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Erotic hypnosis prostate, I am date guy that like Erotic hypnosis prostate

Erotic hypnotist using her high heels to mesmerize 5 min. Reverse hypnosis 3 5 min.

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Advertise on WarpMyMind. MP3BodyBinauralScript. The trigger "Milking time for you" will cause the male subject to feel a finger inside the asshole and massaging the prostate until after 5 minutes he will expell the semen without having an orgasm or even get hard.

Nappyboy When you say expel seaman without cumming, don't you mean Pre-Cum. After all that's what normally happens when you're feeling horny and your cock is hard for a long period of time.

To Cum means to Ejaculate which is means to orgasm. No cumming and orgasm are commonly mistaken as one and the same but they can be separated. You can expel semen by masage of the prostate without the usual orgasm feelings and you can also learn to have a "dry" orgasm, which is the opposite.

JokingJames2 So when you ejaculate without the feeling of orgasm, is it just like peeing, except with semen? ShadowXero VanWilder It is possible to ejaculate without orgasm and to orgasm without ejaculation.

Do a little research on the subject if you want to educate yourself. Google is your friend.

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To clarify, ejaculating without orgasm still feels good IMO - better than just peeing. Not that peeing feels bad, but ejaculating without orgasm is more intense than peeing Learn to give yourself a prostate massage and give it a shot!

MuxMG Trigger installed and functional. In practice just one single drop of pre-cum. Is this supposed to be so illusional? WatDo Same experience for me as MuxMG.

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Create Advertise on WarpMyMind. Nappyboy When you say expel seaman without cumming, don't you mean Pre-Cum. ShadowXero No sometimes it just steadily streams out. MuxMG Trigger installed and functional.