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How to ask your mom for a bra, I would How to ask your mom for a bra date woman that wants theater

How do I ask my mom for a bra without actually asking her. I need help as I am quite flat chested and only wear a crop top thing but im the only one in my class who doesn't wear one help please Thx. Heyy, im

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That I do understand. However are you really and truthfully only 13 years old?

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Wiki User. If you actually need a cup bra, then your mom will probably tell you that you need one and get you one.

But if you can't wait till then, then you can say something like this:. Um, mom? Would it be ok if I started to wear a bra?

Becuase I kinda feel uncomfortable when ever I where tight shirts. It is easiest just to say it simple, so she won't be confused or anything, also, don't try to talk fast. Log in. Female Puberty.

How do i ask my mom for a bra without actually asking her

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But if you can't wait till then, then you can say something like this: Um, mom? Hey mom?

Study guides. Q: How do you ask your mom to buy you a cup bra?

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Asking my mom for a bra?

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Breasts and bras

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