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He moaned as he thrusted inside him taking him deep as he fucked him, He moaned as he thrusted inside him taking him deep as he fucked him girl seek men for relationship

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Slowly he worked it into her mouth. He moaned in pleasure as he fucked into her warm opening, her tongue rasped against the thick shaft each time he thrust it between her lips. It was so big she couldn't take it all in her mouth. His hands on her head just made her bob up and down on the first three inches.

How old am I: 43
Sexual orientation: I like man
Favourite music: Opera
What is my hobbies: Riding a bike

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Telefon Numaram: 92 I actually found enough to make a salad which was a welcome relief from all the crap I had eaten in the office that week. I poured another scotch and got out of my clothes, ready to hit the hot tub, when I passed my computer.

Although I had taken out a great many frustrations at the gym, there was one that suddenly bitch-slapped me for attention. I needed to get fucked! I logged in to my at manhunt and then finished getting undressed. The scotch was just kicking in and I was feeling better and hornier all the time.

Since it was Friday night there were lots of lurkers online and my mailbox was filling up quickly with junk. I knew what I was looking for tonight. I had seen him online several times but we had never hooked up. I was hoping against hope that he would be online and was just about to give up when his profile appeared online. Soon we were on IM talking about likes — cigars, scotch, weed, poppers, toys, anal play and fucking — and dislikes — fems, lurkers, cheaters.

I was beginning to squirm in my seat as we chatted until I finally asked if he would like to meet.

My place? The sooner the better. I gave him the details and he said it would take him about an hour to get there. Fine by me and we logged off. An hour?! Oh well, this would have to be the quick clean version. Laundry and dirty sheets went into the hamper.

I only had time to straighten around the house, no dusting or vacuuming. Then again, I only planned for him to be in the bedroom, clean sheets were enough!! I still had enough time to get into the shower and use my nozzle attachment to clean myself out. I love using enemas because it makes my hole really hungry to be stuffed! I tried not to get too into it as I fed the nozzle up my ass. I felt the water flowing into me, bringing my ass to life, making me crave big, hard cock.

Then I opened up and let it out, my asshole now craving to be filled again.

I washed away all traces and made sure I was clean as a whistle. Just enough time to put on a robe, light some candles, adjust the lighting and get the hot tub warming up. I was pleasantly surprised when he arrived. I had expected him to be only vaguely like his profile description.

But he was truly ruggedly handsome, well built without being muscle-bound and he exuded sex from every pore of his body. I invited him in and asked if he would like to me in the hot tub. He said he would, so I directed him to the bedroom and gave him a robe to change into.

He had brought a gym bag with him which he left close to the bed. I shivered as I imagined what might be in there, but decided to wait and let him show me when he felt like it. I poured him a generous scotch and we retired to the deck to sit and enjoy a fabulous evening. We sat and chatted and smoked and sipped for quite a while watching the lights of the city across the river from my condo and admiring a beautiful starry night sky above. My condo is an end unit with no other units visible, a private little paradise overlooking the bustle of society.

Our conversation had turned to sex and I was beginning to get really horny in his presence. I looked over and saw that his robe was now open. A nice, thick cock was nestled between his legs. His body hair had been trimmed but his cock and balls were shaved. I could just see the glint of a leather-studded cock ring surrounding his shaft and balls. He noticed my gaze and he chuckled as his cock twitched. He spred his legs wider and took a nonchalant draw of his cigar. I knew what he wanted. I stripped off my robe and knelt, naked, on a towel between his legs. I rubbed his legs and belly, moving up to tease his nipples.

His cock throbbed under my ministrations and grew at least another inch. We moved together and our lips met in a hot kiss. We tasted of scotch and cigars. I could smell the gentle musk of his cologne. Our tongues teased and coaxed each other. The kiss was long and hard. He was taking my breath away as his tongue demonstrated what he would soon be doing with his cock.

Breathless, I broke the kiss and looked into those dark, shining eyes. He smiled and put his hand on top of my head. I took the al and moved down to his nipples.

He moaned as he thrusted inside him taking him deep as he fucked him

I heard him suck his breath in between his teeth as I licked and bit his sensitive nipples. I felt his now rampant cock throb against my belly as I toyed with him. His hand was on my head again and so I kissed my way down his belly, kissed his thighs and laid soft kisses on his cock and balls.

His cock was rock hard now and throbbing, every bit of 8 thick inches. I licked the head and then the shaft. He trembled and grunted. I closed my lips around the base of his shaft and slowly moved up and down wriggling my tongue while he panted softly. I backed off and looked at the throbbing dick in front of me. I looked back up at him and those sexy dark eyes. His intent was clear and his hand on my head drew me down to the object of my desire.

I opened my mouth and took his cock inside. I slowly took as much as I could fit inside, thrilling a little inside when I heard him moan.

I savored the feel and taste of his cock in my mouth as I slowly sucked him. His hand left my head and he let me suck as I pleased while he continued to smoke his cigar and sip his scotch. He was certainly getting into it because his cock got harder and harder and oozed more pre-cum by the minute.

I licked up and down the shaft and moved down to his balls. A deep, low moan issued from him as I mouthed his very large — and very full — ball sac.

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I made several trips with my tongue from his balls up the shaft of his cock, wolfing down his dick when I got to the top. Then one hand was playing with his balls while another teased his nipples and my head bobbed up and down faster and faster on his cock.

His cock was a thing of beauty when hard. I could feel it throb in my mouth as I worked him toward climax. I heard the change in his breath and with a muffled grunt I recieved several hard spurts of cum in my mouth. I sucked hard and swallowed, though some of it leaked out.

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His hands held my head as he gently fucked the last of his cum into my face. When he had finished, I licked up the last traces, cleaning his cock and balls with my tongue. He smiled and eased back into his chair. I asked him if he would like a fresh drink and would he me in the hot tub. He said yes to both. I brought out fresh drinks and towels. He stripped out of his robe so I could fully admire his impressive physique — well-turned calves, strong thighs and compact hips perfect for hard, vigorous thrusting! We adjourned to the hot tub. We settled in for a soak, easing away the tensions of a few moments before and sipping our scotch.

He complimented me on my blowjob technique.