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The day had been long.

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Heirs of the Commonwealth - A Fallout 4 Fan-fiction. People call me Shaun, but in fact, I am not the real Shaun. The real one is dead, along with the Institute. He created me for some reason beyond my comprehension. But before the Minuteman sent the whole place to the space, mother adopted me. My mother was from before the war, Vault-tec frozen her in a cryogenic tube.

The real Shaun, was also there, but the Institute get him sixty years before Clarke woke up. She escape the Vaultdive into the Commonwealth, looking for her son and bla bla bla. By the way, we are now in the year of I live in a settlement located in the old Jamaica Plain.

That place is in the middle of nowhere. It's a war zone! Too dangerous! Well, not completely right, but you are not completely wrong.

My mother has influence. Everyone knows her, what she had done and what she can do, so, with some walls and barricades in strategic points makes this place free from Raiders, Supermutants, animals and other dangerous things. Sometimes we got attacked, but the people here managed to keep everything intact. We are 15 now. Sixteen if you caunt mother, but she is away now, some kind of problem with a group of Raiders on the West Border.

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Returning to Jamaica Plain. I think mother set up the settlement here just because of me. When we were in Sanctuary Hills, I asked a lot for specific junk. Not even in the Vault So every time she went out for something I ask her to bring something else.

I decided to wrote this because yesterday I found a notebook at the old elementary school. I was surprised when I saw that it was not destroyed…. Inside, there were notes from a guy named Rusty Burton, later on, I discovered a terminal where this Rusty put his notes as well. It took me the entire afternoon to crack in the terminal.

That security was though. Anyway, in the notebook, Rusty wrote about lots of things like what he had done in that day, what he was planning to the next day, and his experiences. I tough it would be awesome to do the same. And here I am. First of all, I would like to make clear my desires.

I want to build things. Great things. I want to give the Commonwealth what the Institute promise; a better life quality.

Rebuilt the wrecked cities, people's homes and etc. Today, I begin this journey. Today, I will test my cooling machine. Jamaica Plain is know, at least to me, for the variety of junk and heat.

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Last week, we almost die of it. I think that's all for now. My name is Austin. Austin Engill.

I live in a Vault. The Vault It's pretty nice in here! Well, she is not reaaally my grandmother, she just… adopt me. My grandmother works in the Vault trying to make food free from radiation. Her name is Clarke, and she is the nicest Outsider I have ever met.

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Clarke comes here whenever she can. She always brings gifts for me and Erin that by the way is my best friend. The day before yesterday, Clarke was here. She was traveling to the West Border. And by the look in her face, the tone of her voice, that was not just a simple and common Raider attack.

In the day after, yesterday, Gwen ordered the sealing the Vault door. And by sealing, I mean that nobody can open it unless you got the Overseer password.

"dive deeper into my imagination & the synarchy universe, the first and get exclusive perks!"

Something big is happening. Raiders are problem. But not THAT kind of problem. Erin is afraid. I am afraid… I will confront Gwen McNamara. I want to know what is happening. I am not a stupid child anymore. I am 12 years old. Nat here. Natalie Wright.

I used to distribute her newspaper, the "Publick Occurrences" to the wonderful citizens of the wonderful Jewel of the Commonwealth, the great Diamont City. Bunch of motherfuckers. They always hated Piper for her articles and in the combo, they hated me as well. Although I am not pretty sure of the last one. Today, I am not going to distribute the newspaper nor to school.

Today I'm off to the Wasteland again, but not without a purpose. Oh, no, no. On this day, Captain Mayburn is going to die. By my hands, or by my bullets. Piper is off with Clarke to some shit on the West Border. I, alone, discovered where Mayburn was hiding, and came to her. She said that he would pay for killing father, but not that day.

And never after that.

By the look of it. I am not going unprepared if you want to know. I know where Clarke keeps her stash here in town. Well, in fact, Sheng Kawolski knew where it was, I just knew that it exists… I asked him to show me and he did it right on time. Inside the chest I found three 10mm guns with tons of bullets, some grenades, armor pieces, stimpaks, radaways and a golden wedding ring.