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Male stripper secrets, I liked looking Male stripper secrets female that wants striping

We are currently on a date UK tour but we have a residency show in London and in 11 other major cities across the UK every Saturday night as well. We also regularly perform at celebrity events, on TV shows and are often featured in the national press.

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One Liverpool stripper lifted the lid on the reality of taking your clothes off for money. John Woodward, 44, has worked as a male stripper for 21 years, taking his clothes off for hen parties, girls' nights out and even a year-old client. After years spent making money by getting his kit off, John launched his own business called UK Pleasure Boys, which puts on a weekly male strip show in Liverpool city centre.

How old am I: I am 26
Iris tone: Big gray-blue eyes
Gender: Girl
What is my favourite drink: Champagne
Piercing: None
I have tattoo: None
Smoker: No

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Each man reveals his secrets about exotic dancing moves, flirting technique and workout routines. I like changing my routines every week to stimulate and surprise my body and get all benefits I need. Brian My normal fitness routine involves training 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day.

I do 30 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of abs before I start my main body part workout. David 7 days a week of training unless I am busy or sick.

Big brothers’s lotan carter reveals 8 things nobody will tell you about being a male stripper

I workout anywhere from 1 to 4 times a day. I workout with a lot of my clients most of them prefer it. It sounds crazy but every workout is different based off their goals. I used to be very systematic with my training and that got very boring becoming hard to see change.

Now I have no plan I just listen to my body. Mario I work out 5 days out of the week. Thursdays and Sundays are my days off. I do chest and biceps on day of the week, legs on another day, shoulders and run Griffith Park on another day. Then I do back and triceps on another day.

The toughest workout of the week would be running all the way to the top of Griffith park, past the Griffith Observatory. Sarge I work out 6 days per week. One body part per day is my focus. I stretch 7 days per week. I do a little cardio every day to get the toxins out and the endorphins flowing.

Do you have a favorite workout? Andre Yes — chest and legs. Brian My favorite workout is anything that trains my abs, my favorite body part to work out! I have to keep my 8 pack tight. David I love all workouts!

Did you ever have a body part you were concerned with on stage? how did you train to improve/work with it?

Mario Chest and biceps. I always get a rush of satisfaction to see my chest and biceps pumped. Plus, I enjoy the actual exercises. Sarge I enjoy getting outside and working my legs. The show is 2 hours. I run the hills and stairs to gain endurance and train my breathing patterns. What I do on stage stays on stage. So my moves stay at work. I hope to be the 1st break dancing male stripper!

Exotic male dancing, flirting and workout secrets revealed

In general, I enjoy many different styles of dance. Sarge Ha! That would be cheesy. I do, however, love to go out dancing.

Does a girl have to be a good dancer for you to approach her? How do you show you have skill without intimidating the average girl? Andre Not necessarily. I use my smile and the eye contact and of course I invite her to the show so she can see my dance moves. Brian I appreciate a girl that can dance because it makes her look sexier.

Secrets of a male stripper - hen parties, hiding from girlfriends and year-old clients

They usually come to me. David She definitely has to have some rhythm in her or at least not be to shy to try. Maybe I would just wait for the right song not to intimidate her. If she catches my attention, I will first approach her to engage in conversation. Then we can take it out on the dance floor. Sarge Women need to be themselves. Love what God gave you. Honesty and integrity are very important to me.

It always comes full circle. Do you have any pick up lines or flirting techniques that have solid ? Andre I like being very classy, mysterious and at the same time passionate. Definitely my manners and education help. Brian I have no cheesy pick up lines. I just compliment a woman. If you are the one for me it should feel natural to talk to you. I usually like to find out more about them. It works for me because there are no forced pick up lines and it becomes more about her. Sarge I like to ask women to go hiking with me. If not, how do you work it into conversation?

11 things i wish i knew before becoming a male stripper

Do you wait until a hookup becomes something more serious before bringing it up? I like being clear and straight forward. Hopefully girls will like what I do and trust me.

David Most of the time they know. I kinda look like a stripper all the time. As I said before, I like to first find out about her.

When she asks about my background, I will have no problem saying that I work for the Hollywood Men as I feel fortunate and proud to be a part of that show. Sarge Visually, they can sometimes figure it out on their own. I may slowly bring it up in a conversation. If they ask, I am always honest. I always say to let people be who they are.

Successful secrets of the male stripper - introduction to stripping

Respect one another. I appreciate a woman who is confident in her own skin. David I would do this for free if I never had to work again. Mario I recently started personal training. Therefore, I find great satisfaction in sharing my knowledge with others. Do you have a ature dance move on stage? Andre Booty shake. I almost forgot my lean. How do you channel your move off the stage?