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Lick me tease me touch me, Lick me tease me touch me liked seeking femme that like striping

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talent sister Eliana

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Always guaranteed Tease me Please me No one needs to I'm ready for you There's a message that's coming on through Too many times, I've seen them abuse her, Just like the times I've been deceived. The touch of her starlight makes me. Too many times, i've seen them abuse her,

Age: 19
I like: Man
Tint of my eyes: I’ve got lively gray-blue eyes
Gender: Lady
Music: Blues
What is my hobbies: In my spare time I love doing puzzles

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Interested in Cryptocurrency? Visit best CoinMarketCap alternative. Real time updates, cryptocurrency price prediction Blige] [1] - Touch me, tease me Feel me and caress me Hold on tight and don't let go Baby I'm about to explode Cuz all my love you can control [Case] I'll spend the night with you If you promise you will do All the things to make me scream And you know just what I mean Cuz tonight you taste like ice cream I wanna make you fall in love Make you touch the stars above Please me low and be my friend I'll come back and hit it again And again, and again, and again Don't go away [Repeat 1] [Foxy] What Let me get that Lex nigga Sex, wetter than aquariums Flashing, they get their ass in Who fucks slow with lear jets and coups My ones stackin' You ain't know that I be mackin' The extra set of keys The thirty G's Them chips, the bellies, had you livin' on your knees Not to mention the laced out crib in Dallas The fourty room palace Sippin' cristal-ise [Repeat 1 until fade].

Uh, to the gateway, now check it out, yo Chorus Ooh, I loved you so But why I loved you, I'll never know Ooh, the pain you put me through You know you've killed, now I lust for you Cardan Now since I've came in the game, money and fame, I love it But whoever thought I'd wake up one mornin with no budget It's Cardi the golden kid with that older shit I live, learn, learn to live, the older I get And I remember Thursdays, hungry Thursdays 'Bout sixteen, seventee, um, Murphy age But this rap game I love it, it's like I'm married to it I proposed on Clue?

Louis set it off, phone calls was long distance Ay yo, it's four birdies in Houstonc'mon, send some one to get 'em Who would do it for a grand? Eighteen, only thing on our mind was that killer money From Missouri to the T-E-X, A-S Two cats strapped it tight, right up under her chest One-way trip on Southwest but she didn't make it that far Metal detectors went bizarre, one-way trip to the car Your honor, she got a baby that'll drive my granny crazy A long distance lawyer that keep on tellin us 'maybe' And we all raise her baby, takin curr care of her daily This law shit is crazy, never cease to amaze me It's different from the eighties, ninety-five to lately They givin out time like dogs givin out rabies Free City Chorus.

Give me love food. Give me love, so that I can. Give me love, because I can.

He's not real. Catch a L, make you cry like a dove So sucka free is the only way for me You don't get paid just for bein O. We've been had, we've been tricked, we've been played right when we, went left, for what?

We shoulda stayed Stressed all the homies just to show they mean business Rushed 'em with the quickness, killed 'em with the sickness Tried to save his life, give him CPR, huh Somethin for the lungs, fat African drums So clear up your sinus and keep your nose clean Khakis so hot it makes the one-time stop [Chorus] Three strikes, you're out, then a nigga pays We in the cage, black man is bein slayed Three strikes, you're out, then a nigga pays We in the cage, black man is bein slayed [King Tee] Get with the lyrical miracle whippin up gingerbread cookies out you rookies, huh I can't stands no more, grab the floor Hit the deck when I let loose the tec c'mon 'Nique, freak any beat nigga Westside ?

You stepped on my stars, motherfucker say sorry This wild style's like lion country safari This is for my loc's back at the Ponderosa Check my file, bring it to trial Get with that new, ninety-fo' shit Yes it's funky like a jackass, don't even trip I got s and s of metaphoric phrases Too complex for the human eye to catch It's the, gangsta boogie, do you want a example or do you just wanna taste a sample? Out of control, gone, warped, zoned, toned Hand me the heater, I need the speakers Sparks, flames, no name but peep game Smoke like a choo-choo train It's the criminal minded nigga King Tee with the Westside Riders, comin creepin crawlin like spiders We've been bit by the dog, call the catcher stretcher Judge Fletcher betcha, raise your blood pressure The unsolved mystery, mixed up our history Put us in the twist, we no longer exist, like.

Or do everybody style sound the same? Yep [Chorus] - 2X [Outro] Yeahh Check this out.

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