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Well, how well do you know about Filthy Frank? On September 18,Frank took birth. Filthy took birth in Japan, and he is of half Japanese descent, the other half being Australian. Later, he relocated to the United States. He regularly flies between Australia and the United States and is versatile in Japanese. So, how old is Filthy Frank in and what is his height and weight?

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A look at the colorful cast that makes up Filthy Frank. The series' eponymous Villain ProtagonistFilthy Frank is a Japanese-Australian man who has to deal with a bunch of raving lunatics living in his household. He likes rap and hip hop music, and is generally a disgusting guy.

So much so, that he almost challenges anyone to be as filthy as he is, and wonders why the hell he has fans at all. However, Pink Guy calls him an impostor, leading to some suspicion. Fake Frank was revealed to be an accomplice of Chin Chin, planning to kill the real Frank to replace him. He and the real Frank are differentiated by what they wear; Fake Frank always wears an aviator cap and a pair of sunglasses with brightly-colored rims.


A man wearing a pink Lycra suit. One of Frank's longest running and most iconic characters. Occasionally, he has moments of coherence, but they don't last long. He is good friends with Red Dick, and most of the other Housemates. A Japanese-speaking housemate of Frank's. Sometimes he helps with Frank's "How to Learn Japanese" videos. A strange man who wears a salamander on his head. He's often seen rubbing his Lemon man filthy frank and crying out "Yessss". It's not made clear whether he is god of the Frank-verse, or just a traveling being.

Either way, his presence brings both terror and hilarity. A man with a lemon for a head. First appearing in "MR. He's often on the receiving end of Frank's abuse. A young musclebound man whom has been speculated among fans to be the good counterpart to Chin Chin; as he was able to defeat Chin Chin in combat during "Rock Paper Scissors".

A perverted, scantily-clad man who is apparently related to Santa Claus. There are some hints to part of his past and future experiences in "Pussy Doe" note He mentions about being sexually abused by Uncle Brad. Bears a striking resemblance to Girl in Sailor Uniform but is referred to with male pronouns. He is supposed to have great power, but just screws around with Pink Guy instead.

Filthy frank pink guy salamander man chin chin lemon sticker

A duo of young men who show up in "Bad Internet Rappers". They are talentless wannabe rappers who try to promote themselves with awful mixtapes.

A being who resides in the spirit realm. Usually on good terms with Frank.

He's known for possessing two broccoli he as weapons. Frank's Macbook laptop, which apparently has an advanced artificial intelligence but is incapable of human emotions which makes it doubt it's own existence. One of the last remaining chocolate men.

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Filthy frank im a lemon, hd png download

Get Known if you don't have an. Do note that unmarked spoilers are ahead. All Characters.

Ambiguous Disorder : All of the guys act Black-and-Grey Morality : Sure, Filthy Frank would make probably make most anti-heroes look like saints, but he's not even that bad when compared to Chin Chin, who reigns to torment all mortals. Cloudcuckoolander : How any of them manage to function on a day to day basis is anyone's guess. Cluster F-Bomb : Everyone swears.

Even the ones who are spouting nonsense. Dysfunction Junction : The closest thing to a decent member of their little group is Safari Man and Prometheus, with the first being a Japanese man who stinks up the bathroom, and the other being a mostly naked God character who will throw trashcans at people. Frank is the only one who'll consistently speak English. Made even funnier with the creator being a Japanese-Australian.

Hidden Depths : A lot of the guys have some kind of special talent that one wouldn't know about on initial observation. Red Dick is a gourmet chef. Chin Chin enjoys gardening and gets very upset when he's interrupted. Pink Guy is excellent at rock paper scissors.

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Iconic Outfit : Everyone has one outfit and one outfit only. Laughably Evil Limited Wardrobe : Nobody is ever wearing anything aside from their normal "clothes", from Frank's trademark blue shirt, to Safari Man's red shirt. Subverted with Frank during the Rat Chef video, where he replaces his glasses with shades, and his blue collar shirt for a black one with flames, with a Nice Hat to boot.

Double Subverted; that isn't the real Frank. No Indoor Voice : Everyone in the show who talks. The only ones who aren't screaming are completely silent, such as Mr. Negi or Hurshes Kisses. If not, they will eventually. Speaking Simlish : Only a few of them speak in proper English. According to Frank's subtitles, the gibberish actually means something. Villain Protagonist Vitriolic Best Buds. Filthy Frank.

The Real Filthy Frank. Frank: Well, if you must know, a lot of the time I like to sneak up behind a girl and They call me "massage-ynistic! Filthy Frank : Why you lookin' so shook, my man? Chin-Chin Nah bruh stop skressin me. The Fake Filthy Frank. Fake Frank : Listen, you ungrateful little fuckif you don't shut your fucking face I'll make sure you never walk again. I'll make sure you never fucking walk again. You ungrateful little shit. Do you understand how much money went into this? You think this is about charity? Because I don't fucking care about charity.

Pink Guy. Safari Man. Salamander Man. Lord Chin Chin. The Shrimpson Boys. The Shrimpson Boys are a troupe of YouTubers who love to engage in horrendously vulgar and humorous activities and often collaborate in videos on each others' channels.

Dolan Dark has yet to make an appearance in a Filthy Frank video, while the other have acted as themselves or different characters and frequently show up in videos on the TooDamnFilthy channel more often than they do on the main channel. Awesome Aussie : All of its members sans iDubbbz are Australian, and good lord do they get into some amazing situations. Dysfunction Junction : Despite all of the antics they get up to together being enough to label someone clinically insane, they are somehow some of the more well-adjusted characters in the series.

Running Gag : The group has an odd fascination with the movie Chef. Vitriolic Best Buds : The Shrimpson Boys will not miss an opportunity to completely screw with each other, but it's obvious that in-universe and out that they really enjoy being around each other. Only Sane Man : It isn't much of an achievement given how low the others set the bar, but Max seems to be the most normal member of the group.

Frank's 'new friends'

It doesn't hinder him throwing his hands or objects around, however. Fat Bastard : A Jerkass of the highest degree. Freudian Excuse : During the drinking game, he expounds to the rest of the Boys what his childhood on a farm was like. His parents would have him murder entire litters of puppies that they couldn't afford to look afteramong other things. Jerkass : The most volatile and obnoxious of the Boys, which is saying something.

As his later career in streaming would prove, this wasn't really an act.