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Furthermore, waiting on an online order takes days and your local delivery services refuse to pick up and deliver dildos-to-your-door. Either way, when the mood strikes for a little anal play, some people start scanning the house for makeshift anal sex toys. But before you do that, check out these DIY anal sex toy projects that you can create with things around your house. Not the owner of anal sex toys yet? Find the best anal training kit for you here. Before you go and slip any household item into your back door, please be aware of the dangers of homemade anal sex toys!

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The Bound Forum Your friendly kink community! Homemade anal be. Any ideas? Sometimes you just have to do things yourself. Post Reply. RE: Homemade anal be.

The bound forum

Quote Unread post by MineSweep » 09 AugI'm low on cash and don't really want to spend money on anal be, so I was trying to think of good methods of making homemade ones. I thought about taking some kite string, make a few ducttape balls, and covering the duct tape in hot glue to get a nice smooth finish.

I did one ball and it was just to time consuming and hard to do, as that glue is not easy to form and rather exspensive. Hobby shops selling be of all kinds can be found almost everywhere.

Diy homemade anal be

I once bought some wooden be, approx. Easy, and works okay. Contact gaggedutopia. Quote Unread post by gaggedutopia » 10 AugBefore you made anything, keep in mind one thing. Wood and rope are porous and will pick up bio-waste that is almost impossible to clean effectively. There's a reason they are usually made out of plastic I would really suggest buying some.

They are really cheap from novelty stores and you can run them through a dishwasher when your done. Bondage Junkies : Bondage. Quote Unread post by Mc Gary » 11 AugIn some stores they sell rope ones, with plastic balls.

I Make your own anal beads always considered them to be bit shoddy. I imagine the stuff inside the ball holes, iy! Somekind of running plastic could help, just dip to seal But im strongly with gaggedutopia, ready ones are so cheap that i might not bother to make one myself, despite the strong tendency to diy. I guess there is a reason for making one Quote Unread post by gaggedutopia » 11 AugGary is actually onto something You could put a few coats of liquid latex on whatever you made to seal everything up. It would probably made it more comfortable while keeping the flexibility.

Quote Unread post by Jericho » 11 AugI would definitely stay away from the tool dip, or platidip as it was also referred to, I have some of this stuff and it has poisonous symbols on the can. Once it's dried on the tool you want to re-grip it's intended purpose then it's safe enough for external use, but inserting it into one's self is something I wouldn't consider a goos idea.

Liquid latex is definitely a better option, but then again the cost of anal be that I've see are certainly not prohibitive, and probably cheaper in the long run once you factor in cost of gathering the materials, including gas used, time spent on making the toy, as opposed to one stop at the adult store and having the toy straight away. Quote Unread post by Trekkie » 11 AugMe, I don't think I'd ever regard any homemade toy to be safe enough to use as an insertable.

Request: homemade anal be

How do you keep it clean? And frankly, household chemicals aren't labeled as to which ones are safe enough to stick up your poop chute and which one's aren't.

And, frankly, I've never seen any commercially-made ones that I'd consider safe, either. Now, show me one that's commercially made, and which has been dipped in something to make it completely seamless, and that might be good enough.

But I've never seen one where that's been done. Quote Unread post by knotseraph » 11 AugAlso keep in mind that pretty much all sex toys have the disclaimer that it is a novelty only and is not for actual use Now why someone would buy a string of anal be or a ball gag as a novelty with no intention of cramming the former up a butt and the latter in the mouth is beyond me. But technically the company can stand behind their disclaimer in cases of mishap. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

Diy anal sex toys

Quote Unread post by roboman » 12 AugDepends on the state, but the company probably get some people to drop their case by pointing out the disclaimer. The rule tends to be that a product needs to be usable in it's intended use and a disclaimer can't take away your rights in a lot of states usa Courts and the law are a strange thing, so it probably depends on random factors A rope with several knots tied in it works. You can cover it with a condom and use eletrical tape on the open end of the condom to help hold it onto the rope.

Not that I've ever done that. A few additional germs in an already germ infested area?

Our bodies are built to handle that. A safety tip especially for the over-sensitive people on this forum: Just don't do anything! By reading about it and talking about it, but never doing anything.

Home made anal be

It's risky, you know! No, I don't advocate taking unnecessary risks, but let's be sensible. Tooldip is perfectly safe for insertables, once it's cured. Wood is perfectly usable, when varnished a few times. The Egyptians already used wooden dildos. Do I have to sterilize my finger too, before inserting it? Quote Unread post by kinkyme » 12 AugIf you've ever seen the film "Choke" you should know it may not be such a good idea.

Quote Unread post by Mc Gary » 12 AugI think the germ issue wasn't overreacted, but enough for that. Even when considering diy be like "balls in a string" in my opinion the knots could feel not so nice.

Homemade sex toys - making a diy sex toy at home

Never tried a string one, but in cheap molded balls even little surface defects obviously from mold feel awkward. I myself don't want to end up to a hospital with woodbits in my pooper. Diy stuff is okay, when you do them with thought, not in hesitation to cram something inside you. Quote Unread post by slkdyk » 04 OctWhat about ping pong balls??? Either stringed together or lined up in a condom.

Contact walksonwalker2. Quote Unread post by walksonwalker2 » 04 OctPing pong balls tend to crush under pressure and form sharp edges. Oo la la. Resin balls such as small snooker or pool balls in a noddy or balloon would work well. In all honesty though, for the price of a set of anal be, would it be worth all the hassel? They cost next to nothing nowadays Two's company, three's an orgy. Quote Unread post by Claudia » 05 OctI once put together a string of golf balls by drilling a hole through the center of each and then using a strong fishing line threaded through the holes and then knotted.

I sealed the holes with that silicone sealer.

I would suggest not using kite string, it may break when trying to pull it out. Quote Unread post by estimtom » 06 Octi drilled pool balls through the centre ed together with some nice rope.

Quote Unread post by kinkyme » 06 Octjust go to funfactory. It also comes with a garuntee and you can't get better than that. How about bowling balls Quote Unread post by walksonwalker2 » 06 OctThey tend to be a bit biased.

Quote Unread post by harpie » 06 OctI think that one might be slightly lost on our american friends, neighbour!