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Face fart stories, Face fart stories am seek woman that like experiment

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Years: 22
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I have this one which I think fits the theme.

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Im not sure who the current sensation is maybe a Dolan Twin? Sorry, I answer these late, haha! I think I may have bundled the first one in with a series of six other stories this year.

However, I think the concept and characters could still be used in the future. I think Landon may have another story in him as well. As the rooster shouted from the top of the barn and awoke me and Ethan from our sleep, I watched my love jump from bed after ripping a decent tuba sounding blast of a fart underneath the covers.

The way his butt looked in them, however, I was rock hard. It was a shame he was dead set on working on the farm every morning. Some morning sex sounded really good just about now. Ethan walked over to my side of the bed and aimed his butt towards my face. The fart burned my nose and made my eyes water. I lay in bed day dreaming about the time I first met Ethan. He was genuinely looking to settle down with the man of his dreams. I first met up with Ethan on a date night to a drag show. Seeing a gay man so masculine, yet so comfortable in this setting was unique.

I loved his cheerful behavior and his polite way of speaking to anybody in a room. He grabbed my hand and wrapped his other arm around my shoulder as we enjoyed Face fart stories remainder of the show after dinner. I really wanted to see him again and agreed to meet up with him at his farm the next morning. He was tending to the cattle and stopped to give me a hug and a kiss on the lips. I have to snatch you up before you get taken by some other feller.

But brought him back in for an intimate hug. At that point I smelled the most rancid skunk smell in my life. Ethan was a bit nervous and led us out of the barn.

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His brothers came by and we chatted as well inside the house. Charlie made everyone quiet down a bit before he leaned to one side and ripped a fart that rumbled in his chair. Zach followed suit with a rip of his own. Zach looked back at Charlie who grinned and ripped another blast. I would honestly prefer to be turned on by Ethan adding his name to the contest. Ethan shook his head side to side and soon I heard a blast come from his direction. Zach and Charlie busted out laughing and went over to high five their youngest brother before recoiling from the stench.

When the smell hit me, I gagged. It was the same funky smell that filled the barn that Ethan blamed on the cows.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

For the rest of the conversation, every fart Zach or Charlie let out, Ethan let out two more. He better be ready for a marriage proposal at this rate. Them dozen cows sure do pack a stank huh?

Ethan aimed his ass in my face and stayed there for a bit to rip a few more. That was the story of how I met, then married the man of my dreams. Today, I have some breakfast to cook for him. A dozen eggs. Brian sat in his computer chair playing a single player racing game as his other three college suite mates hung out in the other bedroom.

He always felt so awkward around them as he was always attracted to men in life. He had never bonded with men as just friends. Joey leaned to the side and let out a silent but deadly bomb that was sure to drive his two roommates insane.

The stench hit instantly and both guys were freaking out from just how rank Joey let rip. What did you eat?! Joey sat back and laughed as Mike and Dave ran out of the room. Joey wafted a hand behind his ass as he walked out to them in the living room. Brian would have been hard as a rock if he had been in that room. His protein shakes always gave him the craziest amount of gas that would rumble the floors at night when he let rip. Joey could be heard blasting farts all night in his single bedroom as Brian would use those sounds to jack off each night before bed.

If Joey could run that nerd out of the dorm, if would be worth the fifty bucks. Was Joey gonna beat him up? Joey began to fart.

The smell was awful. Brian was wincing as for the first time he was actually getting a whiff of the gas that plagued his other two roommates to leave the room almost every day. Why are you still focused on that game?

Brian was getting woozy. Joey was already one step ahead. The next blast was silent, but Brian was weakened to the point that he was jizzing his pants. Brian ran out of the room in a dramatic showing of pure disgust. Both Mike and Dave hollered with laughter as Joey walked out grinning.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Joey texted Brian a few minutes later. Brian looked at the text and walked back into the apartment with the attention of Mike and Dave on him. They rolled their eyes as they saw him re enter his room. Mind blown. Eventually the gassy jock breaks through your car by smashing his ass against the window. At that point he unleashes his rancid gas into your car, trapping you in a degree car filled with his toxic stink.

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You perish… but with a cum soaked boxer brief on. Gavin was the College Quarterback at Alabama State. Not only was he in line to win the Heisman Trophy, but his team was entering the BCS Championship with only one game away to a victory. Hit Harder! Fuck this shit how can I win with a team that plays like shit all the time?

His team had had enough of his demeaning behavior. Poor Johnathan wound up passed out on the bench after countless hours of drills and suffered heat exhaustion. The coach had given up control of his team, as whatever he would command, Gavin would fight back and argue another way.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

If the coach kicked him off the team, his team would lose all decent press and recruitment appeal for the following year. Gavin legitimately owned the team. Football humor??? You should leave the coaching to the coach.

The Championship game was a washout. Gavin swore his own team was throwing the ball to the opponents on purpose. Gavin looked at the scoreboard. Five minutes to go. Gavin tried taking matters into his own hands by running the ball for a touch down without any help from his team.

Stealing the ball on the next play, then duplicating the process when the ball was back in his hands. By one minute to go, the score was The Alabama coach called a time out and Gavin ran over to him. That Heisman is all mine. Gavin watched Face fart stories all three men pointed their asses in his face and a strange smell hit the air. Within thirty seconds, Gavin was passed out on the ground. The medics came in and took him away early from the game. They called it heat exhaustion as the funny smell in the air made the medics think he had ripped ass as soon as he went down. Gavin sulked on a locker room bench as Zach walked in.

This was a group effort. So we as a group get to enjoy the prize!

He convinced the coach to let him slip into the practice field to make a bet. The Junior and Sophomore players agreed to throw the championship to make their loathed Senior Player suffer some rank farts. Now, Gavin was nose deep in a players ass and nervously awaiting the farts from 31 men.