seas and sometimes hire out as assassins.

They are described as being "mosquitos" in comparison to the four organized vampire Courts. The classic vampire, the Black Court are animated corpses who drink the blood of the living. They are Dresden files white court most innately powerful of the vampire courts, and the most straightforwardly malevolent, but because they have all the traditional vampire weaknesses Dracula was commissioned by their rivals in the White Court as an expose on them they are also currently the rarest.

Draculain the Dresdenverse, is the most well-known Black Court Vampire, thanks to the publication of Dracula. Less widely known is that he is also the creator of the Black Court.

The black court

A very old, very nasty Black Court vampire with a grudge against Harry. So far, she seems to have succeeded fairly well at using him as a pawn in her schemes, and has yet to get her comeuppance; we don't even know what her long-term goal is. An unattractive nerd who was unpopular even with other nerds, Constance was not happy with her life.

She ran away from home and somehow found a member of the Black Court who made her into one of them. Humans who have been enthralled by Black Court vampires. Nothing remains of their original personalities; they are essentially puppets and act however their vampire master wishes.

These vampires are demons who can change themselves into superficially human forms; like Blacks, Reds feed on blood, but are less supernatural, meaning that both their powers and Weaksauce Weaknesses are less.

Because they masterminded a war between the vampire courts and the wizards, they are some of the most visible villains in the series. Absolute lord of the Red Court, his extreme age and the devotion of both his mortal and vampiric minions have allowed him to ascend to a state approximating godhood and indeed, he was venerated as a god by the Mayans. Initially a minor character in the book Storm Frontthough her role greatly expanded as the series went on.

After Harry's actions indirectly caused her to kill her lover, Bianca enacted a plot of revenge that ultimately started the first magical war in centuries. She's also the vampiric daughter of Paolo Ortega, and the great-granddaughter in vampire terms anyway to the Red King. A Red Court noble and scientist trying to develop artificial methods of creating true love. Unfortunately, her experiments lead to three murder-suicide pacts within a single month, resulting in Dresden and Murphy going after her.

Appears in the short story "Love Hurts". A Red Court noble who led the attack on a Venatori outpost that was guarding a Shoggoth.

The word of jim

Appeared in the comic War Cry. A female vampire who assisted Bravosa during his attack on the Venatori outpost in War Cry. One of Bianca's employees at the Red Room. After Dresden wounded Bianca, Bianca accidentally killed Rachel by completely draining her blood, kicking off the conflict between them. A mortal priestess of the Red King who takes charge of Dresden and his group once they arrive at Chichen Itza. Utterly devoted to her lord.

A Mayan devourer demon under the Eebs' command that's used as their heavy-hitter when normal tactics aren't effective. Harry calls it the Ick due to pronunciation problems.

For Vittorio Malvora, see The Outsiders. The most human of the vampires, the White Court feed on emotional energy, rather than blood. White Court vampires are born, not made, and they look like eerily beautiful humans. They're immune to most of the traditional vampire weaknesses, but are literally allergic to the opposite emotion they feed off of.

Also notable for their cultural Complexity Addiction. A White Court vampire who doesn't want to be. Thomas is one of the White King's youngest children, and the only male one still alive. As an incubus, he feeds on life force, and as a Raith, his preferred emotion is lust. While the vampirism means he can occasionally manage feats of enormous badassery, afterward he gets very hungry, and that can easily kill the food source.

For years, his primary "meal" was Justine, but when he almost killed her he finally got fed up so to speak with the usually incubus order of business and decided to try to break out of it. Noted as the most powerful of her sisters, if not the most beautiful no, really. As a succubus, she feeds on life force, and as a Raith, her preferred emotion is lust.

After the events of Blood Ritesshe unofficially became acting head of the Raith family; her father the White King is now merely her puppet. Also a member of the Venatori and a participant in the Oblivion War. One of Thomas and Lara's cousins, Madrigal prefers to feed off fear instead of lust. He masquerades as the horror movie director Darby Crane. Harry first meets him in Proven Guiltywhen he tries to sell Harry to his enemies on eBay. She tries to steal from Murphy and gets thoroughly rebuffed.

A minor member of the White Court who works as a public prosecutor's assistant. Appears in the story Jury Duty. The baby sister of Lara and Thomas and the apple of Lord Raith's eye, who's been kept in the dark about her heritage.

A White Court vampire who attempts to terrify a little girl and feed off her fear, only to be stopped by Hamilton Luther. A Serial Killer of female practitioners, intending on discrediting the White Council. He disguised himself as a woman named Priscilla. Irwin was strong enough to survive their first sexual encounter, Dresden files white court in Connie awakening as a full vampire but not killing her man. The father of Connie Barrowill, a White Court vampire who was willing to go to extreme lengths to make sure his daughter awakened as a full vampire.

Dresden files white court Raith's long-time girlfriend and primary food source. After he almost killed her in Blood Ritesshe was in a wheelchair for a while, got out of it, her ly dark hair turned white, and, ironically, she and Thomas could no longer touch since love burns White Court vampires. Largely due to this last characteristic, she is now Lara Raith's personal assistant, since Lara prefers to have an assistant that none of her family members can turn into a thrall. Madrigal Raith's lawyer. Glau was actually a jann, and he assisted Raith outside of the courtroom as well, even helping to sell Dresden on eBay.

A lawyer at the law firm of Smith, Cohen, and Mackelroy. First seen in Turn Coat. She is enthralled by Madeline to spy on Dresden, which led to her hiring Vince Graver to do the job. A mercenary ased as the "babysitter" of Tania Raith when she went up against Dresden.

He followed her orders, but also had the authority to pull the plug on the operation once Dresden took the upper hand.

Vlad drakul

He's later seen as one of Lara Raith's lead security officers. Security guards who were maimed when the skinwalker nicknamed "Shagnasty" attacked Lara Raith's mansion. They include:.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. In General. Vlad Drakul. Blood Knight : Genuinely takes delight in his fight against Listens-to-Wind and River Shoulders and seems to consider Harry a Worthy Opponent by virtue of their shared status as a Starborn.

The black court

The Dreaded : Ebenezer McCoy, a wizard responsible for massive cataclysms such as the Tunguska explosion and the Krakatoa eruption, admits that he considers Drakul 'dangerous'. God in Human Form : Dresden files white court Of Jim says that Drakul is something inhuman and very powerful who was somehow stuck in human form. Half-Human Hybrid : Averted. McCoy says Drakul is a scion in Blood Ritesbut Word Of Jim contradicts this and says he isn't a scion although his son, Dracula, isbut something inhuman who got stuck in a human body.

Hidden Agenda Villain : It's not entirely clear what Drakul even wants in Battle Groundother than that he was interested in recruiting more minions and having a bit of fun in the process. He briefly shows up to smack around Harry, the other Wardens, River Shoulders, and Listens-To-Wind killing Yoshimo and Wild Bill in the processmake it clear he was only aiding Ethniu's attack For the Evulzmock Dresden for not knowing about the finer points of being a Starborn while stating that he's one himself and hinting at larger plans in the works, before leaving.

No-Sell : Even though Harry's super-strong, armored, armed, and ready, he and five of his most powerful allies get treated like children when they go up against him, and it's implied all their power just equates to a particularly engaging video game for him.