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Kaa squeeze mowgli fanfiction, Swiss Kaa squeeze mowgli fanfiction pick male especially for tickling

This has got to be my favorite part of either encounter.

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Several days later found Mowgli wandering aimlessly beneath the trees, once more told that he had to go to the man village.

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General Rating. Download Submission. Stories - Stories. File type : Text File. Now he was a young man, though s escaped his grasp outside of how much food he needed to survive day to day, he could feel a slight change in the air of the place. The animals of the jungle could sense that he was reaching the end of his adolescence. He could reach higher, jump farther, and not all of them liked it. Men bring nothing but trouble!

The monkeys may have been more adept for climbing, but Mowgli was smarter, he knew just where to duck, where to zig and where to zag to stay one step ahead. The mancub felt his legs starting to burn as he hopped from branch to branch.

Bagheera and Baloo had scouted ahead earlier in the day, looking for a safe route to the village of men. Mowgli, in his infinite wisdom, had decided to wander off. Still, his choice of wandering ground had cost him, and he doubted there would be any help coming from the bear or panther. Mowgli was on his own. They were thicker here, covered in a thin layer of moss.

The leaves fell away in favor of sturdier, featureless bark, surrounded on all sides by the surrounding foliage. Mowgli skidded to a stop, finding a particularly sturdy branch to lean against as he caught his breath, chest heaving for a moment as the adrenaline faded. Though he was young, the monkeys had chased him so far that even his spry body had been put to the test.

Bagheera had never taken him here before, and there were no landmarks he recognized. The trees around him were utterly alien, and he suddenly felt disquieted over just how quickly the monkeys had given up their chase.

A sound hit his ears, a subtle sound that might have been the leaves around him blowing in the wind, but it sounded too constant, too steady Mowgli turned about trying to see just what was making it, but found nothing but empty foliage. Mowgli calmed himself a bit, letting himself slump against that branch, deciding not to look a gift horse in the mouth and take the respite.

The sounds of the jungle faded into the background as he closed his eyes for a moment and let himself relax just a bit in the wake of the attack.

A small jolt shot through his body as a voice cut the silence. The voice was low, slightly melodious, and obviously female. If the threat was small enough, he would take it on He saw a brief glimpse of something moving along the branches, but then it was gone. He looked down only to see a flash of something before it vanished below him. This time, however, as he whirled around, there was a new touch. Something thicker still pressed firmly against the backs of his thighs. Thrown off balance, he fell backwards, catching himself on something smooth and cool.

His eyes widened as he turned and saw a scaled length of muscle, thicker around than his torso. Already he was too high to jump off. Mowgli came to a stop where the canopy of branches opened, like a split orange fresh from a tree, branches spiraling off in all directions, draped in thick, shifting coils. Sitting in the middle, nestled amongst her own body, was the head of the single largest snake he had ever seen. She shifted forwards now, the Kaa squeeze mowgli fanfiction like liquid as she came to face him. Her head alone utterly dwarfed most of his body. The size of her was astounding.

The thickest portions of the massive serpent easily dwarfed his body as she moved about the branches with a casual ease that made his whole form feel clumsy and awkward by comparison.

As her gaze meshed with his however, he found it slightly harder to concentrate on that. Her eyes, due to her size, were very large in comparison to his own, the slitted pupils of a reptile gazing into his round ones. They looked incredibly deep, and for just a moment he felt a slight, almost irresistible tugging force as though he never wanted to look away… The moment he realized this, he quickly turned, putting an arm up over his eyes.

There was a low, hissing chuckle from the serpent. What troubles you, mancub? Do you think all of those monkeysss sssimply ssstopped chasssing you out of the good of their heartsss?

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They know that thissss is my domain. The sheer size of her was belied by just how quietly she managed to move.

Are you dangerous? He felt that same warm, wet feeling from earlier, but a bit more intimately now, the thickness of the tongue that caused it suggested by just how much it touched him. The mancub gave a little yelp and quickly swung out of it, stumbling for a moment as he found his footing on the thick branches below, blinded by his arm as he tried to keep from looking at her. His eyes remained tightly shut though he could feel the girth of her body sliding along the underside of his arm as she nestled under his chin, pouring across his front to create a loop around his middle, just under either arm.

I just want to help you relax after all…. She slithered upwards still, setting her head atop his, nestling against it like a pillow.

Why are you so unssssure, mancub? Behind it all, he wondered, why was he being so hesitant? He was safe from the monkeys after all, what harm could it do to engage this serpent? She had done him no harm so far, in fact her coils felt rather Those endless eyes poured into his as they shot wide for a moment, before most of the thought left his head.

They seemed to flash slightly in the light that filtered through from the trees. That strange, almost harness-like coil cinched around his middle and he found himself lifted off his feet. Her gaze broken for just a moment, he had enough presence of mind to look upwards. The tip of her tail had wound itself around his ankles, deftly closing tight. As his gaze leveled out however, he found it once again filled by those eyes, the slight glow, a pale yellow, steadily shifting towards other colors Kaa squeeze mowgli fanfiction could barely perceive flooding into his mind.

The reason the monkeys avoided thissss place isss quite ssssimple. The true thickness of her from becoming even clearer as, only three loops down, she had already covered the whole of his legs in her scales. Now I wissssh to hold you.

Arms up pleassse. The moment he did, another thick band wound around them trapping him up to his waist in her hold. Those scales were constantly running and shifting across his body as she regarded him with a casual amusement. Mowgli felt the muscles under those scales flexing as he was turned over, her smiling visage now right side up as her coils rose along his chest.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

His scant clothing offered little protection from the progressing coils, their hold oozing over his body as she circled it in a mere 10th, if not 20th of her own. Through the cloud steadily flowing across his mind, he could see the rest of her among those trees, constantly moving, constantly shifting, even more active now that it had something to wind itself about, to hold, to squeeze. The slight shifting drag of sound, the sheer weight of her body moving made live in vibrations and rustling leaves. The power of her body simply moving across the landscape made the jungle shake as she wound herself about him.

Her tail ground against him, enjoying his form as she watched him with those deep, endless eyes. She pressed closer, his view of that godlike form eclipsed by those eyes, her presence utterly dominating his own.

Any lingering thoughts, opinions, questions he might have, washed away under the tide of those eyes. Every sense was her, the sound in the trees, her eyes filling his, her touch on every nerve as it rose to encapsulate his shoulders in that winding embrace, the smell of her breath, strangely sweet as it washed over him. Kaa enjoyed the power she held over the smaller creature, if there was indeed a larger creature than her alive.

It lathered itself against his skin, delighting in the goosebumps it raised in its wake as it slowly began to curl about his throat. The enthralled mancub was utterly buried in scale, unable to do a single thing to stop her as it curled again under his chin, the girth of the thing forcing his cheeks up as it became just a little harder to breathe.