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My name is Lana, I was eighteen years old when the events of this story happened, being a real good looking girl, with a sexy body that looked curvy, sexy and very attractive, even though I was still young.

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Hello friends I am Arun aged 22 years. I am here to share my real life sex experience which came as a total surprise for me. I have a family friend vandhana. She is 25 years old. Both our families are friends even before I was born. So their entire family see me as a kid even at the age of

Years old: 20
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Hello guys, Nikhil here with a new encounter. This is my second story on this site. Coming to my recent encounter with one of my family friends. This all started back in when I was in my last year of college.

We had to complete a project, and my topic was to de a multispecialty hospital. For that, we had to study an existing hospital physically.

Obtaining permission to study a hospital was a very difficult job. The hospital management was skeptical to give permission.

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I had to use all my contacts. He was working in one of the renowned hospitals in Pune. I got permission to study a hospital through him.

He took me to the hospital and introduced me to the CEO. I explained to him about my project and convinced him that this study will strictly be for educational purposes. Then he agreed and gave permission. Later Sanjay introduced me to the heroine of this story Shubhangi. She had a good pair of boobs and a perfect body with fats in the right places.

She was the HR there. She knew my parents and other family members. I told her about my project and she offered to help me in whatever way she can. Later I told her when I will be coming for the detailed study of the hospital. We exchanged phone s and left. Next week I went to the hospital, met the CEO. He gave me an id card where I would have access to the whole hospital. I went through all the sections and departments of the hospital. Later, I met Shubhangi and got some of my doubts cleared.

After some general chit chat, I left. Later I started with my thesis work. Whenever I had a doubt I used to consult Shubhangi. So our bond became stronger. We started talking continuously. Later, when I was done with my thesis our conversation reduced. We would just wish each other on festival days, or any special occasions.

After graduation, to pursue my masters I took admission to one of the finest institutes of the country. I moved to Bangalore for the same. She told me she had been to my place where my mom told me that I had moved to Bangalore for my internship. Like this our chats started. We kept on chatting every day now. As she was elder than me Family friend sex story asked her when she is planning to get married.

And the conversation continued. It could have seemed too quick act. We kept chatting like this that night and slept after some time. We now were more open while talking, we used to exchange non-veg messages and photos and videos. One night we were chatting as usual. Then she sent a photo of her boobs with her face covered in it.

Guys believe me they were perfectly round and huge. Our sex chats and talks continue for another month.

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Then I returned to Pune. The very next evening I met her. We went for a drive and while returning I parked the car at a secluded place. Then we kissed each other. We were smooching each other for minutes. Then she insisted to return home.

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Then my college started and I moved to the hostel. On weekends I would return home.

My college was 28km from my place. We would meet at the weekends and kiss each other. She was not comfortable meeting in the hotel rooms. Later there were issues with our hostel. So I along with 2 of my friends took a flat on rent and we stayed there.

After our completion of the syllabus, we had preparation leave for days.

Both my roommates went back to their home town and would return a day before the exam. I went back home and that evening I and Shubhangi met. I told her that our flat is empty as both my roommates have gone back to their hometown.

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We then decided to go to our flat the next day. They were okay with it.

I picked Shubhangi after her office, and we headed towards our flat. On the way, we took some condoms and some ice-cream. She told me that she took a holiday the next day and I was very excited. We reached my apartment. I went first and later I called her inside so that neighbors should not notice it.

She sat in the hall and I gave her some water and cold drinks. I showed her the whole flat. I was staying in a separate room and the other two were sharing a room. I then pinned her to the wall in my room. We started smooching and this continued for minutes. Then we separated. She asked me to wait outside the room as she wanted to change.

She came out in tracks and a t-shirt and she was without a bra. I could see her nipples poking out from her shirt. We started the movie and were watching it in my bed, on my laptop. We were on the bed inside a blanket. She rested her head on my chest and I was playing with her hairs while watching the movie. After some time the scene came when Dylan and Jamie start kissing each other.

We continued smooching for 15 minutes and then she started removing my t-shirt. I too removed her t-shirt and started licking her neck, her earlobes, boobs. I gave love bites on her lower neck and shoulders.

I licked her boobs and sucked her nipples. She was moaning a lot. I then removed her tracks and started rubbing her pussy over her panty. The other hand was busy pressing her boobs and simultaneously was sucking her nipples. This made her moan a lot. I then removed my track pants. I too was now in my lowers with hard dick. She started rubbing it over my lowers and we started smooching again.

And soon we both removed our lowers and was completely nude. She told that she shaved it last night only. I then started licking her navel and inserted my finger in her pussy. And started fingering it, we continued like this and she was enjoying it completely. Soon she came on top of me and started licking my body.