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Japanese incest culture, I am Japanese incest culture men who wants extream

Leonardo de Paula. You must have noticed in the current animes, novels and manga the amount of incestuous content present in the stories.

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In a recent episode of Hand Shakers a character revealed that had romantic feelings for their biological sibling. Which got me to wonder about why incest is such a prevalent subject in anime and manga.

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Great value is placed on self-restraint. But sometimes what has long been suppressed comes bursting out with the force of a volcanic eruption. And then there is no stopping it. An American woman teaching English in Tokyo was recently presented with an extraordinarily candid confession by one of her male students.

Obsession and fault blinders

She thinks it was precisely because she was a foreigner that the man chose to open up to her. The student, in his early twenties, was receiving private English conversation tuition from the American woman who in the course of one lesson asked him about his mother. The student fell silent, looked out of the window, and suddenly burst into tears. After some time he calmed down, and, with little further prompting, began to talk about an experience eight years before.

It was during his final year at school, when he was immersed in the 'examination hell' that demands long hours of study, cram schools and demonic dedication from those who want to get into a good university. One day he was offered, and received, sexual favours from his mother to encourage him to persevere with his schoolwork.

Afterwards he felt crushing guilt, although he came to suspect that something similar Japanese incest culture happened to at least one of his classmates. But he had never before spoken directly about it.

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Satoru Saito, head of the sociopathology department at the Psychiatric Research Institute of Tokyo, doubts that mother-son incest is any more common in Japan than elsewhere. But, he says, 'emotional incest' between mothers and their sons is almost a defining feature of Japanese society - 'the entire culture has this undertone'. It is a vicious circle, says Dr Saito. Women who rarely see their husbands except late at night when they come home after drinking with workmates automatically funnel their emotions towards their children, particularly towards their sons.

The sons grow up with over-indulgent mothers who smother them in affection, preventing them from developing emotional independence.

The sons accept the power their mothers have over them, and, when they begin dating, they naturally look for another woman to mother them. This maza-con mother complex is a ritual complaint of young Japanese women seeking a husband. But as soon as they get married, they inevitably transfer the emotions that their husbands will not absorb to their children.

And so the cycle perpetuates itself. I call this the ofukuro pouch function - he seeks to be protected in a maternal pouch all the time. We call our school the 'mother school'; employees regard their company as some kind of mother figure.

Out of japan: mother love puts a nation in the pouch

The mother complex even extends to the state, whose organs of control - police, tax inspectors, railway guards - treat citizens like precious children, in constant need of surveillance and gentle chiding. It is dangerous, so please stand behind the white line on the platform,' is the recorded message that is played every time a train comes into a subway station in Tokyo.

It continues after work. All this goes on in a cosy, womb-like room with low couches, soft music and a pervasive undertone of sexual promise.

Dr Saito's institute runs a telephone hotline for people with mental problems. One man calls regularly to tell of incestuous relations with his mother many years ago which he claims still haunt him. Dr Saito is almost certain the man is reflecting his fantasies, rather than recalling real events in the past, since over time the stories contradict one other in small details.

About incest in japanese culture

But, real or imagined, the incest theme is there. thought-provoking conversations, follow other Independent readers and see their replies. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later?

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