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But who invented them and why? Here is everything we know The earliest sex doll is credited to Dutch sailors in the 17th century who used a doll made of cloth to relieve sexual tension during long sea voyages. After the sexual revolution of the late sixties, advertisements began to appear in magazines which allowed you to select dolls with different hair colours and styles to suit the customer's desires. During World War 2it was rumoured that Adolf Hitler ordered sex dolls to be supplied to German troops fighting on the front line.

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An inflatable doll can be a wonderful thing to have anytime your children are going to be near water. Using liquid latex or vinyl you can easily make one yourself in a very short time. Make dolls in the shape of people, fish, sea creatures or anything you can think of.

The only limitation is that you must be able to draw a two-dimensional outline of it. You'd be surprised what you can create with a little brainstorming. Draw the outline of your doll on a pane of glass with a permanent marker.

Apply 10 layers of liquid latex or liquid vinyl inside of the solid line, allowing each layer to dry before adding the next. Dab the latex or vinyl on, using a fresh sponge for each layer.

How to make a homemade blow up doll

The time required for the latex to dry depends on its thickness, but generally if you speed it up with a hairdryer it will only take a minute or two per layer. Cut the shape of the dotted line pattern out of waxed paper.

Lay it down onto the dry latex, staying inside of the dotted lines. Apply another 10 coats of latex or vinyl.

Dry these layers the same way you did the first ten.