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How to ward off a succubus, I liked look up woman that like How to ward off a succubus

In honor of Halloween, we've turned our eye to the ways in which our jewels can be used as talismans to ward off ghosts and goblins. Read on to find out why a little splurge can make all the difference this All Hallows Eve. Onyx is a great stone to wear when investigating paranormal activity because it protects from harmful spirits and can prevent a spirit from draining your psychic energy.

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These take the form of charms, made up of spoken and written words, rather than more conventional mixtures of plants or animal parts. As Laura Mitchell has noted before on this blogmany medieval recipe collections such as the one in the Wellcome Library pictured below include charms alongside other remedies. Research by Lea Olsan, Eamon Duffy and other scholars has shown that although some medieval physicians and churchmen were uncomfortable with charms, most writers accepted them as legitimate cures for certain kinds of illness, including bleeding, toothache and epilepsy. They were also often regarded as a mainstream part of religious devotion.

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Podcast episodes on mythology, folklore, and urban legends, discussed by two tipsy history nerds. Every episode, co-hosts Julia and Amanda mix a drink and discuss a new story or character from a wide range of places, eras, and cultures. Learn brand-new stories and enjoy re-tellings of your favorite myths, served over ice every two weeks, on Spirits.

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Not sure where to start? Click a tag that interests you or search our archive below. We know how s work - we embrace the sextalk about succu-kisses, sleep paralysis, demon chinchillas, and where to draw the line when it comes to bird claws.

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Amanda gives in to the demon offering her shrimp, while Julia plans on how her demon form would trap men in her web. Talis Clothing makes gorgeous shirts inspired by astrology, divination, and psychic protection.

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The ancient symbols once used to ward away witches

Amanda Not gonna lie, y'all, we knew this was coming. We know how s work. We saw it coming down the line, and we were like, "Hey, you know what's better than a Valentines Day special? Why not? Let's do it. Julia In our work slack, you and Eric both were like, "69, we're doing succubus.

We have to lean in. Amanda What are we gonna be, like, 69, a really important culturally ificant myth from the past? Amanda Because everything's topsy-turvy and I'm suggesting episodes, why don't you try reading the patron names, Jules?

Julia I'm so scared. You guys never leave your partners extracted of their sexual chi in bed.

The protective power of jewels and gems

Amanda We talked about this. Waystation and Lost Girl are not accurate to what succubi are. Julia Present me hasn't listened to past me do this episode yet, so I don't know anything. Julia Do you know who know lots of things though? That would be our supporting producer patrons. Amanda That's right! Julia You all are amazing, and anyone looking at you would think you are the platonic ideal of a human being.

Julia Talis Clothing is a clothing line based out of Los Angeles.

Amanda They are so beautiful. There are these wonderful anatomical drawings and tarot imagery. Oh my gosh, we're gonna tell you so much more about them later in the episode. You can go to bit. Trust me, if you listen to the show, you are gonna want these shirts! Julia They're worth it! We will post a picture of us wearing the shirts, and they're very cool.

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I like it a lot. I'll add to our stories sometimes throughout the day as I see creepy stuff or dogs on the sidewalk. Amanda It's what I'm here for. If you don't yet follow SpiritsPodcast on Instagram.

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Subscribe to Spirits for them! It is great! You're gonna introduce podcasts into their lives! Julia That's adorable. I was thinking a chocolate peanut butter, savory and sweet. Amanda Oh Jules. Everybody, thank you for listening. Thank you for recommending the show. Enjoy Spirits Podcast Episode Julia Amanda, I had a very nice, very thoughtful episode planned out this week, and then I saw what episode this was going to be and everything went out the window, because I am. Amanda Nice! Listen, we are thoughtful, feminist, educated How to ward off a succubus, and we are allowed to make stupid jokes about 69 and Do you remember when you learned what those things were?

Amanda You probably, like a normal person, picked it up over time, where I was like, "What does that mean? Julia For Episode nice, we are going to be talking about, you guessed it, succubuses. Amanda It's because we have fancast about a succubus named Bo. Jones is her last name actually.

She derives energy from what they call sexual chi. She derives energy from having sex or just sexual relations with different people. In the show she also has a ability to influence or control others by making them desire her. That is the sum total of what I know about succubi.

Julia I got really mad during our last episode, because the mythology's almost never right. Amanda Yeah, but we're going episode by episode, staring with Season One, so it's never a bad time to jump on that Waystation bandwagon.

Julia Yeah.

It is a good, good show. Anyway, let's talk about succubi. First thing first, we'll talk about where the term "succubus" came from. This term. Amanda Theater was great because we had to explain all these body jokes in Shakespeare. I was like, "Oh, that's what that means. Julia As Amanda sips her rum out of her water bottle during a production of Romeo and Juliet.

Julia That is true. The term was first used during the late 14th century.

First, the basics. The succubus is a type of demon that always takes the female form. That's because the male form is known as an incubus. They are said to appear in dreams in order to seduce men through sexual activity. Amanda Is the same demon a succubus if they manifest female and an incubus if they manifest male, or different demons, and the succubus demon always manifests as a woman?

Julia Yeah, succubus demon always manifests as a woman, incubus always manifests as a man. That's really the only differentiating point. They basically sleep with people in their dreams. This demon is tied to the Abrahamic traditions historically, mainly Christianity and Judaism.

Julia These traditions believe that repeated sexual activity with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health and mental state and may even lead to death. Amanda Can people say no in their dreams? I'm getting iffy vibes about consent here?