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EDIT : Edited down a bit, hopefully an easier read now. A little background: I was gay for as long as I can remember, well before anything started with my Dad. My Dad has always identified as heterosexual. My parents divorced when I was very young and I was raised by a single father.

He never remarried and never even dated, or showed any interest in doing so. Around the age of 11 or 12 I discovered the Nifty Erotic Story Archive and found myself especially fixated on the incest stories. I had no real attraction to my Dad prior to reading these stories, and didn't initially feel an attraction to him when I first started reading them.

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It was more the idea of this Phantom Father, not my own father, that most interested me. It wasn't until I had been reading them for several months before I had started taking more of a notice of my own father, and began to appreciate him as a man more than as a Dad. One story in particular became my favorite. It involved a boy building up the courage to "investigate" his father's nethers while he slept on a semi-regular basis for many years, without his father ever waking up or learning what was going on.

I printed this particular story out at the public library no less - risky risky! Long story short, after several failed attempts to sneak a peek, one night I eventually did get him free of his jeans. Just enough to pull him out over the top without Father son nifty to actually remove his jeans.

I should have been satisfied that I got to see it without him waking up, but being an especially horny pubescent 13 year old who had never done anything sexual before, my curiosity overtook my self-preservation instincts and I put it in my mouth. He woke up almost immediately, and went into the worst rage I've ever seen him in.

He stood there facing the wall, breathing really heavily, and told me to go to bed without even turning around. I ran into my room, where I slept in my own bed, alone, for the first time in my whole life. The next morning was a school day for me, but not a work day for him. I went to school without us talking about it or anything else.

Story time on nifty: “father’s day tales – lucky cap”

He basically ignored me and I didn't push it. When I came home from school I found out that he had rummaged through my room looking for my journal to, I assume, try and get inside of my head.

He found the Nifty story I had printed instead. When I came home it was sitting on our dining room table, and my Dad was sitting in the quiet living room no TV or anything in his chair, just staring at the ceiling.

He confronted me and asked if I was gay. He stressed that he was upset not because I might be gay, but because I was making the moves on my father. He suggested I should go into therapy, which caused me to have an emotional sobbing meltdown. He consoled me and promised me I wouldn't have to go to therapy and that everything would be okay if I just let go of all those thoughts. Once the conversation ended the rest of the day went as normally as a day can go after something like that.

I pd that sharing a bed wasn't going to happen anymore, and so I went into my own room.

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I was more overwhelmed of my irrational fear of sleeping alone in my room and against my better judgment I went into my Dad's bedroom and crawled onto my usual side Father son nifty the bed. He lifted up off of his pillow when I touched the bed to look at me I couldn't see his face in the dark so wasn't sure what kind of reaction her had and then just laid back down, which I took as the all-clear and got into bed. After laying there for a bit he eventually rolled over onto his side, put his arm around me and told me he loved me. It felt very usual to the way things were before all of this and I assumed that's what it met, and told him I loved him too.

And then I felt him starting to get an erection. And he started to rub my thigh in more of a caressing loving way than a "hay bb lets do dis" way or anything. I rolled over to face him, buried my face in his chest, and we fell asleep.

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Nothing happened that night. Eventually he got the second noticeable erection. At this point we'd gotten to "close" and nothing had come of the fight we had, so I guess I had the guts or the audacity? He pulled back but didn't say anything, and so I reached back to find it again.

He let me rub at it through his jeans a little bit, before mustering out a "[my name] He got louder and things got more and more tense as I kept pleading with him while he kept pushing me away. At that point I shut him up and basically negotiated with him. I asked him to just let me see what it was Father son nifty, for him to just see what it was like, and if it was too weird I'd stop and go back to sleeping in my room and never try anything again.

He protested for quite some time but I guess I wore him down and finally he asked, in a very unapproving tone, if I would drop all of this once and for all if he humored me. I agreed. And that's when I gave my Dad my first blowjob.

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I didn't really blow him - I was both small and inexperienced so I more or less just played with the tip. I was a nervous wreck too much to enjoy it at all really, because the whole time I was waiting for the inevitable "Nope, not working, go to your room".

The first words we exchanged were me asking "Am I doing okay? I tried for quite a bit longer after that, and he didn't cum and eventually started to soften again. At that point he told me to stop and go to sleep, and got out of bed and pulled his pants up. I sniffled a bit I think and though this was the "Nope" I was expecting, but he noticed and reassured me with a "You're fine" before going to the bathroom.

After a quick pee he came back to bed, where at this point I was still crying, and he wrapped his arms around me and told me "It wasn't what I was expecting" and "maybe we can try again. Does that make you feel better? Now go to sleep. We did try again.

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Little by little, sometimes weeks in between, I would wear him down and we'd try again. Eventually it was every night, with the usual routine being me blowing him as long as I could and eventually him finishing himself off. Things obviously escalated beyond BJs over the years. He never did go down on him to Father son nifty day, it's always been very one-sided I've never pushed and he's clearly not interested. I was 17 when we first had full-on penetration sex.

We've had sex regularly ever since. I still live at home. I can't imagine not living with him. I don't love him like a boyfriend. I still love him like a father and still view him as my Dad. I just view our physical relationship as a way of expressing my otherwise platonic love for him and making my Dad happy and feel good while also making myself feel good.

We've had long talks about it over the years. Many times he's tried to end it but failed.

At this point, 12 years into it, I'm still not sure what he really thinks of all this. He more or less explains it as paraphrasing many conversations here "You wanted to make me happy, I wanted you to be happy, and you eventually wore down my resistance.

He still has a lot of guilt over it. He won't sit next to me at family gatherings or when we visit my grandparents, unless he is forced to. He uses age as an excuse, saying he'll die way before I do and he doesn't want me to be alone. What else? Obviously, nobody knows about this. I've only ever told one person, my best friend, back when we were both 16 years old. We only discussed it once she was, as was to be expected, quite horrified - and took a lot of convincing not to tell on me and it was never brought up again.

We're still best friends, and we still have never addressed it. I don't know if she knows it still goes on or not. I'm sure there will be a lot of judgment. A lot of confusion.

People thinking I'm some kind of victim let me state it again: I'm not. All I can really say is that I'm extremely happy in my life, in all aspects of it.

TL;DR: I successfully seduced my heterosexual single father into entering into an ongoing sexual relationship with me, his gay son, through relentless begging crying and persistence. I don't know if anyone has stated this, but you realize you RAPE your father, right? I'm sorry, I just couldn't keep my mouth shut after this. I'm normally not one to judge, but this is NOT right. Whatever you do is what you do, if he was down, that'd be cool I guess, I don't know.

You RAPE him, dude. Seriously, that's fucked up shit. You need serious help, and he does, too, because you're creating severe psychological damage for the man. You love him? It doesn't seem like it, you don't rape someone you love. More like this. Aaaaaand that's enough internet for the month. And it's only the 7th. Oh well.