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Here you can read erotic stories, specially feet fetish stories involving celebrities,anime characters, etc Tomorrow he would have to participate in the chunin exams for the second time, now he was sure he could win, no matter what, sue to his improvement since the last exams.

Since he's class had all passed the exams while he was training with Jiraya for 3 years, now it would be really easy for him to pass the exams. Latest Movie :. Ino and Sakura feet worshiped.

Naruto ino foot femdom

But today he had the day off, he was planning to have a good time the day before the exams. Naruto said enthusiastically. Sakura giggled.

Naruto replied, looking sad. Naruto said enthusiastically and confident that he was going to pass the exams. On the next day Naruto went to the chunin exams, but the exams were interrupted because Akatsuki showed up, and Naruto and the rest of the village had to fight them, and at the end, Naruto fought Uchiha Madara, and killed him.

The village was rebuilt once again. Naruto said.

Sakura and Ino replied. Naruto asked.

Naruto thought. Naruto said really quickly, and started blushing because he was embarrassed of his foot fetish.

Naruto felt even more embarrassed. Why didn't you say this before?

Naruto ino foot girl domination

Sakura shouted and punched him in the head. Ino said. Sakura replied - Yeah, I have to agree with her on this, I think we should leave. Ino and Sakura stood up, and got ready to leave the house.

Naruto begged. Ino agreed They both sat on the bed again and took of their sandals, revealing those gorgeous, sexy and beautiful feet, they both had very soft feet, they took well care of them, and they both had red painted toenails. Naruto sat on the floor near their feet and he started with sakura who was wriggling her toes and smiling, her feet were begging for attention and Naruto couldn't resist neither could I if I were on his place.

Sakura moaned with pleasure. Sakura said.


Sakura moaned, while he continued licking her soles. Ino argued. Sakura replied - That sounds great. Ino replied.

Ino was loving to have her feet worshipped, by two persons at the same time. Naruto argued. Her left foot is all yours, I had already finished anyway. Sakura said - I really didn't know you loved my feet that much Naruto.

Naruto replied. Ino moaned. Naruto said - Yeah I guess we can all agree on that, Sakura said. Ino said getting her sandals back on.

Share this article :. Post a Comment Please comment, this is what motivates us :. Popular this week It was sunday morning in the hidden leaf village, Naruto woke up, he had is breakfast, he put on his clothes and headband and went to Saku Alex worships Supergirl's feet.

Please let me know your thou Shizune serves Tsunade's feet. Tsunade arrived at her Office from a mission, and she was exhausted, and while she started to take her sandals off, to relax her feet from s Eliterotix - All Rights Reserved.