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How to become a feedee, I How to become a feedee picking girl who loves fantage

As a fat girl that enjoys her food, i always loved to eat, and with that, came a huge amount of weight that i have learned to embrace and love, i Always wondered how did the people around your life, boyfriends, dates, and so on reacted as you told them about who you really are? Are people in your life aware of your feedee or feeder tendencies, how did you talked to them about it or approached the topic. I know it is a delicate one to approach if the person you are with is not part of our community, our lifestyle, but i am curious about it.

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I also run events which cater towards fat peo ple going out and having a good night out. The latter I totally admit to. The former is an entirely different matter, and one I think we could benefit from understanding a lot more. Feabie is a social media site created for feedees and feeders to connect and socialise.

Years old: 28
Gender: Girl
Color of my hair: I have got short straight honey-blond hair
Body features: Athletic
My favourite drink: Liqueur
Smoker: Yes

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Feedee? what, who, where and why?

Butter is lovely, but unfortunately, it contains much of animal fat and cholesterol that is harmful to the arteries. Substitute normal butter that is from animal fat whenever possible. You can become very fat in a healthy or in a non healthy way that will clog your arteries later on in life and give you trouble.

The problem has been recognized by most producers and substitutes are available with plant fat. The only ones that still don't seem to see the light is the dairy industry that still pushes their "wisdom" down our throats: "Eat anything that comes from a cow, it is good for you, drink 2 gallons of milk every day and use butter! So you are playing with the thought and it makes you hot to think to get fat terbut how can you increase your bodyfat, how can you make your belly grow into a large soft wobbling fat mass?

One possibility is to go into the care of a feeder like me and follow the feeding input he gives. This can be very erotic, because somebody animates you to eat and get fat and is there, knowing that you feedee are filling out sweetly. I, for example, regularly ask my feedees about weight, girth and consistence hopefully heavenly soft and wobbly of their bellies, breasts and hips. I enjoy together with the feedee exclamations like: "My belly starts to flow over my pants But it can also be very exciting to feed yourself, without anybody knowing about it. This creates the excitement of a secret passion.

On the day, you seem like everybody else, maybe even agreeing that you should loose some weight, and then in the evening, all alone, you gorge and eat big, going on when all hunger already stopped, filling and stuffing your stomach and colon to the limit.

This text is for the ones of you that get the kick from feeding yourself and just would like to confirm that this is erotic and exciting and just how to get your gut swelling. Well, basically it is that easy.

The more you eat fat, the faster your breasts will fill out and the more your belly will become wobbly plump, hanging and fatty. In general, everything that contains fat makes you fat. Even better: Everything tastes much richer and better with a little more fat. That is why we use oil on the salad. Almost every dish can be, adding a large amount of butter very fattyconverted into a veritable delicatessen and yes, fat bomb.

Wow, what do you think about the word fat bomb? Isn't this nice? Yes, if it swims in butter, it surely will make you fat in a big way. Here a delicious list of fattening dishes: Chocolate, Hamburgers even better, double or triple, CheeseburgersFrench fries, Spaghetti with a lot of oilEggs the yellow in the middle is the belly fat enhancerAvocado, Bacon lard, that directly travels to the tummyfat meat, Full -fat Milk, Salami.

Something that lets your belly fat swell heavenly is peanut butter, because it is so delicious that you can gobble it with a spoon and because it contains an extreme amount of pure fat.

What is feederism? from stuffing to weighing in, here’s everything you need to know about the fetish

Delicious and fattening, a feedees dish! If you do want to get fat quick, love stretch marks on your tummy or just plain get hot at the thought, to gain and fill out every week more, noticeably to see your belly grow out of shape, then you gotta take pure fat. That can be butter or oil. The best way to do it with butter is to melt it and mix it with sugar, breadcrumbs or turkey-stuffing, which makes also a nice turkey out of you! I know of some feedees that love to drink several quarts of liquid butter every day.

These women usually gain with incredible speed what a lovely picture! Me myself personally ;- love this way of fattening a woman, since the fat really swells fast and you can literally watch the feedee as she plumps up before you. The trick of feeding and fattening yourself up is to regularly eat large amounts of fat and to not make exceptions.

The result, the growing and plumping of the belly, the bigger breasts can sometimes be seen in as early as a week. The nice thing about this fatty diet is, that it bloats you a lot especially butter and because of this your can enjoy a bigger and inflated because bloated belly of you already. A little prelude before your belly becomes fat and lard-laden permanently, wobbling and swaying. The pressing and "funny feeling" inside your belly occurs mostly when you have a large amount of fat inside you and usually starts at a quarter pound of fat and up.

Are you a feeder or a feedee?

I see it as an erotic side effect to the fattener that you have ingested recently and for many woman it will be very pleasurable to know, that you have an extreme fat-rich mass working in your insides that will, and that is the joy of things to come, inevitably, in a week or so, make you fatter, inflate your breasts and add to the wobbly soft mass of your belly, and give you sexy hips. I would be interested to hear your experiences, no matter if you enjoy normal feeding or if your are one of these fat-lovers that likes to force-feed yourself with no detours.

Ich bin Feeder und Feedee zugleich. I'm both a feeder and feedee. Certain articles are only available in a specific language.

Want to get fatter?

Toggle. You are here: Home Fatteners Fattening Pig. Rate this item 1 2 3 4 5 23 votes. How to efficiently and nicely fatten up. And older article about the subject. Fat is an taste-enhancer. Butter, the mother of all beautiful soft guts Yes, if it swims in butter, it surely will make you fat in a big way.

Happy feeding and stuffing!

Last modified on Friday, 10 February Tumblr is slowly dying since the banned XXX. March Sitting here, the fat coming for me Podcast: My diary as a male feedee, 2. March a bulletproof weight gain method. More in this category: « Feeding and Sex. to post comments.

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