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I like to watch my boyfriend pee, Swiss chica I like to watch my boyfriend pee friend to sex

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We've always had a sort of open door policy since the relationship began, but I've never actually watched anybody before and once I was there, watching, I seriously couldn't stop myself. I wasn't even discrete.

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I just found your old post on watching your boyfriend pee, and I agree with your truly, I too have held my husband from behind as he pees and enjoy aiming it. And he watches me pee to either while sitting on the toilet or standing in the shower. Sexual Health. This is weird isn't it, I'm not gonna dump her but maybe lock the toilet door, I'm not sure ifshe has a pee fetish should I ask her Do any other girls do this? Share Facebook.

My girlfriend said she wanted to watch me pee? Add Opinion.

She was probably just curious, especially if she's never seen a guy pee before, except from behind. My boyfriend pees with the door open all the time [well so do I if it's just him], and if we're having a conversation I'll just come in the bathroom too and sit on the counter next to him and continue talking so I don't have to yell from the other room. I can see everything, but I don't usually pay much attention unless I was like already trying to seduce him or something, haha. I don't think it's that big of a deal, he comes in when I'm peeing sometimes too.

Maybe she does have a fetish, it's always possible. But is that such a huge deal?

Is this still revelant? I think it's actually quite common for girls to want to watch their boyfriend peenot as a pee fetish thing, but just out of curiosity. I've watched my boyfriends pee, and some of them have let me hold their penis and aim it while they pee. It was fun and neat, but not in a sexual way.

So, on holiday i walked in on my bf peeing and found i have a new quirk!

Loveatfirstsite opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. Xper 6. I am almost positive that it was strictly out of curiosity.

Mean have different parts, obviously, and she just wanted to know how you work lol. It is actually pretty cool to get comfortable with using the toilet with your ificant other also in the same room. You probably did it as a toddler but somehow we get all screwed up as we get older. I used to have serious hangups about peeing around anyone,which made using public restrooms almost impossible.

But my ificant other never bothered to shut the door so I figured 'if she can do it so can I' and started going the same. Now it doesn't bother me at all, nor do public restrooms. What a relief!

KarKingJack Xper 2. Lol, can't you let your own girlfriend watch you pee?

My boyfriend is obsessed with watching me pee

That's a little inconsiderate. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Why did my girlfriend make me watch her pee? Why is my girlfriend so playful sexually? I have a 3 in 1 questions for everyone What was the best sex you had? Where was the best sex you had?

Sort Girls First Guys First. SweetFace28 Xper 4. LOL I've done that before I just find the pen15 fascinating period. I'd never do it if my guy disliked it though I've done it in a cute way. Time for a penis post.

My girlfriend said she wanted to watch me pee?

MarcusDavis Xper 2. LOT of other girls do it man. It is only pee. You will get into it fast. Hey, she does a lot for you ya? Don't worry so much! Curiosity isn't normal? Of course I would be wanting to watch her pee MarkMyWords Xper 2. I think it is like anal. LOT more girls are curious about it than admit it.

They want to hold it while You go.

I like it. Let her do it. I think it's just more like "woah.

You can pee standing up" kinda thing. Don't take it as a sexual thing. Pully opinions shared on Sexual Health topic. That will answer all your questions. RedThread78 Xper 2. Maybe she was just interested because you have different parts.

I guess it is only natural. MikeK Xper 3. Did you get to return the favor and watch her pee? Dom Xper 3. Related myTakes.

My husband and i were taking a shower together when he said "i have to pee" and he looked so scared. i told him to stand by the drain and go ahead. he was so shocked that i didn't freak haha. of course i will scrub our tub tomorrow 😝 have you and your so crossed that line yet? i'm asking because he wants to know what others would do haha. he said "ask your smart mommies"

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