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This story from Clark H has been read 6 6 8 7 times. Horny Sister Written by Clark Hongenre incest My sister Rhonda 27 single had broken up with latest boyfriend and due to the pandemic wasn't able go out much and then losing her job need a place to live.

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Prohibition because of the Corona virus Last week, the government decided to ban all prostitution services.

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My eyes almost popped out of my head when I looked through the crack in the door.

I had come home unexpectedly about eight thirty. After all she was a full year younger than I. Sometimes she could be a real brat but still I was a little protective of her.

But this was a real long time ago. When I first walked into the kitchen through the garage door I was met with what looked like a two person party.

There on the counter was four empty beer cans and across the room two nip bottles of vodka drained of their contents along with a half eaten pizza. At first I was more interested in the pizza; starved having not had dinner but the sounds was what caught my attention.

Neither of them had heard me enter the house. Right there on the living room floor the two of them butt naked having sex. Rob was attempting to pound the crap out of her but the poor guy was a little too intoxicated. I was about to ruin their celebration but instead I froze.

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She was one hairy bitch, it surrounded her pussy. And I had a fantastic view of it. Rob had her legs tucked up under his arms. There right in front of me Rob was sliding his dick into that glob of fuzz. He was raised up as he did her.

I was pissed at first but that quickly turned to jealousy. Her hand and arm motions were lethargic, speech almost incoherent and the worse part she stopped altogether for a few seconds as she was either falling asleep or maybe even passing out.

I continued to monitor the situation for another few minutes before I felt it best to leave. I went down the street for a walk debating with myself on the course of action I should take: go back and break them up or wait a few more minutes letting them finish. The decision was made for me as I rounded the corner there was Rob staggering his way home.

I decided it best not confront him in his Horney sister stories state but would talk to Betty when she sobered up in the morning. What a nice looking girl she was, I had never seen her body like this, her tits like small oranges with a puffy pointed areola on the top, the curves magnificent, and that hairy bush, that was great. I thought about feeling those tits but I was her brother and I would not stoop that low. It was best if I got her to bed letting her sleep it off.

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Nudging her several times before she awoke she was out of it, completely. Delirious and rambling on as I got her to her feet it became quite apparent that she thought I was Rob. Grabbing me around the waist for balance her nakedness was distracting me to the point I felt my dick begin a slow rise. That was not normal, getting excited by your sister is distorted. But her arms were holding me tightly as I pushed her up the stairs only made it worse. I thought about dressing he in an old tee shirt or at least putting a pair of panties on her but thought it best to cover her up and get the Hell out before my thoughts really turned.

She sat Horney sister stories the edge of the bed looking at me closing her eyes for a few seconds constantly as I turned the lamp off. Just as I was pushing her downward on the bed she again reaches around my waist burying her head into my stomach. Shit, her head was only a few inches from my hard-on. I stood dumfounded not knowing what I should do, my little head was doing the thinking when it should have been my big head on my Horney sister stories.

I finished pulling my shorts down over my thighs letting them gather at my ankles. But it was Betty who pulled my underpants over my thighs before she latched onto my dick. I knew the very second she started it was wrong but her body had turned me on a little too much. In my thoughts I concluded it would be OK if I let her jerk me off, nothing more, nothing more I would need if I orgasmed, I would go to bed myself satisfied and she would never remember a thing.

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As her dainty fingers did their magic my fingers wandered towards her tits, those firm globes in my hands only made it worse. I was one happy camper and would have been vastly content with a nice hand job. I was planning on spilling my seed right on those tits but she pulled me in close again tumbling me onto top of her as we both collapsed onto her bed. Her hands tugged at my shirt until I was naked as she was.

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Her face laid on my chest kissing it working her way up to my lips. This had gone too far we were swapping spit and tongues, incest, this was what I had lowered myself to. My hands continued to roam her upper body as I laid her on her onto her back. I knew where this was going, I was about to fuck my own sister, the flesh and blood we shared did nothing to hinder me.

This content appeared first on new sex story. As my hand worked towards her cunt still under the impression it was her boyfriend going to fuck her she had no clue.

My index finger curled the hair of her bush as Betty spread her legs wide. I ran a hand from her knee upwards, about mid-thigh my fingers felt a wetness as it went up higher it got wetter.

Again the little head won out as my body slipped in-between those extended legs awaiting my dick. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought about getting laid a few hours ago but here I was about to fuck, and it was my sister. I knew absolutely zero about fucking, I thought I should at least have to line up my dick with her cunt hole but before I could slide my hand between our bodied I felt the head slip into a dampness, without any effort I was now surrounded completely by her sisters flesh as my ball bag came to rest against her pooper. To my amazement she was tight, one tight bitch or maybe slut depending how you Horney sister stories at it.

I felt it rising from my depths, first that odd feeling deep in your gut transferring to the tip of your dick. I edged for a few minutes prolonging the orgasm but what that did was only make it worse. I knew I would coat those precious tits of her with my cum as I had planned earlier. She would wake up to crusty sperm on them. As I edged for the final time I knew I was there, it was too late to even think about waiting any longer.

The sensation in my stomach transferred again, I slowed my thrust, one last hard one deep into her cunt, my body became rigid, the cheeks of my ass like steel, my dick began to spasm, the large vein on the front of it pulsed repeatedly as I unloaded a full sack of seed into my sisters cunt. What an asshole I was, not only had I fucked my sister I let loose with sperm, what the Hell was wrong with me what if I impregnated her? Her body willing accepted my cum as her hands pulled me in tight and low murmur of delight escaped he lips knowing full well I creamed. I kissed around her neckline as I came down from my trance, I felt it softening attempting to fuck her more, there was a lot of moistness, I could feel my cum collecting on my Horney sister stories.

By this time she had either passed out or was soundly asleep.

Stories tagged with brother fucks horny older sister

I stood there watching as a globs of my cum spilled out of her in a slow decent towards he pooper. I was too tired to do anything other than pull the covers up over her and trudge to my own bed.

About eleven Betty came trudging down the stairs. It was very apparent that she was hung-over. I said nothing. I made her some breakfast as I prodded her for clues if she remembered anything about the evening.

I could tell something was up when she kept fudging around on the high stool at the counter. But when left the kitchen she took a pause at the door looked around in my direction and gave me a wink of the eye. View all posts by anonymous.

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