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Head rolls off chords, Thai girl Head rolls off chords friend especially for flirts

I know Hi, This is my Acoustic version of he roll off. I know its not how Scott plays this song but it works for me and makes it easy to play.

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The original song is hosted at www.

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Today we continue our occasional series of guest posts by thi wurd team and beyond. Duncan Hotchkiss chooses ten Frightened Rabbit songs.

Everyone will have their own favourites too. With maybe one of the most memorable opening lines in the FR back catalogue, the song is an exploration of purpose in life, the meaning of death, and religiosity in a secular age — littered with macabre humour.

Chords and lyrics he roll off acoustic — frightened rabbit

Profound, sad and hopeful; but also funny. FR were never really a music video type band but the video for this aligns nicely with the song: early years primary school kids running about daft as Scott, Grant and Billy play the song in the classroom.

A live version on KEXP continues that crescendo, where the song goes, well, fucking mental for a couple of minutes at the end.

The bonus track on the debut record, Sing the Greysis notable for its frenetic energy. In it, you get an idea of those early FR shows. I even recall one reviewer likening it to punk. This is a bit of a hidden gem in the Frabbit archives, and another from their EP. A song about placeless-ness, transience, and not fitting in.

If Frabbit were a football team this would be their terrace chant. The opening track of The Midnight Organ Fightinstantly recognisable from its opening bars.

Give it a watch. Another early one, from their debut record.

It became a rare song to hear live. Tags: music.

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