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Katy perrys bottom teeth, Katy perrys bottom teeth girl found male especially for life

A few eagle-eyed fans noticed that until Katy's most recent music video, her teeth have always looked straight — and Katy is now explaining why her teeth were left untouched this time.

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And speaking of appearances, most of us would probably say that she has little to complain about on that score. The procedure she imagines is one that defines your identity for years. But the braces procedure that Perry imagines is nothing like the braces of today.

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Katy Perry has never worn braces in real life. She wears both regular braces as well as a full-on head brace in her 80s themed music video for Last Friday Night T. One of the less conventional songs, or rather, music videos, from this album is that for Last Friday Night T.

In this retro, teen-movie themed music video, Katy Perry plays a teenager who throws a wild party while her parents are away for the weekend. I'm a mask!

Officially reached Freddy Kruger Halloween popularity status! In the music video, Katy pays homage to the geeks of popular 80s movies by wearing the notorious dental head brace and thick nerd glasses.

Her character, Kathy Beth Terry, later goes through a Grease-like makeover and switches to normal braces. Anna Akana, an actress, and comedian who also plays an extra in the music video told Huffington post that shooting it was a bit of a party too. However, wearing braces is a temporary thing, and many people believe that the result is worth the wait.

Also, modern orthodontics have made braces much easier to commit to; there are subtler options available now, and many celebrities have gone for them! For instance, Tom Cruise got tooth-colored ceramic braces when he turned 40, in order to correct misalignment issues he had when he smiled.

Home Katy Perry. Does Katy Perry Have Braces? Katy Perry seems to have perfect pearly whites, but has she ever worn braces?

Read on to learn more! Last Friday Night T. View this post on Instagram.