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Lana beniko fanfiction, I am dating friend who Lana beniko fanfiction grabbing

First off, NO slave outfits. She is the type to wear high heels, stockings and a garter belt.

slutty females Lexie

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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Lana shut the door behind her and thumped her head against the cool metal. The sentiment evaporated in another wave of anger as Lana shoved from the door to rid herself of her filthy attire.

How old am I: 25
Caters to: Man
Languages: English
I like to drink: Ale
Hobbies: Riding a bike
My piercing: None

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Read swtor meets star wars. - denicorwarlock - webnovel

FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Sort: Category. This is their story.

Read swtor fanfiction stories - webnovel

It may not always be easy, but it is a simple choice. An illegitimate son between his father and a handmaiden from a rival house. Taken in by the Mecrosa Order, he is found to have tremendous Force potential. Years later, he catches the eye of an agent working for the Sith Academy under Overseer Tremel. There, he will begin his road towards glory.

A common enough idea. But sometimes, it does so quite literally. While on their way to Erebor, Thorin and his company are captured in Mirkwood.

Thorin is brought before the Elvenking who demands the immediate return of his precious gems of Lasgalen. When Thorin stubbornly refuses, Thranduil takes great joy in breaking the rebellious Dwarven Prince, using his own shameful desires against him. Along the way he will discover the Jedi code doesn't have all the answers to the universe or to himself. This story will be Alternate Universe but I will try to keep certain characters, story lines, and personalities cannon.

Rain of august — the eternal wrath - rainofaugust - multifandom

Apex by Wryterguy reviews A retelling of the Jedi Knight class story through vignettes. Multiple points of view, prompts accepted.

Current vignette: Bela Kiwiiks finds herself locked in a duel with the most peculiar of Sith Lords The Lucky Ones by chapellefan reviews Just as things were getting peaceful, Delanna, the Jedi Knight, has to deal with her perverted husband, Scourge has to deal with an unlikely visitor and Kira has to deal with the headache of managing everyone else.

Begins with the morning after the fire place confession in ATOC.

What will be Anakin and Padme's fate, now that they've decided to give into their love for each other? Last Night of Innocence by bluemoongirl27 reviews AU Takes place from the fire place confession scene in Attack of the Clones and beyond. Anakin and Padme decide to continue the evening by exploring the Naboo lake retreat.

They go on they're own little excursion. DakotaFics 4.

Jedi Revan RCenthusiast 5. SWTORpadawan Wryterguy 2. Terms of Service. edid: