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Hello, my friends.

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Riley had invited Maya over before her date so that they could get her all dolled up for it. Maya was there to entertain and hangout until it was time to get ready.

The girls had decided to play Truth or Dare until they got bored or until it was seven. They had been going back and forth with stupid dares and boring questions for a good forty-five minutes. Riley had done the same in the bathroom. However, she had no idea what was to come to her.

Maya had come up with her own dare. She saw Riley freeze up. Riley stood up, facing her friend. Maya smirked and nodded. Riley watched her, then looked at the toy she rarely used.

She had gotten it a few months ago because her fingers were starting to not satisfy. She had barely used the pink toy, though, because she was a little scared. She had used it once or twice. Riley started to undress, leaving herself in her bra and panties as she waited for Maya to return from the closet. There was a chill in the air that caused small bumps over her skin. She knew that Lucas was taking her on a walk through the park and then taking her to get dinner and ice cream, but could she make it that long?

The thought made her a little wet. Maya walked out of the closet with a sparkly dress, a pair of black, flowered leggings, a pair of small heeled boots, and a few bracelets and neck lace.

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She set it all out on the bed. She smoothed it all out and then looked up at Riley. She came back a moment later with a pair of red lace panties. The lace material were thrown at her and Riley caught them.

Her best friend only gave her a look and she undressed completely. Maya grabbed the vibrator and walked over to her brunette friend.

She turned it on low and the small buzzing sound came to both their ears. She motioned Riley to sit and she did. They were so lucky no one was home yet. Riley did as told and parted her legs for her best friend.

She only felt a little awkward that he BFF was seeing her completely naked and seeing her private areas. Maya turned to vibrator up a level and the buzzing got a little louder. She saw Riley staring at the toy nervously. She closed her eyes as Maya got on her knees in front of her. A low moan came from her lips, but she quickly slapped her hands over her mouth. Maya chuckled, then slid the toy into her friend, who was screwing her eyes shut at the barely known feeling. When she relaxed, letting her grip go on the red lace she had and dropping the panties, she sat back a bit. She was biting her lower lip, trying not to moan.

She grabbed a hold of the arms on the chair and looked at Maya. Maya only nodded before grabbing the lace underwear and having Riley slip her feet into them. She pushed the material up her tanned leg and then stood, helping her friend stand up so that they could get her dressed. She saw that she was a little wobbly on her legs, but was slowly getting used to it. She closed her eyes as she felt the vibrations through her lower body affect her entirely. She opened her eyes again when Maya came out with a jean jacket and held it out to her.

She stood on her own and put on the jacket. Right when it was on, there was a know on the door. She looked that way, then looked at Maya. Her friend took her by the arm and they walked to the front door. Maya Girl meets world sex stories the door and smiled deviously at Lucas, who was dressed nice enough for a walk through the park and a simple dinner.

Matthews has been waiting for you to come. If only Maya could do this all night. Alas, Maya did not have all night with them and would just have to enjoy what she knew. He nodded. Not only did she look amazing, she looked hot. Maya saw his reaction, smirking to herself as she looked below his belt to the slight bulge he had growing.

She turned to Riley and smiled. She gestured Riley forward and chuckled. Lo of fun. She pat Lucas on the arm and then looked between the two. They both blushed, Riley more so.

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Her cheeks were already red before he had even arrived, her whole body was actually hot. They started walking. Maya watched then until they got to the elevator, then closed the door and smiled to herself. Part One. Riley was sitting on a bench beside Lucas in the park, her legs shaking, but she had her hands on them to try and reduce that. She was so on edge, it was killing her. She could barely stand it any longer. She had already walked through the park, ate dinner, and had an ice cream. She was about to lose it.

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However, now that they had been out a while, he had started to see how she was acting completely different. She just wanted to get this date over with. She had a good time, of course, but it was starting to become too much. He looked at her, then around them. No one was around, but if there was other people around then he was sure that none of them would be cold either. That was when she broke, and her mouth went off. His head snapped to the side to look at her. She stood up, pressing her legs together despite her better judgement.

He stared at her in amazement. Is she had been looking at him rather then bouncing on her feet with her eyes closed then she would have seen how turned on he was getting. He nodded to her, standing up. He pointed behind him. She looked around, then looked at him.

He looked around for anyone, then took her hand and guided her behind a few trees. He sat under a tree and started undoing his pants while she pushed her leggings down her legs with her panties, which were soaked.

She reached down and pulled the pink toy out of her wet pussy, sighing in relief. She dropped the toy as her gaze went down to her date, watching him as he pulled out his semi hard cock and stroke it.

She got down and took it into her own, smaller hand and start pumping it as he had been downing. He was moaning her name, trying to keep it low so no one would come over and see what was going on. She kept moving her hand up and down his length even after he was fulling hard.