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How old am I: 24
Eyes colour: Brilliant gray-blue eyes
My figure type: Thin
I like tattoo: None

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Cousin Alice Written by Andrewongenre incest My Cousin Alice is the fictional dumb blonde, but she is not a blonde. She's brunette and has always been dumb. You can tell her anything and she would believe it, I once told her that Dinosaurs were now living in Australia and she still thinks it is true. I went into the army on leaving school and was away for years.

I'm now 26 and Alice has just turned 19 and I arrived back home just before my uncle David Alice's father passed away.


Alice was born when he was 43 and her mother left them a year later. So Alice was raised by uncle David alone. My mother Karen helped out her brother and my father passed away a year before I entered the army.

My mother remarried 7 years ago and moved away. So I stayed with David and Alice on my return to my hometown, David was bed ridden and soon passed away. Alice was very upset at her father's death and I arranged his funeral.

I decided it was up to me to take care of Alice and so a month after David's death I moved to another state for work and Alice came with me. We live in a ranch style house and everyone that we met thinks we're married.

Alice is a petty girl and is shy of men and only feels comfortable around me. Early last month I was in my room changing and heard a scream from Alice and went running to see what was wrong. She was in the bathroom having a bath and on entering, I found her standing in a corner totally naked with a spider on the side of the bathtub.

I told her not to worry I would remove it and I did. She followed me as I got rid of the spider, still naked and shaking so I gave her a hug.

While hugging her I got a hard on and as I was only in my boxer shorts, she noticed it and asked me what had happened to me. I was about to tell that seeing her naked had made horny, but instead I told her I had reaction to the spider. sociální síť pro dospělé

She asked If I was going to be alright. I answered Yes I just have to get it to ejaculate and I should be okay and added maybe you can help me to ejaculate. What can I do she said, I said Come with me and took her to my room and showed her how to stroke my cock.

After a bit of time I said She would have suck and she did. I came in her mouth and told her to swallow it, which she did. Then I had her lay on her back and I went down on her and soon had her moaning.

By this time I was hard again and asked her if I could fuck her and she answered Yes. Since that day we have slept together every night and I haven't taken any precautions. My mother came for a visit and knew straight away I was sleeping with Alice and just said Incest runs in our family and David had fucked her a few times before she married.

I asked How your sex life now and she said He can't get it up without a little blue pill and now he's not allowed to take them because of his blood pressure. So I said Why not us tonight and I had sex with her till she returned home.

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